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5 Tips For Your First China Travel Visit

Barsbold Baatarsuren
Barsbold Baatarsuren Mar 19 min read
5 Tips For Your First China Travel Visit

The city of Landscape has become the biggest tourist attraction. Since it opened its doors for rapid growth and improvement people from across the world are frequently paying a visit to China. The city is famous for its unique culture, natural pictorial beauty, and mouthwatering delicious foods.

Just to save your time and to boost up your confidence we decided to pin down some of the necessary tips that could help you in settling down in the first place, rather being uncomfortable or embarrassed at the moment. We want you to create more memories than creating awkward moments.

Have a glance on our suggested tips and don’t let others decide your dos and don’ts, build your own boundaries of comfort and just focus more on the fun side instead of being stressed over little things. 

Avoid in-taking tap water

In all the fun and excitement don’t forget that health is important too. Avoid consuming things that could create a mess in your hours of joy. It is has been observed that the tap water is not good enough to be intake especially when you’re a foreigner. People often face health issues after consuming tap water so it is better to purchase water bottles, to keep the journey in a safe tunnel. Though the market price of water bottles is not very expensive it is relatively cheap and friendly in the pocket

Don’t be a quick purchaser

Being a first-time visitor people usually don’t know about the actual price range, due to having zero knowledge about market rates vendors play the fool game and sell things on double prices. But don’t worry; we won’t let you be the part of that fooling game. 

Besides of that chain branded stores and boutiques, feel free to show your negotiating skills. Just don’t let the vendors hoodwink you with marked prices. No, it’s not a fixed price! The outside vends doesn’t rely on fixed prices it could be negotiated so before being a victim, use your bent and let the prices descend. Don’t be too speedy while purchasing, don’t let them take your first time experience as for granted.

Carry your own toiletries 

Ok, this might sound weird but it’s better to be pro than to be embarrassed. One of the odd or you can say a strange thing about China is that most of the Chinese toilets do not afford toilet paper. Hotels and even best of their eateries sometimes do not have its availability; 

Just like toilet paper are a kind of luxury in China that is hard to find, so the hand soap is, in several Chinese bathrooms you may not find a hand soap either like it’s a kind of gold -expected to be found in rare cases. It’s always better to carry your own toiletries to keep your hygiene factor up to the point. Be it toilet paper, sanitizer or any other necessary item. 

Be ready for surprises

The locals of China have extremely loving and friendly nature.  Chinese love to click photographs –don’t be a surprise or try to act cool. It is the fact that the Chinese always give a warm welcome to their guests and like to accompany random people with gossips and clicks. If you find someone is trying to be gracious with you don’t think you are being trapped, it is just their way of showing love and respect. 

So, when you catch someone clicking your freaky photos don’t over-react or feel prickly. In fact, the chances are, you might get some new friends with a different culture that can make your journey more joyful.

The sooner, the better! 

If you are not punctual then you might end up being in trouble. Punctuality is the key that one should never forget to carry while coming to China. The modernized country has a very outstanding network of transportation, whether you consider the high-speed G-Trains that can facilitate you transversely within the little time of span or you choose to take local buses, you have to be on the required time to avail the transportation facility. Although transportation rates are tremendously inexpensive, it is just your time that is precious.

Now, pack your bag right now and let go all of the fears of experiencing new things. Keep our suggestions on your fingertips and explore the city of adventures and beauty.

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