China Tourism: Get Known To Unknown Side Of The Asian Giant

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China Tourism: Get Known To Unknown Side Of The Asian Giant

The name that the Chinese use since ancient times to denominate China is Zhong Guo, which means "Country of the Center." That show, the exaltation of the homeland as the navel of the world, already denotes the tenacious and closed character of the dynasties that governed the Asian giant.

A Little About China Inhabitants

One of the first land to be trodden down by a human foot is China and also of those that were soon the cradle of a developed culture.


From those times of incipient social organization to the present day several millennia have passed, many things have changed, including the physical aspect of the country. Generations of Chinese have changed. New philosophical ideas have surpassed previous ones. Powerful emperors have dethroned their predecessors. But as something unrepeatable, the Chinese people have remained unalterably faithful to an idea of ​​life that goes beyond historical and philosophical concepts.

Like a fatality or a design, it is this idea of ​​fidelity to the country that has led them to remain to cling to their territory, overcoming wars, ruthless rulers and natural disasters. Locked in themselves like a turtle when it takes refuge in its shell they have waited for better times to be reborn with renewed strength and an unstoppable impulse.

Precisely the idea that has marked them has always been difficult to interpret from the point of view of the logic that the Westerners use. Perhaps the mystery and fascination that we feel emanate from China lie in the conceptual differences that separate our cultures.

Why China is a Center of Attraction For Travelers and Tourism Companies?

The first factor that affects to turn China into a pole of attraction for tourism is the vastness of the territory, about twenty times the land of Germany, which allows treasuring a great landscape and climatic diversity. Another element that invites to Discover China Tourism is that of having lived closed in itself during centuries, when it was the most refined and inventive civilization of the planet, leaving a rich cultural and historical heritage.


As the land of China has a strong unfolded history and the land is full of historic places; tourism itself flourished here once the world started to know a little about China and its people. On the other hand, the prospered culture and modern facilities in China boosted the tourism platforms to work energetically. 

The inducement for China Tourism is countless, ranging from places as outstanding for their originality as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City to other attractions such as the Silk Road. 

In any corner of China, you will find places whose name in itself evokes mystery, exoticism or a deep historical burden. Just by naming Tibet, Shanghai, Gobi, Yangtze or Yellow River, opens a fascinating world in the subconscious, stored in the mind since the time of our youth readings.

Another appealing factor of which bought China tourism into the limelight is the commercial mindset of its governing bodies. In the past few decades, China became a hub of commercial and trade activities. From the production of small household items to mega machines and robots, China produces and export everything to the rest of the world. As the companies reach China for commercial purposes, the common people came to know that the land of China is full of potential.

Facts For Tourism in China 

China also imports a lot of goods from the world`s popular brands. So the shopping experience in China has its own new level. From popular brands to locally made products, everything is easily available in China. This quality of China makes it a wow place to the traveler for shopping, and tourism both the purposes.

The modern day lifestyle and facilities also helped the local operators to spend their tourism businesses and later on the international tourism platforms also added China to the top business and holiday destination. Spas, beauty salons, fashion services, pubs, bars, casinos, everything you expect from big cities like New York or London is present here in China too.

The easy accessibility of transportation in China also allows travelers and tourism companies to design travel packages including multiple cities at a time. Most tourism companies add 5 to 8 cities in a ten days plan at very minimum prices. The travel cost cut down as they China train service and China local bus service do not charge. So a multiple city plan is not only cost efficient but ten times more enjoying as compared to tourism plans in any other country.

China is also known for various art forms including Martial art. Some of the art forms of China are popular around the world but not taught in other countries. The local art of China is unique, inbound marvelous and something to die for.

China food variations and serving styles are another reason for tourism popularity. Around the globe, China tourism is known as food trips and a chance to enjoy various cuisines not only from China but also from other parts of the world.

A Great Chance To Meet Various China Tribes and Their Cultures

The province of Yunnan has hardly any notable monuments, its geography is rugged, transport is difficult and slow and the hotel structure is Spartan. But the treasure the particular province of China hides is extraordinary and well worth a trip. There are 23 different ethnic minorities divided between jungles and mountains, each of which maintains its language, manner of dress and traditions.

