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When Travel To China & What Things To Do In China in 2020

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When Travel To China & What Things To Do In China in 2020

China is a populated state in East Asia encompassing 1.4 billion or nearly twenty percent of the earth’s population. The land of China has a rich panorama that incorporates plains, deserts, volcanoes, seas, estuaries and the oldest civilization that dates back thousands of years. That’s why a huge number of people from all around the world travel to China to explore these widely stretched natural beauties.

So China has grown as one of the world’s profitable tourist businesses where you can become a hardened traveler with the most significant cultural shockwaves waiting to surprise you. Tourism in China is booming, no doubt, it is ranked as the world's third-leading travel destination and expected to be the world's leading travel destination in the future.

Every year more and more people travel to China not only to spend a good vacation time but also for learning and business purposes. From a few decades, China tourism business is rapidly expanding. Almost  5.6 % more rise in China travel plans is expected every year. It means almost 300more travel plans every year.

Best Time to Travel to China

Coming to a decision of what time is just right to make a journey to China is a more arduous chore since many people and diverse meteorological conditions inhabit the state.

From What  Region the Traveler is Coming to China?

It is recommended to take advice from people who have traveled to China from your region in last 2 to 3 years. Your travel plans should suit your way of living. For instance, people coming from Arabian countries are used to of hot weather, so, summers in China are not a big deal for them. On the other hand, people from colder regions might not be able to enjoy much in hot weather.

Sometimes people like this weather change and it simply adds more amazement to their travel plans. Whereas some people badly get disturbed and their whole travel plan gets ruined because of it. The mood and living condition of traveler matters a lot in such scenarios.

Considering a fact that major parts of China fall under Monsoon Climatic regions which means that particular areas will have four distinct weather conditions in a year. It is a suitable factor for China inhabitants and travelers.

Rainfall can disturb your travel schedules as might be a bit pain for travelers coming to China.

Different Weather Conditions In China  

While considering other numerous things when thinking for a travel plan, the most important consideration should be the season and the weather of particular cities you have planned to visit in China.

Even though the climate of China varies, you can still visit different cities all year round. However, According to a broadly accurate guide based on practice rather than theory, any time from March to May, and September to November can give you the perfect moments to gear up for a great travel plan full with tons of pleasure. These pleasant seasons provide the ideal weather, overflows with beautiful places to visit and not to mention attention-grabbing panoramas.

Spring In China –A good time to Travel

Spring is a beautiful and enjoyable season to visit pretty much all over China with weather warms up, full of sumptuous food, colorful blooms, and fresh green hues. The average spring in China is from mid-March to mid-May. Several northern areas of the state such as Beijing, Hohhot, Jinan, Qingdao, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, and Zhengzhou in China — may still be cold during these periods, but it’s overall comfortable to catch and make unforgettable moments. With that, Water-Splashing Festival, Sister’s Meal Festival are the most anticipated spring festival in China that can amplify your travel amusement.

Fall Season In China –Less Crowdy and Exceptional Views

Traveling in the fall means fewer crowds, smaller lines, peaceful weather conditions, and better sights– along with mighty spectacles of autumn foliage. Autumn, a season of second spring when every leaf is spreading its wings, is by far the best time to heading out of the big municipalities of China and into natural scenery, such as Xinjiang and Beijing, where the leaves altering color offer an exceptional view, and Hong Kong, which is usually quite moist, but you can find beautiful autumn colors in many volumes.  However, there is a good chance of the evenings and the mornings to change their mood and turn out to be violent, so it is better to be ready for it and bring some warm clothes, medicines, and possess little acquaintance of how to deal with such condition.

Winter In China –Travel for Relaxation but not much Ideal Time in China

‘Winter is the time for relaxation, for mouth-watering food, and friendliness, for the touch of a responsive hand and talk of beside the fire: it is the time to travel and explore the four corners of the world’. This old saying holds some reality. But, in China, winter remains the least preferred choice for planning a tour as the average temperature goes below 0 C (32 F). Aside from reasonable prices, fewer troops, frequent sunny days that are perfect for sightseeing, the winter can pay back and has many things to offer for individuals who have high patience against severe cold.

Summer in China –Add more WOW moments to your Travel Plan

Something particularly mind-altering comes up with the idea of the summer holidays. Summer in China is an exciting and adventurous experience - later March, April, and June are perhaps the best times to explore just about all over the place in the state. The mid-summer is a great season to tour Tibet, Hainan, and various northern areas. Southern China, however, has typical subtropical weather, and the summers are wet and humid, while temperatures can rise to 40°C. Another thing needs your careful consideration is the rainy season. If you plan to visit southern China from April to August, there is a great possibility of your flight to be postponed or canceled due to bad weather such as storms, downbursts, cyclones, waterspouts, tropical cyclones, and extratropical cyclones-- which are not rare in China. However, it would be great if you consider traveling via high-speed train, which is expeditious, comfortable, and rarely delayed.

So plan your China trip wisely, and look for the weather conditions that suits your mood best. Traveling during odd seasons can be a bit painful. Once you have decided on what weather you are traveling to China, pack your luggage accordingly. Keep all the required stuff but in case you forget something, there is no big deal as China is not much expensive and you can find tons of one-time use travel gadgets here. 

