Macau Tours and Attraction Places

Macau is the “Vegas of China.” Glams and Glamour are in the veins of the city that’s why Macau tours are known as a complete enjoyment package. Travel enthusiasts have declared Macau as the most captivating and colorful destination in Asia.

The Historic Centre of Macau is an exclusive example of European and Asian culture, lifestyle and art. Portuguese and Chinese influenced buildings and gardens are worth sighting. These buildings and gardens are connected to each other through narrow streets which are constructed with stones, and mosaic. This spot is a gem for Macau island where architecture and culture are under the spotlight.

There are abundant UNESCO World Heritage site with a long list of important ruins and structures including ruins of St Paul's Church, St. Augustine's Square, Barra Square, the Moorish Barracks, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Mandarin's House, St. Lawrence's Church, Holy House of Mercy, St. Joseph's Seminary and Church, St. Augustine's Church, the Leal Senado Building, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple, Lou Kau Mansion, the Cathedral, Na Tcha Temple, St. Dominic's Church, Section of the Old City Walls, St. Anthony's Church, Casa the Protestant Cemetery,Garden, Guia Fortress and Mount Fortress.

Senado Square is a place where you can explore the urban culture and lavishness, It is a popular celebration venue of the city too. The Portuguese constructed this area and its startling beautiful, The pastel coloured new classical style buildings and a former Senate building connected through a mosaic pathway having wave patterns and there is a fountain in middle too. The whole place looks like

A-Ma Temple was constructed during the Ming Dynasty in order to commemorate the sea goddess named “Mazu.” Guia Fortress and the lighthouse which stands 91 meters tall are also included in the recommendation list for all Macau tours. The fortress was built to defend Macau from enemy attacks through sea area. Macau Tower is another fantastic building which is 338 meters tall. You can enjoy impressive and very very mesmeric panoramic views of Macau and Pearl River Delta. The cherry on top, there is a revolving restaurant located at the 223-metre level of the building.

Macau tours are not only about amazing architecture, ancient ruins or temples it’s a hub of legalized gambling too. Venetian Macau is the world`s largest casino & hotel with over 3,000 suites. The best thing about the hotel is their lavish bathrooms with 70 sqm covered area and fine Italian marble sanitary and flooring.  

Top 5 reasons to visit Macau

You can have a fair chance to explore Portuguese buildings, culture and food while paying just for Macau. There are centuries old churches and temples where you can have an idea of how the two religious domains made their space in the city and still running hand in hand. At every step during Macau tours, visitors can see Asian culture blending with European culture to form a very unique set philosophy, art, music and cuisine.

Macau has more than 20 well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Sites which hold an important position in history. Each of these has something marvellous for visitors. You can see Sino-European architecture, artfully painted funky coloured building, world`s best mosaic art all around the city, huge  Goddess statues and much more. Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre and Travessa da Paixão are a must recommendation for people.

You can enjoy a variety of gambling games. There are low, mediocre and high-class casinos all around the city. These casinos are not only ideal for playing but are also popular for amazing performances, serving delicious foods and offering an endless range of drinks and much more. What else you can dream of after being there? Macau tours are also a perfect place for people who are good at mind games because many hotels, casinos and even restaurants involve their customers in such games to double up the fun. You can also win a good sum of money or wonderful prices.

If you are inspired with old streets shown in movies having artistic fancy lamps and narrow passages, then Macau tours are consummate for you. Taipa village and Macau Historic Centre will surely make you feel like you are roaming in the streets from Hollywood movie frame.

Shopping and hoteling are also flooded with great fun here. From malls to bazaars, and lavish restaurants to street food everything is beyond ordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Macau Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Macau?

You can travel on public buses and minibuses. As Macau is an island so there is no traffic from other cities. It's easy to hire a car and drive here. But the best way to enjoy Macau tours is by going here and there on foot or by using a bicycle.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Macau?

Macau has plenty of sites to visit but as the city is small so it is easy to cover multiple destinations in a single day. Three days Macau tours are ideal but even if you are coming here for a single day, you can cover a lot.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Macau tour?

Autumn and winter are the best seasons to plan Macau tours. From mid-October to December the weather is very pleasant and suitable from travellers coming from both, hot or cold regions.

4) Which place of Macau marks more travellers throughout the year?

Almost all the sites are equally visited, it depends on your interest, selection of a plan. The cultural tours are more focused towards covering Heritage buildings and old city areas, Whereas bountiful tour plans are more for gambling and nightlife fun.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in Macau?

Li Heen, IFT Educational Restaurant, A Lorcha, Lotus Palace, Dynasty 8, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, La Chine, Café B Macau, Tasting Room and Jade Dragon are best restaurants. For cheap eat visit Silva Café, Tomato Portuguese Food, and Sam Un Loja De Canja.

Macau tours are incomplete without buying new stuff, so for shopping visit Senado Square Area, Rua De S.Paulo Area, New Yaohan & Macau Landmark, Taipa Flea Market, Red Market, Cinema Alegria Night Market.