​Discover China suggests focusing on three areas: Lijiang, Dali, and Jinghong. Lijiang is a village of serene beauty, located at the foot of the Tibetan mountain ranges and which has deserved the honor of entering the UNESCO World Heritage.


This is where the Naxi minority lives, which maintains a matriarchal social structure. The population of Dali is located on the shores of Lake Erhai, it is the main center of the Bai ethnic group. This social group survives thanks to fishing, which continues to practice with ancient arts, including that which uses cormorants.

Jinghong is the capital of the prefecture Xishuangbanna, located on the banks of the Lancang River (Mekong). Dai is the inhabitants of the region, divided into several subgroups. One of the curiosities of the ethnic group is the hats that women use.

In China, there are five sacred mountains each of which is a place of worship and pilgrimage for Buddhists and Taoists. It is curious, but the tourist offer forgets these mountains, perhaps because they are difficult to access and force the visitor an enormous physical effort. A unique experience in China Tourism is to join the Chinese groups that flock to these places and with patience go ascending the thousands of steps carved in the rock of the mountains.

Each mountain represents one of the four cardinal points (the central point is the fifth point). They are located in exceptionally beautiful landscapes. Many temples are scattered on the slopes and everywhere we find religious and philosophical symbolism. The five mountains are: Taishan, represents the east; Huashan is the west; Hengshan (Shanxi province) is the northern point; Hengshan (province Hunan) as the south cardinal point and Zhongshan the center.

These mountains are not only visited for their religious value but also for their tremendous beauty. People often that China is among the most naturally blessed countries and these mountain ranges are one of these blessings. China people have worked to keep the cultural and religious values of these places alive.

In Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, are some of the most impressive religious buildings that Lamaist Buddhism has built. These places are always full of pilgrims and tourists. To contemplate them from a solitary location there is a possibility that requires a little effort. It is a matter of climbing up the hill of Medicine (easily recognizable by a large antenna at its top).

The ascent is short but hard since the lack of oxygen makes the walker suffer (you are almost 4000 meters high). On the way up you will pass through the remains of the old medicine academy (hence the name of the hill), which was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Once you reach the top you will enjoy the best view of the Potala Palace and the rest of the city. In fact, from here it is from where better photos have been taken of the great palace. Because of its orientation, the best time to climb to the summit is at dusk.

Top Scenic Attractions of China

Where people find unlimited spots to explore culture and history, the land also has dozens of scenic areas. The beauty of the region is extraordinary and the list of naturally beautiful areas is very long. Hunan province is on the top list of all travelers who wish to spend time at lush green mountains.

Huanglong Pools are located in the northwest part of Sichuan, near Chengdu city in China. These natural pools are popular for their magnificence and colorful looks. The water and the surroundings are like a watercolor painting by a fine artist.

Detian Falls often known as Ban Gioc Dutchmen falls is an international border between Vietnam and China. Just like ordinary borders between countries it doesn’t have army forts. In fact, it is a very beautiful waterfall on the Quây Sơn River. The natural folds of the mountain and lush green surrounding add a splendid beauty to this spot and a new life to the land of China.

Tianzi Mountains are one of their very own kinds. The site is not only exceptional for China people but also for the traveler who has visited a lot many countries in the world. They are not typical horizontal peaks but huge vertical posts that look like natural pillars holding the sky. The top view of their mountains is very impressive and inimitable. During foggy weather, it presents a very mysterious look, something standing high either to support the sky or to hold the land in its place. It is one of the most loved tourist spots in China.

Qingdao Lake is located in Zhejiang province, China. It is a human-made freshwater lake with multiple mini islands. The cruise trip of this lake is a very soothing activity to refresh your mind and soul. It is also known as Thousand Islands Lake of  Chun'an County. The tourism companies especially add this particular site in their packages because of its unmatched beauty.

