Hong Kong Tours and Attraction Places

Hong Kong is a perfect example of the cultural fusion of east and west. It's not just an amalgamation but a very positive and artistic blend of ideas in different domains of life. The lifestyle and culture of Hong Kong are modern, but habitats follow traditions, rituals, and religious values as well. The British colonial system, in the past, has influenced the people and helped in crafting a prosperous and meaningful yet very unique culture of the city. That's why most travel enthusiasts recommend Hong Kong tours.

The high altitude skyscrapers add vibrant energy to the city. Hong Kong tours are incomplete without going over the top of these buildings to enjoy a mesmerizing and breathtaking view of the whole city. The coffee shops will serve you well-decorated and super delicious sweet dishes, sidelines with tea, coffee, ice cream, and juices. You can call this experience a modern paradise view. The Arch, Back of China Tower, and Lippo center are beautiful pieces of architecture where the true beauty of artistic skills speaks for its self.

Tian Tan Buddha is a great place to feel tranquillity and peace of soul. It is also known as Giant Buddha. The ancient building of the temple is impressive and surprises visitors. The Lantau island and Lantau River are true wonders of nature. The natural beauty gives a fresh feel and rejuvenates the heart of travelers. At your Hong Kong tour, you can enjoy a cable cart ride and cruise tour as well. The mini ships are full of luxurious facilities and take from one side to another so that you can explore the beauty and spend a great time.

Kids love Hong Kong Disney and Museum of History, and there are hundreds of activities for them. Hong Kong tours become more delightful when a day is spent walking through Macau streets and enjoy your night at Victoria Harbour.

Top 5 reasons to visit Hong Kong

The visa-free policy and hassle-free transportation system makes Hong Kong tours convenient and budget-friendly for travelers.  The city is also known as a shopping paradise. The shopping lovers can satisfy their cravings at Pacific Palace, Harbor City, The Landmark, and IFC mall. These spots are not only WOW for shopping but have great architecture, modern facilities, and best restaurant outlets which serve amazing food all the time.

The local vendors and mega shopping malls will surely win your heart and blow your mind away. For fashion lovers, shopping devotees, souvenir collectors, and related business owners have everything they are looking for in Hong Kong.

Day or Night cruise trip is really full of fun. The cruises are basically mini-hotels that serve great food and let you enjoy the marine area of the city. At night the harbors are lightened up with fancy lights. At special days firecracker shows make the attractions spots more colorful and energetic.

A day trip at Macau will make you live a whole new life. The local buildings painted with bright colors revitalize the senses and give you a feel of wandering in a fancy city from movies. Not only this, the restaurants, shops, streets and everything else are perfectly decorated to fit the environment.

Hiking at Dragon's Back and Lion Rock is more than ideal for nature lovers. Lush green mountains, fresh breezes and the sweet smell of flowers will kiss you and make you feel heavenly. On the other hand, there are enhancing beaches and islands to explore. In warmer months you can double up the fun of your Hong Kong trips by paying a visit to islands of Cheung Chau, Lamma or Lantau. You can take a bath, relax and enjoy the sun, have seafood and other street food, hike and spend quality time around the beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hong Kong Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Hong Kong?

MTR service is quick, convenient, safe and cost effective. The fare starts fromHK$4 to HK$25 depending upon the route. There are 90 stations so you can easily catch one from wherever you are and reach to nearest spot from your desired destination. Smoking, drinking and eating not allowed inside the train, and you can get charged in case of violation.

The 24x7 bus service is also an easy option to travel around the city. It charges little less then MTR trains but takes more time to reach the desired destination. Hong Kong's night buses run after every half hour and cover almost the whole city. So it's like a bonus for solo travelers.

You can also catch a private taxi from a stand or book a cab online. Keep in mind that in Hong Kong, taxis do not stop when there are double yellow lines on the road.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Hong Kong?

If you want to have blasts of fun, excitement and wish to take full advantage of your Hong Kong trip then at least spend 4 to 5 days here. You need one or two days for Macau trip, One or two days for hiking and one day to visit Disney land and ocean park if kids accompany you.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Hong Kong tour?

If you want to enjoy beaches then obviously sunny and warmer season is ideal. From October to December the weather is slightly cool and sunny, it is a pleasant time to visit Hong Kong. Spring season is mostly cloudy, so rain can spoil your plans that's why it is not recommended to pay a visit during May, September, and August.

4) Which place of Hong Kong marks more travelers throughout the year?

Macau, Dragon's Back, Victoria Peak, Lantau Island, Victoria Harbour, Disney land, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping 360 and Po Lin Monastery,

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in Hong Kong?

For Shopping visit Mong Kok and Tung Choi Street. There are separate bird market, ladies market, sneaker market and much more around Mong Kok. The local vendors are selling anything and everything over here.  You can also visit Kowloon Street, Jade Market & Jade Street, and Stanley Market for a budget-friendly shopping experience.

For luxury items and branded stuff, visit IFC Mall, Element Shopping Mall, Pacific Place, and The Landmark Mall.

For the best dining experience, visit Café Gray Deluxe, Tin Lung Heen, Tosca, Amber, Capo, and the Scarlett Cafe.