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Thing Not To Pack When You Are Travelling To China

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Jun 21 5 min read
Thing Not To Pack When You Are Travelling To China

People who haven’t traveled to China know very little about it. There are several misconceptions popular about China which let travelers think that they need a lot of stuff which is actually useless during their trip. 

Extra baggage and unnecessary products only occupy your mind and you cannot fully enjoy your trip. You have to pay for extra luggage and to make space for useless products you have to leave essential things at your home. During your journey, you have to spend a good amount to buy things and you have to go through a lot of hassle too. 
So here is a small list of things you should not carry when traveling to China.

Too many clothes

Trust me the concept that China people only ear traditional clothes is bogus. They wear pants and a shirt most of the time just like people from western countries. In China the fashion and clothing products are cheap. You can easily find tons of amazing designs at affordable prices. 

So there is no need of carrying so many shirts and pants when you can easily buy them from local vendors. In case you are fond of wearing branded clothes –no worries because all famous brand outlets are also located in China and you can also order products online.

Accessories like a hat, belt, hand purse

Just like clothing items all the fashion accessories are easily available in local bazaars and streets. At every popular tourist spot you will find street stalls and from pin to everything else is available there. So why to carry extra stuff from your homeland. 

Secondly, you will find the latest fashion and styles in wearable, jeweler and footwear, purses, etc.

Extra medicines

Keep your daily use medicines only. The idea of carrying too many pain killers, stomach, cough, and cold medicines is not worth it. The local medicines are prepared as per the environmental needs of the area so the locally made medicines will solve your problems ten times faster.

In China, you can find free medical camps for travelers where well-trained doctors are at your service all the time. There is a trend of trying local remedies for such health conditions –trust me they work. The herbal products are effective, do not make you feel lazy and are light for the stomach as well. As you are here to explore China so try these remedies too.

Toilet Papers

When I traveled to China I saw many people carrying rolls of toilet paper as they believed that most toilets in China do not have tissue papers. When I Googled this information, many sites were actually saying that. But in actual there the situation is much favorable for foreigners. 

You can find tissue papers everywhere and you really don’t have to worry about it.

SIM cards

You don’t need an ID card to buy a SIM in China. For travelers, they have temporary connections that work for 60 to 70 days. You can buy the SIM from convenience stores, newspaper stands, book stores, train stations, and airports. Call and internet packages are also inexpensive here.

Bag packs, Wallets, Travel Bags

A good quality, stylish bag pack will cost you 15$-20$. Wallets are available at 5$ -20$ and luggage bags will cost only 40$ -60$. So why to buy from your homeland? If you are shopaholics and know that you will buy a lot of stuff in China so the simplest way is to fill all the stuff in the plastic carton box. Or buy a suitcase from China. 

Headphone, Speaker, and Other Mobile Accessories

At every corner on the street, there is a mobile shop. All these shops have huge varieties of mobile accessories, speakers, headphones, power banks, chargers, adapters, etc.  These products will cost 5$ to  25$ and their quality is equal to the one you buy at 35$ to 50$ from your country. 

Most of the products available in your country are actually China made and along with the cost of the product, you pay export tax and shipment price as well. It is smart to buy these products from China to save money. 

Nail Paints

Nail paints are too cheap in China. You can buy them at just 0.5$. The whole packet of 24 shades will cost only 10$. So there is no need to spend 3$ to 5$ which you actually do in your homeland for a single bottle. 

Hopefully, you will find this article useful when you are traveling to China. Don’t forget to give your reviews about the article. 


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