Red Beach at Dawa County, Panjin is the world’s biggest wetland as well as the world’s biggest reed marsh. As clear from its name it is red in color and looks very stunning. The view is not only unique but very mesmerizing too. The Suaeda salsa plants which belong to the Chenopodiaceae family have given the lake a very beautiful red hue. China has a lot more of such kind of places where nature promises its glory in a way that human becomes speechless.

The whole Libo County in China is magical and very very beautiful. The natural forest, crystal clear water streams, dancing lakes, mysterious caves, and a fantastic waterfall –there is a lot more to see here. Everything looks like a piece of heaven and once a traveler visits this place they never forget the grandeur of it.

Yangtze River stretches from a glacier on the border of Tibet to Shanghai. It is Asia`s longest river that flows entirely within one country. The drop-shaped look of the river is very attractive and the cherry on the top, the mini cruise takes travelers to from one end to another. China tourism plans are incomplete without the Yangtze River.

The Abandoned village at Goqui Island is another totally unique place to visit in China. It is a small abandoned village of fishermen where all the structures are covered with lush green small plants. It looks like the whole island is wrapped in a green blanket.

As mentioned earlier the list of scenic places is very very long. Travelers can also add Canola Flower Fields, Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Jiu Zhai Gou Valley, Dushanzi Grand Canyon, Crescent lake of Dunhuang, Qiongkushitai Village, Li River, The Great Wall of China and Yangshuo to their tour program. You call these places wonders of nature or mini-paradises on earth. As the China tourism industry is expanding day by day, a lot more picturesque spots are now coming to the list of travelers.

China Tourism Statistics (2019)

China Tourism data is gathered from reliable resources. 

china population

*CNY (Chinese Yen)

let's have some questions related to tourism in China which most people search for. We have answered the most demanding questions in this article.

When Did China Allowed Tourism?

Tourism in China is an important industry. The amount of tourism has critically extended over the last few decades since the beginning of reform and opening. The appearance of a newly rich middle class and an easing of restrictions on movement by the Chinese authorities are both increasing the tourism of China. China has become one of the world's most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist markets. According to Xinhuanet, the world is on the tip of a continuous flourishing of Chinese tourism.

Amid 1949 and 1974, the People's Republic was shut to all but particular foreign visitors. In the late 1970s, when Deng Xiaoping planned to encourage tourism dynamically as a resource of earning foreign exchange, China started to progress in its tourist industry.

How is Tourism in China?

China tourism has industrialized speedily in the past few decades, since the open policy had been applied in 1978. The magnificent historic architectures, the impressive sceneries, the welcoming people of China, all of these factors have made the tourism industry in China thrive in the past few decades. The development of a newly rich middle class and since there has been an ease on the restrictions by the Chinese authorities are both helping in increasing the travel industry in China. China has become one of the world's most visited and latest outbound tourist markets. There are 1349 intercontinental travel agencies which exist in China, and 248 of them are in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Chongqing-the four municipalities. The local and international passage also has greatly improved that it is now very easy for tourists to travel to China.

How many tourists visited China in 2018?

In the year of 2018, China’s arrival of the inbound tourists reached 141.2 million with an increase of 1.2% over the same period as compared to last year. The overnight tourists’ number was 62.9 million, which increased by 3.6% as compared to the year 2017.  

The top 10 china’s outbound tourism source cities in the year 2018 were Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Kunming, Wuhan, Xi’an and Hangzhou.

In 2018, 82% percent of the travelers of China guide’s visited Beijing during their trip to China. This is logical, as Beijing is generally thought out to be the main gateway to China, both geographically and traditionally, and is the home of the two of the most famous and well-known attractions that China has to offer. The forbidden city and The great wall of China. 

Being the financial capital of the country and another important country, Shanghai attracted 31% of the China guide’s travelers. Another famous destination was the ancient city of Xi'an, site of the world-famous Terracotta Army, which 27% of the travelers visited in 2018.

Guilin/Yangshuo, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, and Zhangjiajie made up the second rank of popular destinations among foreign travelers to China. The Guilin/Yangshuo area is mostly renowned for its gorgeous natural landscape and scenery.

