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About us

Consumers are now persuaded to use a good travel agent. That’s good news for the agent industry, and surely there are many reasons for inspiration and encouragement. The travel agent industry, however, continues to be a challenge, with not enough revenues and almost no top fresh talent linking up the industry to transform the infrastructure of the system. There are still those who are doing much better in the market.


Ground-breaking ideas, customer-centric approach, available enough resources, custom-made services are things that every agent can do – at present – to thrive in today’s competitive environment, where travelers want special attention, good value, and the handiness of various possessions. We pride, at Discover China in encompassing all the necessary aspects and act in accordance with clients' requirements. Our travel mix-up sparked an innovative line of attack to tourism.


Discover China is a full-service online marketplace where travel agencies can register and offer their services to meet everybody’s travel requirements. We are passionate about finding the best thing to do in all areas and welcome tour and travel service agents to promote their services to individuals who want to travel all over the country. Our team of travel insiders endeavors to pick you up with the best local tour and service providers.


Working with numerous travel giants and well-known agencies, we make planning a business trip or a vacation as an individual or a part of a group and give you peace of mind with no worries, fears or stress. We are the mavens in assisting associations and travelers at lower prices!


We’re an intriguing team of creative problem solvers who focus on the problem as specified and try to synthesize information to achieve a solution, tech wizards who know their way around technical utilization, and passionate explorers who work in tandem to be the source of life-changing touring experiences enough to change someone's life.


We source the best travel deals all over the state and provide specialized travel services to bring authentic, trip-of-a-lifetime experiences to each traveler. For years of worth experience, we are specialized in tourism, tailor-made holidays, inducements & conferences, alternative tourism, sell tickets and activities with the central focus of creating memorable travel experiences for each client. We welcome organization all across the state to join us and get registered with us to offer tourist best he needs to book his next travel destination.


We have been travel consultants for over ten years and believe that there is a bright future for a travel agency that offers specialized, honest and personal service to its customers, despite the changes in the industry. Our agents' background experience in various areas gives us the expertise to assist our clients with the acquired knowledge. Our desire to see the beauty of the state appends to the compassion to see it through our client’s’ eyes, as well. Enjoying hearing about client’s travels and always asking them to share their pictures with us.


Our mission is to make you go wherever you want to with all your heart and enjoy each moment you come across with.