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4 Hot Summer Destinations to Visit in China

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From being the fastest growing economy in the world to being a country with one of the highest altitudes and temperature differences, China is remarkable! It has the world’s highest peak which it shares with Nepal, The Mount Everest that stands at 8.8 kilo meters. 

China also holds the second largest canyon in the world. The Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon, which stands in Tibet is the deepest canyon in the world. It extends between the Himalayan summits for about 300 miles and stands up tall at about 19,000 feet! 

We have all heard of the Yellow River from history of China’s civilization. It is the second longest river in China and has changed its course about 26 times over the years. It has a much more cultural significance though and is known as the “Mother River” because of its prehistoric significance. 

Below are a four hot destinations to visit if you are planning to visit China during the summers. 

The Yellow Mountains 

These mountains are all about the sunrises and the seas of the clouds you can experience at the peak. They are famous for their mystical appeal and have been labelled the most beautiful mountains in China.

Yellow Mountains

The cherry on top when visiting are the spectacular sunsets you can get to experience and the fact that these mountains entail the Four Natural Wonders: The Peculiar Pines, Oddly-shaped rocks, Seas of Clouds, and Hot Springs; makes it even more enticing to explore while in China. 

The Li River and Yangshuo 

Surrounded by the famous Karst Hills, this spot has been inspired by artists, poets, and ink painters. It has been rated by various Western medium such as National Geographic and CNN under Top 10 Watery Wonders and 15 Best Rivers for Travelers respectively

Li River and Yangshuo

Locals claim that this is the place they think of when they seek peace and serenity. Bamboo rafts are available in case one wants to go around the river. 


Hangzhou is a city in China known for its photogenic orientation. Marco Polo, in the 13th Century, described Hangzhou as The City of Heaven. West Lake is one of Hangzhou’s most famous and beautiful sights where each season brings in a different experience that has a long-lasting effect. 


West Lake, paths decorated with flower blossoms, and ancient buildings all together bring about an experience like none other. 

Zhangye – Danxia Landscape 

The Danxia Landscape is famous for its Rainbow Mountains due to its spectacular shades of color. In Mandarin, Danxia means “red, red clouds”. The vivid colors and the beautiful landscape make it an attractive spot for tourists and photographers.

Zhangye – Danxia Landscape

The mountain formations are hundreds of meters high, multi-layered, and brilliant hues. During the daytime, the rays of the sun accentuate the curves and the different colors of the mountains. Many tourists have described the scenery as an oil painting when talking about their surreal experience. 

Experience China holistically this summer and discover its beauty. Join us so we can take you on an experience you will never forget! 

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