Is China a good tourist destination?

China is enormous. And it has diverse landscapes and cultures. CHINA is set to become the world's biggest travel destination by 2016 as it boosts travel controls and invests in a commercial airline, railways and infrastructure. The United Nations World Tourism Organization forecasts China will surpass France and the United States on its list of the destinations which obtain the most tourists every year. France had nearly 79 million arrivals of tourists in 2010, the US had nearly 61 million and China had nearly 56 million. But China is set to rise the ranks as explorers flight to historic sites such as the Great Wall of China and explore its varied culture and striking cooking offerings. Australian travel companies are being required to upsurge the amount of tours they offer to provide to the rising demand.

How much money does China get from tourism?

China’s tourism industry is booming. CHINA is prospering since it has invested in its roads and railways. Since China has opened its gateways to foreign travelers It has gained massive popularity. Since 2012, tourists from China have been the world's top financier in global tourism, leading global outbound travel. In 2016, the country accounted for 21% of the world's international tourism spending, or $261 billion. According to previous records China was the fourth most visited country in the world. But now it is all set to become the second most visited country in the world. 

In 2017, tourism contributed about CNY 8.77 trillion (USD 1.35 trillion), 11.04% of the GDP, and contributed direct and indirect employment of up to 28.25 million people. There were 139.48 million inbound trips and five billion domestic trips

How many tourists visit China annually?

As China’s tourism industry prospers, the country is dignified to become the world’s second largest travel and tourism economy after the United States by 2015. According to Xinhuanet, the world is on the tip of a constant Chinese tourism boom. As of 2015, China is the fourth most visited country in the world, after France, the United States, and Spain, with 56.9 million international tourists per year. Tourist Arrivals in China increased to 3054 Tens of Thousands in 2018 from 2917 Tens of Thousands in 2017. Tourist Arrivals in China averaged 1198.26 Tens of Thousands from 1978 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 3054 Tens of Thousands in 2018 and a record low of 22.96 Tens of Thousands in 1978.

What places are appealing in terms of tourists activities in China?

The number one reason beyond any doubt to visit China in Beijing. The heart of China. Both geologically and culturally. 

BEIJING, being the heart of China is one of the main attractionS of China. As:

  1. The great wall of China is the world's longest wall and greatest ancient architecture. Mutianyu is the most favorite section of foreigners.
  2. The Forbidden City is China's best-preserved imperial palace and the world’s largest. It is the most historic and has the best archeological sites.
  3. The Summer Palace is a lavish majestic garden, where the royals relaxed in the warmer months.
  4. The Temple of Heaven was where emperors prayed for good crops. Now locals do morning exercises there.

XI’AN (A window of China's ancient civilization)

The second most famous of China's ancient capitals, Xi'an, was the first capital of a united China in 221 BC, and capital for much of the next era. Xi'an is gifted with a great number of valuable remnants and ancient sites.

The main attractions of Xi’an are:

  1. The Terracotta Army is part of the world's largest imperial tomb complex, which dates back to 206 BC.

  2. The Ancient City Wall is the world’s largest city fortification from the 14th century. Walk or cycle the 22-km (14-mile) loop.

  3. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the library and most prominent building of one of the oldest Buddhist temples in China.

  4. The Muslim Quarter is a must-visit if you’d like to try some local snacks and experience China’s Muslim culture.

SHANGHAI (China’s largest city) 

Being the richest country and the largest country, Shanghai is one of the most leading economic and business cities, Shanghai is also number one in its modernity by its ambitious skyline. The best attractions in Shanghai are:

  1.   The Bund is a worthy walk by day or night. See the expatriate architecture one side and overwhelming skyline the other.

  2.  Yu Garden is a breath-taking traditional Chinese garden, in sharp contrast to the busy city surrounding it.

  3.   Zhujiajiao Water Town is the best of the delightful historic canal towns in Shanghai.

  4. Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China and the second worldwide, offers a great view of the future of Shanghai and China. 

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