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Shenyang is northeast China’s largest city with over 2,000 years of history represented by the Shenyang Imperial Palace. It is surrounded by impressive natural landscapes including the famous Strange Slope where walkers, cyclists, and car drivers seem to experience a reversal of gravity as they climb the hill. It has also modernized in recent years, making it a fantastic city for nightlife and dining.

Tours and activities in Shenyang

With so much to see and do in Shenyang, you should think about booking an organized tour or using a local guide who will be able to help you book shows and attractions as well as point out the best places to try local cuisine.

We have plenty of tours offers to choose from, or feel free to contact us to discuss specific requirements.

Best time to visit

Shenyang has a temperate climate and experiences monsoons all year round. January is coolest while July is the warmest, so your choice of when to visit depends on what you are looking for. Summer is warm, and the city is in full bloom, with plants and flowers all around. However, in winter, the city is a wonderland, and you have the opportunity to visit the Ice & Snow Festival which is an incredible sight.

Top Attractions in Shenyang

Shenyang is an ideal city for hiking enthusiasts, shopping and nature lovers. It offers dozens of creative activities with a bloom of China`s hundred years ago history. 

Shenyang Imperial Palace
1. Shenyang Imperial Palace
Landmarks and icons

Without a doubt the most important landmark in the city, the Shenyang Imperial Palace is second only to the Forbidden City in terms of preserved royal palaces. It covers an area of over 60,000 meters and includes a number of different Halls and other buildings, as well as being home to many cultural and historical artifacts. It was listed as a World Heritage Site in 2004.

Shenyang museum
2. Shenyang museum
Museums, galleries and exhibitions

There are plenty of museums in Shenyang. The 9.18 Museum commemorates the Japanese invasion of the city in 1938 and contains thousands of images, videos and other exhibits relating to the ruthless 14-year-rule by the Japanese.

The Museum of Zhang Xuelian Former Residence
3. The Museum of Zhang Xuelian Former Residence
Museums, galleries and exhibitions

The Museum of Zhang Xuelian Former Residence commemorates a patriot who led the battle against the Japanese invasion and is the preservation of his former home, including a schoolroom, garden and drawing room.

Steam Engine Exhibition Centre
4. Steam Engine Exhibition Centre
Museums, galleries and exhibitions

If time allows, you could also schedule in a visit to the Steam Engine Exhibition Centre and Liaoning Provincial Museum.

The Qipanshan Scenic Area
5. The Qipanshan Scenic Area
Nature, parks and outdoors

The Qipanshan Scenic Area is made up of three large hills and a stunning lake. An incredible natural attraction, it is even more beautiful in winter, when the Shenyang International Ice & Snow Festival takes place.


The Strange Slope
6. The Strange Slope
Nature, parks and outdoors

The Strange Slope is a must-see on your visit. A natural wonder, cars that stop at the foot of the slope will roll to the top of the hill. Riding a bike, if you stop pedaling you’ll roll gradually to the summit, while you’ll have to exert energy to get back down again. Scientists still debate the reason for this weird phenomenon, with theories ranging from magnetic fields to an optical illusion – but it has to be experienced to be believed.

The Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park
7. The Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park
Things to do with kids

The Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park and Glacier Zoological Paradise may be a mouthful, but it’s also a great place for the kids. Sometimes known as “Indoor Disney,” it contains Children’s World, with multiple rides and a 4-D theatre.

Glacier Zoological Paradise
8. Glacier Zoological Paradise
Things to do with kids

The Shenyang Xinglong Indoor Park and Glacier Zoological Paradise may be a mouthful but it’s also a great place for the kids. Sometimes known as “Indoor Disney,” it contains Children’s World, with multiple rides and a 4-D theatre.

The Zoological Paradise includes rare animals like pandas, Asian elephants, and leopards, with animal performances and amusement park rides like rollercoasters.


Zhong Jie
9. Zhong Jie
Leisure and shopping

Zhong Jie is the longest pedestrian street and, at 396 years old, one of the oldest. Here you’ll find shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Nanhu Park
10. Nanhu Park
Sports and leisure

Nanhu Park is a fantastic shopping area for picking up local items like paintings, porcelains, and items made of jade.

The Shenyang International Ice & Snow Festival
11. The Shenyang International Ice & Snow Festival
Regular festivals and celebrations

The Shenyang International Ice & Snow Festival runs every year between December and February in the Qipanshan Scenic Area. With everything from ice and snow sculptures and an entertainment area filled with sports to an Alpine skiing area, the festival attracts millions of visitors from around the world and is something to behold.

Getting here and getting around

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is one of the biggest transportation hubs in northeast China serving flights from many domestic and international cities. It is regularly used for connections to and from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Hong Kong, as well as Japanese cities like Osaka, Tokyo, and Seoul.

There are two railway stations in Shenyang which travel across and out of the city to many destinations in mainland China. Long-distance buses travel to hundreds of destinations, making Shenyang an important travel hub.

City buses criss-cross the city, with most fares being around ¥1, making it a cheap and efficient mode of transport. There are also two subway lines currently open allowing fast travel across the city. More than 19,000 taxis serve the city, including both air-conditioned and non-airconditioned models. Flag down rates start at ¥8 for day time and ¥9 at night.

Eating and drinking

Shenyang cuisine is a mix of Manchu and Muslim dishes. Specialties include Bairou (tender pork sausage) and Xuechang (boiled pig intestine with pig blood and a variety of flavorings). You can also try the 160-year-old recipe of Laobian Dumplings.

The Man-Han Banquet is an incredible feast that was once made up of 108 meals and now generally consists of around 32 dishes including monkey brain, egg tart, bear claw with sturgeon and Peking Duck. If you’re adventurous enough, one of the few places you can still try it is Lumingchan restaurant in the Heping district.

Liangui Xunrou Dabing is a great restaurant for local snacks while Majia Shaomai Guan is the city’s most famous and renowned Muslim snack shop – try the Shaomai, dumpling shaped like the peony flower.

Getting a good night's sleep

One of the highest rated hotels in Shenyang is Somerset Heping Shenyang. With beautiful, spacious rooms with large flat-screen TVs and dining areas, it also has sauna and steam rooms, hot tubs, a games room, and gym. The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, and you can also get light snacks in the lounge.

For a well-located mid-price stay, try the Ramada Plaza Shenyang CityCenter. Modern soundproofed rooms with a choice of computer facilities, 2 restaurants, and room service make this a great choice for travelers for business or sightseeing.

A fantastic budget option is Haitian Express Apartment Shenyang. In the middle of Da Dong, an excellent area for travelers, this budget hotel is decked out with quirky rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen area, and a comfortable seating area, this is a great place for meeting fellow travelers.