Beijing Night Life – A Colorful Experience for Travel Enthusiasts

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Jun 17 5 min read
Beijing Night Life – A Colorful Experience for Travel Enthusiasts

Beijing has now been in top lists of every travel enthusiasts. It is the pulsating capital of China with tons and tons of amazing places to visit. The activities offered by the city are thrilling, enjoying and much more relaxing.

On the one hand, you can explore the history and visit places like Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China. On the other hand, you can also see modern buildings with most updated and luxurious facilities like the National Centre for Performing Arts, Galaxy Soho, National Stadium and CCTV Headquarters, etc.  A perfect balance of culture, art, history, and development have made Beijing a super enjoying a wondrous and astonishing city for everyone.

Just like the equilibrium of lifestyle, Beijing city has successfully maintained a balance between daytime and nighttime activities. The travelers are not bound to spend nights inside the hotel –they can enjoy every minute of their trip because there is a lot to do at night in Beijing.

Visit Simatai at Night and Feel the Heavenly Pleasure

Most visitors to Great Wall during day time but it's worthy enough to travel to Simatai which is a section of the Great Wall at night. This particular section is only open for night visitors, the view of the Great Wall is so mesmerizing form this spot. You will surely start considering it highly romantic place.

You can also book an overnight stay at lovely Simatai Water Town which is popular for its charming and tranquil environment. A walk on subtly-lit Wall in cold breezes is a very blissful experience.

Book your Tickets for Opera, Aerobics or Kung Fu Show

The shows are specially organized to entertain travellers during night hours. There are shows for other art forms as well but these three are very popular and considered as the dosage of entertainment for people who don’t even know the basics of these art styles.

High-end skills, super performance with a crisp of Chinese style and colourful getups will not let get bored for a single minute.

Book a Taxi for a Long Drive to Enjoy Cityscapes

All the popular buildings are decorated with lights to craft a colourful and extraordinary view of the city. The Chang’an Avenue, Tian’anmen Square, Olympic Park, CCTV tower etc. looks like a Hollywood scene at night.

Other buildings are also lit with red, blue and purple lights and it's worth wandering in Beijing to view these buildings. The luxury nature of the city and modern architecture speaks for itself at midnight.

Chill out at Shichahai Area

Shichahai which is also known as  “Ten Temples Lake” is a must recommended night activity for travelers. Most of the restaurants and café have special midnight deals and discounts. The yellow light lamps and vibrant coloured buildings look very inspiring during night hours.

Just like other popular streets in Beijing, this particular area is well maintained, clean and specially decorated for night view.

Shop at  Chang’an Avenue, Dashilan, The Palace or Wangfujing Street

In case you have limited stay in Beijing you can best avail your every second by managing your tasks smartly. Visit historical places during day time and spend your night being a shopping spree during nights.

Chang’an Avenue, Dashilan, and Wangfujing Street ancient commercial streets where you can find thousands of local brands and hand made products. You can find anything just anything here -from clothes to shoes, electronic products to souvenirs, fashion accessories to home decor items and everything in between. Low product prices simply double up the fun of shopping. On the other hand, The Palace is a mega mall with hundreds’ of popular international brand outlets.

Summing Up –The Beijing tours is all about getting lost in the heavens of your choice. People from every age group can enjoy it here. The nightlife is crazy, safe and very enjoying. You can also catch up night bars, dance clubs and casinos but trust me roaming around the streets is much more fun.

Don’t forget to grab a cup of your favorite tea and delicious street snack in the middle of your night trip!

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