Best Places to Visit in China

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Cities to Visit in China

China has 34 provinces with 662 cities and more than 22 million population. Obviously, you cannot visit all the cities in ten to fifteen days. So a question arises which cities to visit in China? Here is a small guide for all travelers.

Top 30 Cities To Visit In china

Talking about the best cities to visit in China, travelers recommend almost 30 big and small cities. For a visitor on ten to fifteen days package, it is suggested to add only five to six cities at a time. Now it's up to your preferences to select the cities to visit in China. You can divide your tour in a way that among that you can cover up all the fun sides of the country. Add one city which is popular for natural beauty, one for luxurious living standards, one for historic references, and one for shopping and nightlife. 

In this way, the selection of cities to visit in China will be quite easy for you. Make sure that cities are not much far from each other to avoid a long bus or train time. Nearby cities mean more time you will have in the city. 

In case you are visiting China during festival season, it is recommended to spend more days in big so that you can enjoy special deals, food fun, and activities which are organized specially for the specific season. 

The 30 best cities to visit in China are:

  1. Shanghai,
  2. Hangzhou,
  3. Jinan,
  4. Harbin,
  5. Suzhou,
  6. Xuchang,
  7. Zhengzhou,
  8. Yichang,
  9. Xi`an,
  10. Hong Kong,
  11. Guilin,
  12. Kaifeng,
  13. Sanya,
  14. Lhasa,
  15. Anyang,
  16. Nanjing,
  17. Qingdao,
  18. Changsha,
  19. Luoyang, 
  20. Shenyang,
  21. Tianjin,
  22. Chengdu,
  23. Chongqing,
  24. Wuhan,
  25. Dongguan,
  26. Guangzhou,
  27. Macau,
  28. Beijing,
  29. Dalian,  
  30. Shenzhen

Among all these best cities to visit in China, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenzhen, and Chengdu are the most modern cities. The people who are visiting China for trade or business purposes must check out these cities. Along with commercial activities you can enjoy modern-day facilities, can have the best shopping experience and check out the most fascinating architecture. 

For the best cities to visit in China are from Hunan province particularly. The whole province is at the top of the list of natural beauty lovers. The scenic mountain, picturesque valleys and above the top cultural activities are something visitors will surely admire. Cities to visit in China to look natural beauty are Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang, and Hengyang.