Worst Time to Travel to China

If you are looking for making a journey to China, you must know about the times to avoid traveling, or you may find that wherever you go is full of crowd.  There are several Chinese festivals, namely Qingming Festival, Chinese New Year, New Year's Day, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and May Day. Avoid taking a trip such days.

Crowding is obvious as China's population is nearly 1.4 billion, the largest of any country in the realm.  In the Vacations, more and more people leave their houses and move for seeing and capturing the sights all over the state, leading to transport difficulties, price upsurges, and overcrowding.

China`s local population believes that it is spiritually beneficial to visit other cities during festival seasons. So, traveling during festive seasons in China means more and more local travelers, tough booking process, less availability of hotels, and an expensive trip. You will get fewer chances to explore the beauty of China with the crowd and also there are more chances of facing troubles with train and flight schedules.

The Qingming Festival in China

The first date to avoid is the Qingming Festival. This is China’s most important traditional festival. It usually falls on the fourth or fifth day of the fifth month of the year in the early Julian, with millions of Chinese are going to plan a short or, long tour.

Spring Festival in China

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is another most important holiday celebrated on the first day of the Chinese lunar year, with millions of Chinese people making a journey to explore different cities. So for those travelers who are making an effort to take their time spend at China’s memorials, these days are not the best time for a tour.

Golden Week in China

The National Day or a Golden Week is another time not to book a flight for a tour. It starts 1st of the October and ends up a week later. While the amount of people occupied is not much that during the Chinese New Year, still, it is not a good time to make a journey.

The Dragon Boat Festival in China

The Dragon Boat Festival, also often known as the Duanwu or Zhongxiao Festival, in which the Chinese people give the tribute to the well-known Chinese scholar Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan), results in crowding.

Booking a flight in such days, however, is nearly impossible and expensive, and touristic places will be crowded with visitors touring from all over the country typically for the inherent natural or social value, and historical importance. Despite the fact that a number of stores and chains of the country remain open in the big cities, other places do close on these days.  There will be a high chance for a traveler coming these days to sit at a small Chinese restaurant and other traditional spots.

If your China travel plan is touching these days, you need to schedule everything well in advance, at least a month before and have to be ready to pay an additional amount on every single thing. Traveling within the country for other dates such as the Lantern Festival, Qingming, and the Dragon Boat Festival is excellent.

You can save 30% travel cost as the hotels and restaurants launch various offers for travelers which can actually help you enjoy luxurious facilities at budget-friendly prices. Also, you can select rooms and tables of your choice. On the other hand, the local trains, buses, and other transportation services become convenient in China when they are not much congested. So you can also cut down a good sum of money while traveling in China by selecting local transportation services.

Things to Do Before Travelling

Travelling can make your life better and amusing. It is one of the best ways to form a relationship with the different people and become acquainted with what is happening all around. Travelling is experiencing an adventure to the fullest. And, if you are traveling within your own country, then it is best to be well-acquainted with the place you have your roots. China is one of the most incredibly outstanding regions to travel. With so many good things to view, explore and discover, it’s the perfect place to plan your journey and engage yourself in its multifariousness of customs, ancient times and scrumptious foods.

Traveling to China, however, can be awe-inspiring, but it doesn’t need to be! If you keep several essential things in mind, you’ll be keener and more comfortable tourist who sit back and revel in the pleasant journey. So before you head around China, take a look at some of the essentials you should know before planning your trip.

Do research – you need to know a little more about China

No need to rush, sit and check multiple sites for making sense of your destination point before saying goodbye to your home. Do enough research about the reservation of legit travel guides, hotels, and public transport at affordable rates. Discover China is one of the best online marketplaces for tour industries who takes care of everything’s needs for traveling.

Make reservations in advance or ask your China tour operator to pre-book everything for you

Making an advanced reservation, especially during peak travel season, is one of the best ways to make sure that your trip goes the way you want to. Booking seat rate and bed and breakfast in advance also often ensures that you’re getting the best thing at the best price and at the best time.

Explore as much as possible –every corner of China is full of exciting things

Should not restrict your free self to only a few selected popular spots in your trip. Make a point to hit up as many areas as possible and get a better sight of the culture of the country you are living in. The best thing about China is its diversities, which is something that should be embraced! The cities are rich in both archaeological and in cultural terms. Make sure to explore a variety of different towns that’ll allow you to discover a wealth of diversity and get a taste of multiethnic traditions.

Eat good food in China –the local cuisines can double up the fun of your travel plan

Local cuisines of China are very delicious and light for the travelers pocket. It is recommended to visit local restaurants to enjoy original flavors of Chinese dishes. From fried items to soups, salads to deserts, sidelines to the main course everything is so mouth-watering that you will surely fell in love with China. You can simply turn your travel plan to a flavorsome journey by trying local specialties of every city of China.

Believe me, the list is soo long and you will not regret trying local cuisines. Travelers often claim that China tour plans are ideal for food lovers, chefs, and food explorers. But you need to have the courage to try meat of various animals and sea species. 

Travelling can give you immense experience but to undergo that beautiful experience one needs to do some research on the place he wants to visit. Maps, culture, visit, areas to visit are some important things one needs to collect before heading to any place, but travel guide websites like Discover China can help you with a user-friendly interface to stay aware the place you are going to visit in the realm of China and fulfill your traveling needs.

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