China had been a center of attraction for tourists and explorers as the country is full of historical assets. The centuries-old history and diverse culture can be seen promptly while visiting places like Terracotta Army in Xi`an linking the late third century BCE, Forbidden City in Beijing which was constructed from 1406 to 1420 and the Great Wall of China which was built in 221 B.C.

Along with the Great Wall China, many other places got certified with UNESCO culture and heritage; in fact, the tentative list of such places is too long. When it comes to natural beauty, China is also blessed with scenic landscapes, lakes, mountains, and valleys. The Hunan province is famous for its natural beauty and fantastic weather.

So on one ticket, you can experience and explore everything you have ever wished for. No matter you are traveling for business purposes, honeymoon or just for fun, one place is mandatorily added in the plan; it is the Great Wall of China.

The site is historically significant for China. Also, it is among the seven wonders of the World. Moreover, the Great Wall of China offers a lot of activities and thrill to visitors.

When you reach the wall, you can also enjoy the natural beauty as the wall stretches through mountains, plateau, deserts, and grasslands of China. It is also known as an architectural grandeur and a very productive decision of defense authorities of that time

History of China Great Wall:

Construction of The Great Wall of China doesn't take a few days or months, "China Long Wall" has a very long and exciting history — more than 2,300 years.

It has different sections that were built in various areas of China by different dynasties. The primary motive of its construction was to protect different territorial borders from Mongols and other invaders. Another reason was to make the Silk Road a safe and secure trade route to flourish the economy of the state.

Read more interesting about the history of the great wall  which includes,

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  • ​After the Qin Dynasty
  • During the Ming Dynasty
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  • Wall Building During the Ming Dynasty
  • Mid-17th Century
  • Great Wall China Today

Some of the interesting Facts about Great wall:

Do you know? that the great wall of china is not the only long wall in the world, there is a wall in Pakistan which is as long or almost the length of the Great Wall of China but it is not much popular. It is said that Aryans constructed the wall in Pakistan. Similar kinds of walls are also found in other countries but they are not that much longer.

How old is the great wall of China?

A bookish approach says that the Great Wall of China is roughly over 2,300 years old with the very first wall having been put up in 221 BCE during the period of the Qin Dynasty.

Best Time to Visit the Great Wall:

You can visit the Great Wall of China throughout the year but it is not recommended to visit it in summers. The scorching sun spoils the tour and hiking is a bit difficult as people feel more exhausted. Also, the sites as heavily crowded with local travellers.

Length of Great Wall China:

According to Wikipedia and UNESCO official site, the length of the Great Wall of China is 21.19618 million miles long. Converting to kilometres it is 21,196 Km. Whereas in 2012 China's State Administration of Cultural Relics announced that its length is 13,170 miles.

What is the Width of China Wall?

The average calculated width is 4 to 5 meters (13 to 16 feet). As the wall is very long and passes through different landforms, the nature of geographical locations through different sections the height and width of the wall also differ from section to section.

The wall itself on the top usually measures an average of 0.4-0.5 meters (1.3-1.6 feet) thick.

Great Wall Hiking:

It is recommended to book a guide and a tour operator to make arrangements for hiking, trekking, walking and camping to the Great Wall of China. It seems that visitors travelling on their own can easily reach the sections open for tourists and buy a pass. But in actual it is not that easy, the hiking of some sections is very complicated and inexperienced people can meet through big troubles if they are travelling on their own.

Can visitors go to all the sections of the Great Wall of China?

Not all sections are not open to foreign travelers. Some of the sections are not safe to visit as the walls are in very poor condition. Some sections had already vanished and some sections are located in the mid of native towns so you cannot visit them.

Is there a pass to visit the Great Wall of China?

Yes, you have to pay to get the pass. Usually, when you book a guide or tour group the charges of the pass are included in the package.

Do the visitors need to pre-book their passes?

It is not mandatory to pre-book your passes but it is recommended to pre-book your passes to avoid any hassle and long waits.

Are the cable cars at the Great Wall of China expensive?

Yes! They are expensive, that’s why most of the visitors don`t book a cable car and prefer to walk.

Is it safe to go with a child?

All sections are not ideal to visit with children or disable peoples.  A brief description of popular sections as mentioned above under the heading of Great Wall Hiking.

Is the Great Wall of China a haunted place?

Many people have constructed false stories regarding paranormal activities at some locations. But most of the visitors have experienced no such activities at the Great Wall of China. So we can count those stories untrue.

Did the Great wall of China work?

As the current defense condition of China doesn’t require a protect its northern borders so the wall is only serving the purpose of an emblem.

In the past, it successfully stopped many invasions and secured the silk road trade route as well. But the strategy didn’t work out when Genghis Khan and Manchus attacked China.

Visibility from Space: Great Wall China

Technically NO, it is not visible from space. It is just a myth that it is visible from space or moon. Read Here