Sanya Tours and Attraction Places

Sanya can be your honeymoon spot –the land is full of romantic spots, beaches,  beautiful landscapes, lush green natural gardens, hill station etc. The resorts are more than amazing and offer a lot of activities that travelers would have never experienced before. White sunshine, crystal clear blue water, fresh breezes and long coastline will not only sooth your eyes but also give you a glimpse of paradise.

Tianya Haijiao means “the edge of the whole world” is a place where sea and sky look alike; they share the same color. The view of this natural scenery is very rare. The coconut trees and boats sailing in the sea just double up the magnificence. Huge caesious rocks are standing high in the sea and around the shore. These rocks look stunning and complete the charm of Tianya Haijiao.

Asian Dragon Bay is also known as Yalong Bay, and it’s the most stunning beach not only in Sanya but in the whole of Asia as well. It’s in not like ordinary beaches,  the five islands located at some distance from one another enhances the splendor of the Bay. The Yalong Bay is a must part of all the Sanya tours, but we recommend you to spend more time here to explore the beauty of it completely.

Near to Yalong Bay, there is a Butterfly Valley which is located very near to Longtan Lakes. So you can travel to all three places at a time. The Butterfly Valley is like a museum of colourful butterflies. The exhibition hall has more than 2000 varieties of specimens of butterflies and other insects, among which Golden Kaiser are also included. There is an open-air flight cage where you can interact directly with butterflies.

Luhuitou Park, with a huge sculpture of a hunter standing with a deer, is a popular highlight of most of the Sanya tours. The site winding paths, red Guanghai kiosk and lover`s island. There is Halley’s comet observation station located on the mountain and a white wave-hearing pavilion too. Nearby there are other scenic areas too including Monkey Mountain, Turtle’s Heaven,  Deer House, the Immortal and Hut Pond of Li People.

Top 5 reasons to visit Sanya

It is an ideal city for animal lovers. During your Sanya tours, you will get tons of chances to interact with animals and see unique classes of animals here. At Monkey Island, you can spend time with  1800+ types of endangered Macaque monkeys. At Butterfly Valley, you can interact with 2000 different varieties of butterflies. You can also meet deer and turtles.

Sanya tours are an alternative expression to natural beauty. The landscapes are gorgeous and can be counted among the best creations of nature. The beauty will surely make your jaws drop and spread a never lasting colour over your memories.

The beaches, lakes and islands are simply WOW! Sanya tours are loved by couples and families just because of the amazing coastline area. Wuzhizhou Island, Dadonghai, Longtan Lakes, Yalong Bay and Tianya Haijiao are the top recommendations of travel enthusiasts.

Sanya tours are ideal for enjoying natural Jacuzzis, Bath at Nantian Hot Spring is beneficial for skin and body cell as the water has an abundant quantity of minerals. The tropical atmosphere, bird`s chants and fresh air make the spot fabulous to enjoy time with family or your partner.

Sanya tours are not only about nature and beauty, but there are also temples, heritage buildings and much more to explore. Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone and Nanshan Temple and Binlang Ethnic Village are the most recommended spots. You can explore the culture, sooth your soul and live with natives for a day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sanya Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Sanya?

The city`s main bus station is in Jiefang Erlu from where you can catch long distance route bus to 100 different destinations around Hainan, and 20 buses will take you to other cities that’s why Sanya tours are planned in a way that tourists can go to other cities or counties through these buses.

The city buses are a convenient option and charge from ¥1- ¥6 depending upon the route. These buses have stops near to all popular tourist spots. The other option is to catch a taxi, as the city is not too big, so taxis do not charge the way in big cities. During your Sanya tour, do not forget to negotiate for taxi fares.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Sanya?

If you are a nature lover or on your honeymoon, it is recommended to plan your trip in a way that you spend 5  to 7 days in Sanya. Though the city is small and you can catch up the places in 3 days too, but you cannot enjoy in such a hurry. Your Sanya tours can be wow when you catch two places a day only.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Sanya tours?

Sanya tours can be planned all year round because the weather is pleasant but warm throughout. It is a tropical region so September to April.

4) Which place of the Sanya marks more travelers throughout the year?

Most tour planners include Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay, Monkey Mountain, Luhuitou Park, Wuzhizhou Island, and Dadonghai in 3 to 5 days Sanya tours and it's worth going to these places.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in in Sanya?

Visit Beach  Barbacoa At Edition, Fresh, Sand at Yalong Bay, Sofia Italian Restaurant for fine dining. To enjoy more during your Sanya tours, visit The Jade Egret, Sanya dolphin sports bar & grill, SanJie Seafood JiaGong, Sky Bar and Cucina Italian Restaurant.