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Important things to know about China Vacation in 2019

Just like any other country, China has opened its doors for tourism and has created the perfect vacation spots. Due to its rich culture and vast history, China vacation is the most flavorful experience a person can expect to get.

As China spreads across a great deal of land, it is virtually impossible to see every nook and cranny during your China vacation. That is where Discover China can optimize your China vacation in every way.

The different packages cater to all kinds of perspectives you can hope to gain during your China Vacation. Whether it be a spiritual journey or a fun-filled experience. 

First-time Tour Routes

If it is your first visit to China, your objective being to capture the essence of China during your China vacation, here are some recommendations.

  • A must see attraction is the Great Wall of China. If you visit China and don’t visit the Great Wall of China then you have not experienced China at all. The great Wall represents the resilience of the Chinese people and their history of great struggle throughout history.

  • The hustling bustling city of Shanghai has much to offer on your first visit to China. It is incredible to see that such a young country has achieved every modernity available to mankind and striving for more. Bund, Shanghai offers an exquisite view of the city along the Huangpu Jiang River during the day and an equally interesting view of the cultivated nightlife and the preserved colonial influenced buildings.

  • When visiting China with family and especially with children, Hong kong is a must visit the city during your China vacation. Hong Kong hosts Disneyland in China along with the glittering high-rise buildings and a picturesque skyline. The city of Hong Kong is also the shopping hub of China due to the presence of many brands and malls.

  • For any vacation to be fulfilling, a trip to the purity of nature is absolutely necessary. The lovely city of Guilin offers a completely immersive nature experience. From the mighty mountains covered with sweet Osmanthus trees to the peaceful Li River, the city provides refreshment to the soul and makes your journey truly worthwhile.

Countryside Routes

China has one of the best countrysides in the world, untouched by city pollution, providing a sense of calm and peace needed to relax and unwind from everyday life.

  • For people interested in an athletic experience, China has many biking tours where you can traverse the tranquil countryside by biking and experience the wholesome fresh air of Guilin and Yangzhou following the curvature of Li River. Discover China has many different packages ranging from budget-friendly to extended visits to the countryside.

  • A family-oriented visit to Guilin offers many activities to be enjoyed by your entire family. The visit includes sightseeing, enjoying Gudang cascade climb and exploration of the Crown Caves. The trip also includes rafting on the Li River and a stroll down old Xingping streets.

  • On your explorative China Vacation, a visit to the Longji Rice Terraces area and hiking along its scenic slopes is a very good option. The rice paddies are surrounded by villages inhabited by minority tribes with the ancient cultural heritage of more than six centuries and some very quaint landscapes.

  • Travelers to China also have the option to take a specialized tour to discover the minority cultures with an expert local guide to fully understand the local culture populating one of the biggest countries of the world.

Famous Places To Spend Your Vacations In China

During any vacation trip, some places are more popular than others because of some cultural aspects. China also has some popular attractions which have risen above the others because of their unique features.

  • Forbidden Palace: This ancient city situated in Beijing is one of the most fascinating places in China. The forbidden Palace housed the Imperial royalty for over five centuries and its majesty supports that claim.

  • The Summer Palace: Another remnant of the Imperial Rule, this ancient structure preserves the history in its own symbolic way and also provides an awe-striking view of Beijing.

  • Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding: To visit China and not see its national animal, the adorable pandas, would be a shame. The research base in Chengdu houses pandas in their natural habitat and can be observed up close by tourists and visitors.

  • The Potala Palace, Tibet: This magnificent palace was constructed to house the famous Dalai Lama and for an extended period was the center of religious and political power

  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park: This tourist attraction is relatively new as it opened in 2016 but it features the most amazing landscapes in all of China which has attracted people from all across the globe.

China is a vast country with many sites worth seeing and places waiting to be visited. Book our exclusive tours and start your China vacation, today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Shanghai Tours

1) How much does it cost to vacation in China?
Every trip will be different in what it costs and unique in its own way. It costs a minimum $1000 USD and most of it is the expense of the plane trip which is expensive. But a vacation in China is comparatively more affordable than other places in the world. 

2) What is the nicest city in China?
The nicest city in China is undoubtedly Beijing. With some of the best attractions in the world like ‘The great wall’, ‘The Forbidden City’, ‘The Summer palace’, and ‘The temple of heaven’. Beijing is the capital of China with many well-preserved relics in the world.

3) How much is a 10 day trip to China?
A 10-day memorable private tour to China Beijing Xian and Shanghai would cost you USD $1719. Traveling between Chinese cities can be done for 50 to 100 USD on trains, or for 80 to 300 USD on economy flights.

4) Is Beijing safe for tourists?
As one of the world’s great ancient capitals, with many well-preserved relics, Beijing is a must-see. It is the third most populated city in the world. Beijing is by far the safest city in Asia with a comparatively minimal crime ratio.
5) Does China have a high standard of living?
China does have a high standard of living, particularly in Beijing and Shanghai. In Past, Chinese economy was characterized by poverty and income inequalities because of the very high population but now it has improved and has doubled its per capita income and the economy has risen.