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Shanghai Tours and Attraction Places 2020

Before you visit Shanghai, it is best to know a little about the city & things to do in shanghai. Though this is a metropolitan city and one of the top modern cities of the world; it has everything which can attract tourists and make them enjoy every moment they spend here. Along with day time activities, the city offers colorful nightlife too. Still, this city has a rich culture, linked with ancient traditions and also has parks and greenery. Here is a small list of attractive places which you should not miss –not at all!

Shanghai World Financial Center –the skyscraper design is beyond the ordinary-buildings; it is something that will mesmerize you. The 492 meters tall building has restaurants, bars, and massage center. You can enjoy a glimpse of the whole city from here.

Shanghai Museum is a small package in itself –you can enjoy ancient Chinese art collections. Calligraphy and ceramic art pieces are a center of attraction for visitors.  The other recommendations are the Propaganda Poster Art Center and Yuyuan Gardens. Both of the attractions are a mix of art, culture, tradition and natural beauty.

Jing’an Temple is another brilliant looking ancient architecture spot in the city of lights. The temple looks so beautiful at night that most visitors put this place at the top of their list of ‘amazing memories.’ Jewish Refugees Museum, Huxinting Tea House, Lu Xun Park, and The Bund offer ideal to have an informative and vivacious experience. All these places provide a lot of activities for adults and kids.

French Concession can give you a glimpse of France lifestyle, quaint bistros, and suburbs and everything else. You pay for the trip but can experience the life of people living in France, that’s why this attraction is also known as “Little France.”

Top 5 reasons to visit Shanghai

It is known as China’s most affluent and largest city with a proactive lifestyle. It is an ideal place for business owners, and investors. On the other hand, visitors can enjoy top-notch and luxurious facilities with a special touch of China’s essence. It is also an economic and cultural hub –a city that is often compared with New York and Paris. You can explore the most modern as well as most typical lifestyles together at your Cheap Shanghai tour,

Every visitor will admit that this city has unique, exclusive and beyond the ordinary oriental charm. You can explore and enjoy eastern, western cultures with the sparkling essence of ancient Chinese culture. Cherry over the top, this blend of cultures is not only admired by random travelers –popular personalities like Tagore, Bernard Shaw, and Albert Einstein have also visited the land and loved it for its oriental charm.

it can be the next love of shopping sprees, fashion enthusiasts and souvenir lovers. People often call the city a “Shopping Paradise.” It has Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road which offers luxury goods and a vast collection of items that show off the old taste of the city.

Since the last ten years, many travelers visit the city of lights to start an e-commerce business or to set their physical stores by collecting stuff from here. You can expect anything and everything in local markets at very affordable rates. Some of the goods will make your jaws drop with their beauty, functionality, and design –and they will be available at 2$ to 20$. Shanghai half-day tours are also ideal for v-log personalities, fashion brand owners, home store owners, and the decorative products store owner.

Shanghai nightlife is dynamic and super enjoying. Just like Las Vegas, Paris, Barcelona or Berlin, the city of lights has fantastic bars, restaurants, casinos, pubs, cinemas and theater houses that facilitate visitors 24x7. You can enjoy singing, drama, dance, acrobatics, karate, puppetry, opera shows and anything in between, round the clock in Shanghai.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shanghai Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Shanghai?

144-hour visa-free transit is a sigh of relief for many travelers. On the other hand, you can reach the city through train, bus, plane, and ship. Once you are in the city, you can take personal cabs to roam around; there are a bunch of chauffeur services in the city that do not require pre-booking. Elevated highways and proper road rings make it easy for travelers to catch a local taxi but don’t forget to agree on the prices before you get into the car. Local bus service is also an excellent way to travel on a budget.

2) How many days does it take to explore all the fascinations of Shanghai?

Travelers are recommended to book a minimum 2days and a maximum 10days tour to have a complete glimpse of all the activities going in the city. Though 1day tours offered by various travel companies are a good way of enjoying life but at least 2days are required to visit all the attractions.

3) Which season of the year is best for Shanghai tours?

The city has all four seasons but the best time to visit March to May or October to November.

The fall months are the mildest, temperature-wise. Winter gets cold but is not particularly snowy.

4) Which place of Shanghai marks more travelers throughout the year?

Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Madame Tussauds, Yuyuan Tourist Mart, The Bund, Jewish Refugees Museum and many more.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in the Shanghai tour?

Make your tour incredible by having yummy-licious food at Chenghuangmiao Old Street, Qi Bao Old Street, Yunnan South Road Food Street, and Wujiang Road Food Street. Visit Aura Lounge & Jazz Bar, Flair Rooftop and Scena for fine dining.

Shanghai IFC Mall, Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai International Glasses Mall, Kerry Parkside Mall, Raffles Square, Disney Store, and Henderson celebrity Shopping Center are the best places for shopping.