Harbin Tours and Attraction Places

Harbin is the Ice and Snow City of China. You can have great fun and icy sports activities. The city is well-decorated with multicolored ice lanterns of different shapes and sizes. The intense and creative Chinese Style ice and snow carvings are something very unique and can be seen only here.

Sun Island Scenic Area is a very very amazing place, during the four seasons the same spot will look different. During winters you can see whole island cover with snow, and during summers the same island turns into a sunbath spa. It is located alongside Songhua River, and nearby there are a few more islands. You can get there via cruise or cable cart. You can go skiing and slide over the ice in a tube carry. Every corner of the island is filled with natural beauty.

Siberian Tiger can multiply the excitement and thrill of Harbin Tours. Visit Siberian Tiger Park to meet more than 500 beautiful big cats. They are from purebred and very, very fierce. You can enjoy with little cubs and even grown-up tigers but only from inside of your car. The view is a fascination, and some travelers have also witnessed tigers hunting their prey live during their Harbin Tour. Imagine National Geography scene going in front of your eyes. There are some viewing spots as well and surrounding is simply mesmerizing.

St. Sophia Cathedral is the largest church for Orthodox practices in the Far East. The detailed and typical architecture of the church is something out of the box. The visitors simple stand to a distance and keep watching the building for at least 10 minutes. The details are astonishing and eye-catchy. From here you can go to Dragon Tower, which is another piece of art and values like a pearl for the city. Inside the Dragon Tower, Heilongjiang broadcast and TV tower are located so in case you get a chance to go inside; you can get a glimpse of media activities. It is also the first highest building in Asia and the second highest in the entire world.

The Yabuli Winding Village is a fantastic spot to explore the culture and wandering alongside the streets is a great fun activity. You can explore the unspoken and unmentioned cultural products, decoration charms, the lifestyle of locals and much more. Nearby there is Yabuli International Ski Resort which is a must recommendation of travel enthusiast, and most of the Harbin tours are planned in a way that you can spend a day here.

Top 5 reasons to visit Harbin

Harbin is also known as Eastern Moscow because of tons of artistic architectural buildings.  Russian architecture is the charm of the country, and there are more than 50 WOW buildings. Renaissance Baroque and Eclecticism inspired buildings are like a cherry on top. So the city is best to explore a wide variety of foreign style architecture.

You can meet polar bears, South Pole penguins, dolphins, arctic wolves, arctic foxes, sharks and a wide range of fishes and sea species at Harbin Polarland Theme Park. Here the wolves and fox can run of running machine; penguins can perform for you, dolphins can show you how to be a circus queen.

You can see ice and snow sculptures at Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley. Besides sculptures, you can enjoy a great variety of delicious snacks, attend cultural performances and check around engaging on-going activities like spinning top, skating, ice bicycle, rock-climbing, tire sliding, ice karting, curling stone, dog-sledging, ice bumper cars, snow football, Counter-Strike Cosplay and much more. After spending some time here, you will surely mark your Harbin Tour as the best among all your tours.

The tremendous and extra-ordinary awe-inspiring festivals will make you feel like you are at some other planet. On every street and every corner, something is going on during festive seasons. Snow festival,  Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, and Harbin Ice Lantern Show are highlights of all Harbin Tours during the season.

Snow activities are endless; you can visit China's Snow Town, Ice Palace Restaurant and Ice Bar and Erlongshan Ski Resort to double up the thrill and gratification during Harbin Tours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Harbin Tours

1) What are the best sources of transportation to travel around Harbin?

Subway is the fastest travelling option, Line 1 and Line 3 can take you near to your required destinations. 9 lines + 1 circle Subway network will launch soon, after that, transportation to, from and around Harbin will be much easier.

City-buses are considered ideal for travelling within the city. They can take you to almost all the popular tourist sites. Harbin Tours are preferred much because of easy travelling options. Trolleybuses are another option, but they run only in specific hours.

Taxi fares are not high, so you go for it as well. During late hours it is recommended to travel in a taxi for convenience. There are six Ferry lines in the city as well.

2) How many days does it take to explore all fascinations of Harbin?

Generally, 3 to 5 days are recommended for Harbin tours, but during snow festival season it is worth staying 5 to 7 days.

3) Which season of the year is best for the Harbin tours?

From 5th January till the end of February of every year Snow Festival is arranged for tourists, so the ideal time is to travel during these days.

4) Which place of the Harbin marks more travellers throughout the year?

Almost all the places of Harbin are considered equally important, and travellers pay a visit to each of them one by one. Harbin tours are not like ordinary tours; every attraction offers something totally different.

5) Where are the best places to dine-in and shop in Harbin?

Underground Shopping Mall of Golden Street, Guogeli Dajie, Central Avenue, Harbin No.1 Department Store and Zhongyi Department Store are considered best shopping spots in Harbin.

We recommend people to eat at Ku Lu Li Chinese Restaurant, Elements All Day Dining, Tai Mansion, Ubugema Blaze during their Harbin tours.