Anyang Tours and Attraction Places

Anyang is in Henan district, which is well known for its beauty.  You can call Anyang a piece of heaven on earth. Many tourists say that it a prefecture-level city that speaks for its magnificence, itself.  

Anyang tours are not limited to naturally green sites –the city is eight most popular ancient capital with a significant number of archaeological and historic sites. Ruins of the Shang Dynasty are well preserved here, and tourist can view them at museums. Yin Xu is in  Anyang, which is known as the largest historic and archeological site of China. There is a forgotten city inside, including a museum complex, royal palace, remains of the queen and ancestral temple.

Museum of Chinese Writing has pieces of evidence which show that China is the birthplace of human civilization of earth. It is a four-story building –the first two floors shows how the Chinese characters developed with relics. And the other two floors are like a golden colored imperial palace. The lights at night add a longing beauty to the site.

Trip to Red Flag Canal is super exciting as the attraction offers tons of activities and facilitate visitors with modern day fun. Buyun Bridge is searching between two mountains – a walk over it is a soft and pleasant experience and a chance to explore the natural beauty around. Youth Cave is an engineering project that runs in the background of natural scenery. You can boat on the Red Flag Canal, visit the museum and wooden chain bridge. Luosi Deep Pool is another scenic spot which offers loads of beauty and known as a perfect spot for photography.

You can also visit Ruins of Youli City and Yue Fei Temple. There is a lake near the temple. For more thrill and fun, visit Linlǜ Mountain International Paragliding Site. There are trainers who will guide you on how to paraglide and provide all the required equipment.

Top 5 reasons to visit Anyang

Anyang tours are considered ideal for tons of reasons, among which the geographical location of the city is the most important. The city edges Puyang, Hebi, Xinxiang and Xiaonanhai, so it's way too easy to plan a multiple city tour.

Eight popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in the city, so Anyang tours mean a glimpse of ancient architecture, culture and one on one view of remains from antediluvian dynasties. There are temples, palaces, museums and everything that a tourist wish to visit. Yuan Shih-kai's tomb and Yin Xu are the most popular attractions in the city.

Mountains and some water area surrounding the city, so there are scenic spots where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and tranquil their mind with peace. The fresh breezes, tall trees and splendid natural gardens will surely blow your mind away and soothe your soul. Anyang tours are also a recommendation of newlywed couples as there are plenty of romantic spots and luxury hotels to spend a great time.

You can do boating in Red Flag Canal, dive into natural pools and paraglide. Even walking around the city and wandering along the Red Flag Canal is magically charming. You won't get a moment throughout the Anyang tour to feel bored dull or bored.

Anyang tours are a great chance to explore Yangshao Culture, Longshan Culture and Xiatun Culture. From food to dresses, architecture to remains and everything in between tells the ancient stories of great dynasties and their power. Exploring markets and wandering along local bazaar can be great fun as you can see some unique products which will mesmerize you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anyang Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Anyang?

Anyang has no airport; the nearest is Zhengzhou Airport, which is 3 hours away when you travel through a bus, and it takes half an hour with a bullet train to reach there.

The intercity bus routes touch almost all the popular attractions in the Anyang city. Depending upon the route you have to choose the route number of the bus. Stops are located everywhere around the city, so it's easy to catch a bus and travel to the desired location. The buses do not charge much and are considered a safe option for traveling. Bus fares start from ¥2 and max goes to ¥10

Taxis are also, but they charge more. You can catch a taxi from stands or can simply book one online. Taxi charge ¥5 for the first 2 kilometers and ¥1.3 afterward. Fares are a little high during midnight hours.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Anyang?

At least 2 days and a maximum of 7 days. You need one complete day for paragliding and one day for Red Flag Canal tour.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Anyang tour?

Plan your Anyang tour in April, May, June, September and October.

4) Which place of the Anyang marks more travelers throughout the year?

Red Flag Canal and Yin Xu are the most popular cite and a must recommendation for all tourists. Museum of Chinese Writing, Youli City and Yue Fei Temple are also among the most visited sites of Anyang –in fact, no Anyang Tour is complete without paying a visit to these mentioned sites,

5) Where are the best places to dine-in in Anyang?

Dine in recommendations includes GuoGuo YangRouTang Guan, Asan ShengJian Guan, Dawan Chu, Yu-Fang Zhai, U.B.C. Coffee.