Customize Your China Tour: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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Barsbold Baatarsuren May 18 min read
Customize Your China Tour: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

In the Middle Kingdom, only a few countries possess a wide variety of experiences. Among the list, China is one. China, without any pinch of doubt, is an amazing country, which should be visited by every travel lovers.

Widely known as the People's Republic of China, the country is extremely safe even for women walking alone at the time from dusk to dawn. Compared with other places in the world, travel in China is affordable. From meals to plane tickets, the cost is cheap.

Interestingly, it has the world's largest population, making it the most populous nation in the world. Since it is densely populated, it allows plenty of people to meet. Chinese people are quite friendly. They will love to interact with you and other foreigners and take pictures with you. You can meet some amazing people and hear many fascinating life stories.

Which part of China is worth going?

Where in China should you go? What are the places deserve your attention? These are some important questions you need to know before arriving at this place.

The most popular destination in China in Xi'an, which particularly attracts tourists on their first trip to the country.

And, if you want to experience calm, natural beauty, then head as far west as you can get. Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, and Gansu are all heavens for nature lovers. These are some of the most densely populated places on Earth that will surprise you.

For completely still landscape, go and visit the Karakoram Highway. It connects Pakistan and China. There are very few people ever on this road, and it's not fully traversable for about twice a year due to severe weather conditions and extreme altitudes.

For precarious mountains, transparent streams, dense woodlands, AND large karst caves visit Zhangjiajie. This place is famous for its natural beauty and offers countless adventurous activities.

Among the loveliest mountains in the world, Mount Huangshan, also known as Mount Yellow, is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for people traveling to China. This 1,863-meter mountain is famous for its strangely shaped pines, magnificent stone formations, hot springtime and seas of murky and dreary clouds. A brief trip to this place can provide you a mountain of feeling.

In your China tour, high-speed rail can bring you some new convenient and comfortable options. Suzhou and Hangzhou are the places where you can revel in ancient culture, gardens, and water towns. The traditional gardens are quiet and inspirational places for spending some relaxing time far away from busy city life.

Lastly, while you are in this amazing country, make sure you pay a visit to Yunnan. In China, Yunnan is one of the lesser known, but most stunning places to visit.

A few tips to keep in mind before traveling to China:

  • If you have already made your mind up for traveling to China, you should learn a few phrases of mandarin.  Even learning the basics phrases will help you a lot.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to tour the "city wall" in Xi'an. Roaming around you will be surprised when the haze lifted and the terra-cotta warriors, which are a must-see in Xi'an!
  • When climbing the great wall, be careful as it can be steep in places, but well worth the climb! Packed with locals and tourists, this place asks you to be prepared for bumping and jostling.
  • In China, crossing a busy street can be a challenge as bicyclists and cars pay very little to street pedestrians. Beware crossing the streets, even in the presence of traffic police.
  • Purchasing a "Rolex" can be amusing, and economical, but, they may not (or may) work after a day or two.
  • Never say 'NO' to the opportunity to use a "western-style" toilet. In China, they are rare. Also, carry a small packet of tissues with you whenever you go out.

Steps to get yourself ready for a trip to China:

  1. Bring your necessary documents to travel to China.
  2. Don't forget to carry your passport whenever you step out of your house.
  3. Bring all the medications you may need on your trip as well.
  4. Bring clothes according to the season.
  5. Dress the part.

And, above all, enjoy the experience!


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