Chengdu Tours and Attraction Places

Chengdu is one of the happiest city; people often say Chengdu can be a synonym to "relaxation and pleasure." Chengdu tours are all about scenic places, loads of natural beauty, fantastic food and leisure time activities.

Chengdu tours are incomplete without spending time with pandas. At Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, you can play with pandas, check out their natural homes and play-yards.  You can also feed baby pandas with a feeder. What else could be more enjoying!

Xiling Snow Mountain is home of Giant Pandas and a World Natural Heritage site too. The mountain is ideal for skiing, even if you are a newbie you can have great fun here. Some trainers will help you out to learn how to ski. The site also offers more than 10 snow amusement programs for visitors. From here 2 to 3 hours drive will take you to Dayi county, which is so beautiful that you will wish to buy a home here. You can spend some time with the locals and learn about their culture.

Qingcheng Mountain is also a World Natural Heritage site and a small part of paradise. Though it is almost 65 kilometres away from the main city, you can plan your Chengdu tours in a way that you can catch this amazing spot.  From here you can climb to Taoism temples. Once you reach there, the view of the mountains will make you feel heavenly. The scenery is so beautiful that no artist or painter can create its replica.

Qingyang Gong has a history of almost 3000 years and was built in the Zhou Dynasty. The architecture of the building is a clear example of Taoism culture. It's unique and super amazing. Wuhou Temple and the memorial hall is another amazing attraction and a must recommendation for Chengdu tours.

Leshan Giant Buddha is the biggest sculpture carved on a hill. There is a river alongside the mountain and a bridge over it. Mount Emei is a very popular Buddhism mountain where a giant gold Buddha sculpture placed. The beauty of the surrounding area is beyond your imaginations, and the place is well-known for getting rid of all worries and connecting to God.

Top 5 reasons to visit Chengdu

Chengdu tours are ideal because of the geographical location of the city. Nearby there are three Giant Panda Base named as Wolong Panda Base, Bifengxia Panda Base, and Dujiangyan Panda Base. Whereas the biggest Giant Panda breeding centre is located inside the city. So you can have a great time with Pandas. Other cities don't offer you such cute funs.

Wandering around the streets is total fun and a chance to explore dozens of new things. The streets are naturally beautiful, cleanliness of the city is cherry over the top. Kuan Zhai Alley, Jinli Street Chengdu and Chengdu People's Park are lovely spots to roam around, sit with locals and relax.

Chengdu tours are a perfect fit for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. Sichuan Gourmet is the sociality of the land; the particular type of cuisine is spicy and saucy, and almost all varieties of meats are used in its preparation. Szechuan style chicken, Szechuan peppercorn, rabbit brain, Pixian doubanjiang, Sichuan noodles and Sichuan hot pot and the list of flavorsome dishes will go on and on and on…

Don't forget to visit tea houses in Chengdu, here you can try more than 300 varieties of tea at local shops.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chengdu Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Chengdu?

Chengdu city offers convenient connection to 100 domestic and international airports, so it's easy to get into the city from anywhere. While you are inside the city, you can catch a public bus or a sightseeing bus. For tourists, it is recommended to take a sightseeing bus to avoid the rush and enjoy more while the bus takes you to the desired destination. Bus tickets are as low as ¥1, so they are an easy and cost-effective way to travel around.

You can hire a bicycle or a car too. The city offers multiple rent services to tourists. Riding a bicycle around local streets of Chengdu is not only fun but a great chance to explore the beauty of culture too.

You can also catch a taxi from stand or book one online. Pedicab/rickshaw is something new for travellers from Arabian or Western countries. So it is recommended to at least take one ride in a pedicab too.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Chengdu?

You need a half day for Panda Breeding Centre and if you want to volunteer than a full day is a must. While you are in the city, don't forget to attend the Sichuan Opera Show, which is 90min long and very, very colourful. Keep a day for Xiling Snow Mountain and a day for Qingcheng Mountain. So at least spend 5 days in the city. Maximum 7 to 10 days are enough.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Chengdu tour?

The best time for Chengdu tours is from March to June, and September to November. Though in July and August the weather is pleasant there's substantial rainfall which might disturb your plans.

4) Which place of the Chengdu marks more travellers throughout the year?

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding,  Xiling Snow Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha and Qingyang Gong are most visited sited of Chengdu. In fact, none of the Chengdu tours is complete without paying a visit to these spots.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in Chengdu?

Visit Lixuan Chinese Restaurant, Ponti's Ristorante, Paradise Island Café, Loft, Long Xuan Chinese Restaurant, Chen Mapo tofu (Luomashi and Chenmapo Beancurd. For cheap eats visit Longchaoshou, XiaoTan DouHua, Yu Su Ge Vegan Cafeteria and Lobby Lounge.

For shopping visit Chunxi Road, Imperial Examination Lane, Chengdu Sino-Ocean Tai Koo Li, Jinli, Wuhou Temple Side Street and Songxianqiao Art City