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Shenzhen Nightlife: Fun, Food & Adventure Together

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Shenzhen Nightlife: Fun, Food & Adventure Together

Shenzhen is one of the largest and lively cities of China and considers as the heaven for business travelers and tourists where you can easily find several adventure places for Shenzhen nightlife. Like you can watch different night shows, visit different shooting malls and restaurants or you can enjoy at bar streets and clubs as well. For your convenience, nightlife guides can be offered to make plans for your Shenzhen night tour of the city. 

Enjoy Live Music Venue In Shenzhen Nightlife: 

Shenzhen the city of joyful people who have a passion for music. We can witness live music venues in Shenzhen such as The Terrace and V Bar where popular music bands play live all sorts of music genres the whole night. Local bands also play guitar in almost every coffee shop at least once a week. Also, larger music bands mostly performed at dedicated live music halls such as B10 and 8A. B10 hold jazz festival on a yearly basis. 

These musical parties make the nightlife of Shenzhen more melodious

Another Shenzhen Nightlife Attraction Is Traditional Food:

The city Shenzhen come under the Special economy zone and we can see the city is full of tourist. Numbers of food streets and restaurants welcome tourists for their tasty and traditional food and exhibit their culinary art. 

Shenzhen food

Art Lovers Have So Much In Shenzhen Nightlife:

Dafen Art Village is one of the famous art places in Shenzhen where artists are famous to copy anything from Van Gogh to Christmas famous. 

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) is the center of art in Shenzhen. The terminal is the collection of studios, outdoor sculpture installation and gallery spaces. It also has an extensive library with resources about contemporary art in Asia. 

Zai Gallary is also famous for specializes In contemporary Chinese art. It has minimalist decor intersected by white brick walls which are not found in New York and Paris. 

China Folk Culture Village Is The Fascination Of Shenzhen Nightlife:

China Folk Culture village presents the dances between China Dragon & Phoenix with the full use of light, sound and water and other modern technologies to create a fantastic dance performance. This 55 minutes show is performed by 500 professional actors. With their mesmerizing performance actors never let you get bored. 


Coco Park Is The Charm Of Shenzhen Nightlife:

Coco park is actually a shopping park which has busy bar street.  Coco Park is popular for restaurants, clubs and live music bars. Salsa nights are also common in the Coco Park area. 

Shenzhen Nightlife VS Shanghai Nightlife:

Shanghai nightlife is more lively because it has the most amazing clubs and bars in the world. Whereas nightlife in Shenzhen is catching up the pace. In Shenzhen, most of the clubs and music bars are in The Coco Park area. 

Lady Gaga when once visited Shanghai Said, loved that city when she visited, and it is a center of party mayhem.

Shenzhen Nightlife VS Guangzhou Nightlife:

There's an enormous flood of visitors and partygoers heading toward Shenzhen at the ends of the week nowadays to enjoy the nightlife of Shenzhen where they can find numbers of music bars and night clubs, most clubs and bars are found in the Cocoa Park in Shenzhen. The folk cultural village is also the main attraction where huge numbers of artists show their talent in dancing, lightning and music always keep you up to the beat. Nightlife in Shenzhen has a lot for art lovers. Some of the art galleries are crafted beautifully with a touch of Chinese culture. 

shenzhen night

Whereas Guangzhou is considered a prosperous city in mainland China. Guangzhou nightlife is also adventurous. You can find many places for fun. Canton Tower in one of the highest towers and landmarks of Guangzhou. Where you can take the ride to get the full view of the city. If you are daring enough you can enjoy sky drop, a fall over the city. 

You can take a night cruise on the Pearl River, the third largest river in China. The nighttime cruise will give you a completely different view of the city. 

You can visit bar streets, these streets are the main center of attraction Guangzhou nightlife. 

Changlong night Zoo is another attraction of the Guangzhou nightlife. Numbers of world-famous artists come to perform there and it is the best outlet for the animal’s performance. 

Shenzhen nightlife is getting hype for the visitors with time because of the verity of adventures present in the city. 

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