Beijing Tours and Attraction Places

Beijing holds the position of China’s political, social, cultural and economic center with a history of almost 800+ years. It is nearly as big as Shanghai and is often called “Peking” as well. Along with having socio-political importance, the city also influences the academic and scientific domains of China. The infrastructure of Beijing is quite impressive and proactive. Beijing tours are ideal for foreign visitors as the city is full of unique sightseeing opportunities and offers exclusive activities for children and adults.

Forbidden City from the Yuan Dynasty is a 13th-century palace. Just like other palaces, it is immense, very beautiful and hypnotic. The Meridian Gate and Golden River Bridges which are well-decorated with marbles are a reason why tourists love this place. There is a Hall of Preserving Harmon, Palace of Heavenly Purity, and Hall of Military Courage. Hall of Supreme Harmony inside the Forbidden City is China’s most significant surviving wooden building.

A section of the Great Wall of China is also a part of Beijing which is located at Badaling Pass. Being among the Seven Wonders of the World, the sight is not only fascinating but also showcases the dynamicity of Chinese history. Cable ride and greenery around it, add more excitement and beauty to the place.

Imperial garden with a 1.5-meter tall Buddha statue carved from white jade, a lake surrounded with trees and bushes –it is Beihai Park. Other highlights of the site include Round Fort, Hall of Enlightenment and White Pagoda. The Temple of Heaven, Fayuan Temple, and Lama Temple are the best places to explore inner peace and feed your soul with tranquility and harmony.

Beijing Capital Museum is beautiful from inside and outside; the architecture is awe-inspiring and resplendent. Beijing tours should not end without visiting the Beijing Zoo where you can see pandas, leopards, rhinos and many other animals. Coal Hill Park, Summer Palace, and 798 Art Zone are magnificent attractions and offers a distinctive experience with loads of enjoyment and activities.

Top 5 reasons to visit Beijing

Beijing is among the most ancient yet most modern cities of China. It is full of historical and cultural heritages including temples, palaces, gardens and top most visited Great Wall of China. Most of the sites in Beijing are an apparent show of greatness and the preciousness of its inhabitants who are linked with the land from thousands of years. Besides Forbidden City and Summer Palace, there are plenty of other ancient attractions too which include the Temple of Heaven, Grand Canal, Ming Tombs, and many more

The modern architecture is like cherry over the top for Beijing tours. From skyscrapers to single floors structures, the construction art is beyond our words. Most of the buildings are highly glamorous with well-adorned exteriors. These buildings look amazing when you roam around the city and also craft a fascinating helicopter view of Beijing.

The city is ideal for cycle and motorcycle rides. If you want to fully enjoy a day on your own without spending much in Beijing –take a bike or motorcycle for rent and move from streets to streets and places to places. You can explore the vast varieties of culture, modern lifestyle and a superior wandering experience. Cycling between Beijing & Hutong is an exclusive enjoyment and a chance to learn a lot.

There are specific activities that you can experience in Beijing and nowhere else in the world –Nowhere else! We all have taken sips of tea, but here in Beijing, you can sip the most superior quality tea made from handpicked fresh leaves, grounded with special tools. You can try more than 150 types of tea. Peking Opera is a traditional Chinese Opera where folktales and stories are acted in its very own way. In Kong Fu Show the monks perform Shaolin Kong fu and Taichi.

Your Beijing Tour can be a free ticket to the world of scrumptious food. The city offers endless  Culinary delights -champions cuisines are lip-smacking. Peking duck and slurp soup are not only delicious but something beyond your expectations. Graze on grasshoppers with nosh noodles is another signature dish of Beijing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beijing Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Beijing?

The subway system of Beijing is safe, modern, punctual and cheap. The fares are from ¥3 to ¥8, and you can get a travel card to avoid being in lines every time you commute. The travel card also offers discounted prices.

Rentable motorbikes and cycles are also available so if you know how to ride it’s easy for you. Personal cabs are easy to get, but they charge a good amount. For cheaper options, you can travel in a motor rickshaw and via bus as well. Buses are the most inexpensive option costing ¥2 per trip and ¥0.8 if you have a travel card.

2) How many days does it take to explore all the fascinations of Beijing?

If your China trip is short, you are recommended to spend at least two days in Beijing but if you have a good couple of days than the seven-day trip is ideal.  

3) Which season of the year is best for the Beijing tours?

September to November the weather situation is perfect for travelers. It is not a rainy season; the temperature is not too hot or cold during these months.

4) Which place of Beijing marks more travelers throughout the year?

Obviously, at the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City. Other places on the list are Beijing Hutong, Palace Museum, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, Beihai Park, Beijing National Stadium, Beijing Capital Museum, and Coal Hill Park.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in Beijing?

Beijing is like a heaven for shopping enthusiasts you can find the most luxurious brand outlets in the city. On the other hand, local markets are more than ordinary. Travelers must visit Silk Street Market, Panjiayuan Flea Market, Beijing Antique City, Tianya Hongqiao Jewellery Market, Baoguosi Culture Market, and Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market.

Visit The Georg, TRB Forbidden City, Country Kitchen and King's Joy for fine dine-in. Middle range restaurant recommendations include Little Dadong, Duck de Chine, Sheng Yong Xing, Siji Minfu and Bellagio. Do not forget to visitJubaoyuan,  Bayi Laoye, Southern Fish, Deyuan Roast Duck, and Haidilao for cost-efficient food.