5 Best Museums Of China– A Gateway to Learning and Amusement

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Jun 30 5 min read
5 Best Museums Of China– A Gateway to Learning and Amusement

The world is changing and evolving day by day. The history of China is progressing. Without authentic evidence, no one knows about the unique life and culture during the past 5000 years of China. Every museum in China is a hereditary treasure protecting Chinese civilization. The museums connect us to the past, present and the future. Remnants of museums are the best evidence to tell us about the history of China which are discussed below

1. National Museum of China – the largest world-renowned treasury

National Museum of China is the largest museum of the single building area in China. It’s the third most visited museum in the world. It was built in August 1959. Although it does not get as much attention it deserves, the National Museum of China holds plenty of long-lasting theme demonstrations, like Ancient Chinese Buddhist Sculpture and Ancient Chinese Bronze Art. It’s full of fascinating artifacts from thousands of years ago. 

2. Shanghai Museum – World class modern museum

Shanghai Museum is located centrally in peoples square. It is known as the most contemporary museum in the mainland. It is basically recognized for its vast collection of pottery and porcelain and bronze pieces. There are more than a few hundreds of porcelain bowls on exhibition while each showcasing of how porcelain art advanced during the ages. The museum has a total of eleven galleries and three exhibition halls spreading over four floors. Its amusing and first-class collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, paintings, and calligraphy is particularly celebrated in the world

3. Hunan Museum – Fine arts of ancient culture

The Hunan Museum is the provincial museum of Hunan, China. It was constructed in 1951. It is located in the provincial capital Changsha at No. 50, Dongfeng Lu subsequent to the Revolutionary Martyr's Park. It is the major historical museum of fine arts of Hunan expressing ancient culture. It has a collection of over one hundred and eighty thousand vestiges. the museum has assembled together approximately all the fine works excavated in different parts of Hunan Province. According to several textures, the cultural relics in Hunan Provincial Museum can be arranged into the following kinds: bronze, silk paintings and books, lacquers, textiles, ceramics, paintings and calligraphy.

4. Terracotta Army Museum – Tomb of the first emperor

The terracotta army museum was just a minor part of the catacomb of the Qin Dynasty's first emperor. His catacomb was acknowledged for its sheer magnificent size. You can get a sense of the scale by seeing the relatively small mined area with the army of statues and by seeing some of the treasures that are on exhibition. This is one of China's most eminent attractions and always ranks high in foreign tourists' list of appreciations.

5. Potala Palace – Postern to Tibetan culture religion

The Potala Palace was once the palace and temple headquarters of the religious and imperial leader of the Tibetan Kingdom. Travellers enjoy the scenery around the gigantic palace. It is also known as the ancient palace of a large rival empire. It is known as a world wonder because of its size. The 13-stories-high palace has over 1,000 rooms, and it covers over 13 hectares (32 acres).  It makes it very hard for some people to tour because of its high altitude of 3,750 meters (12,300 feet) above sea level. This magnificent place also has the respect of being the highest ancient palace in the world.  

The construction of the Potala Palace is divided into two portions: The Red Palace and the White Palace. The gorgeous frescoes inside the palace are not only beautiful, but they also tell a story of Tibet. The golden roof group on the top of the Red Palace is worth viewing. 

To see the Potala Palace from far away is the finest way to enjoy the view of this remarkable building. It is definitely worth visiting.


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