How To Reach The Great Wall Of China from Beijing? (Travel Guide)

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How To Reach The Great Wall Of China from Beijing? (Travel Guide)

The great wall of China stands first under the new seven wonders of the world. If you ever visit China either for the business purpose or for pure traveling, your tour could not be completed without visiting the great wall of China. It is the longest man-made construction that absorbs the charisma of its surrounding beauty as well. And in most parts of the world, the great wall of China is commonly called the Beijing great wall.

great wall

Historical Value Of The Beijing Great Wall:

The Beijing great wall is an ancient sequel of walls and fortresses, spreading in excess of 13,000 miles long, situated in northern China. It is the most recognizable symbol of China and holds some historical background

Originally the Beijing great wall was built by Emperor Qin Shi Huang in third century B.C. for the purpose of securing the country from the invaders. 

The famous and best-preserved section of the wall was built from the 14th century to the 17th century. 

The most recent measurement of man-made constructed Beijing great wall is 21,196 kilometers which is so incredible in length. And truly deserved to be part of the wonders of the world.

The wall not only prevents China from invaders to enter the country but it also functions as an influential symbol of Chinese civilization’s strength. 

Interesting Facts About The Beijing Great Wall:

Before guiding your tour to the Beijing great wall let’s intensify your interest by providing you some amazing facts about the great wall. 

  • The Beijing great wall is the longest wall on earth.

  • The Chinese name of the Beijing great wall is “Changcheng”

  • This great wall crosses nine provinces of Northern China. 

  • The full length of the great wall is equivalent to half of the length of the equator.

  • Approximately 10 million people visit the great wall every year. 

  • The glutinous rice was used to assemble bricks and stones. 

  • Before the great wall got it’s the official name in the 19th century, it was initially known as “barrier” 

  • Around 800,000 people took part in the construction of the wall.

  • The wall is one of the most costly constructions in the world.

  • It will take around 18 months to walk across the Beijing Great Wall.

Beijing Great Wall Travel Guide:

It will be so convenient to access the great wall If you are in Beijing. It has four main options to visit the great wall. 

1) Badaling:

It is approximately 75 kilometers from Beijing and almost takes 1.5 hours’ drive to reach. 

You will find lots of people trying to sell you day tours to Badaling, but take your own transport and enjoy the fun of China travels by yourself is the better option.

badaling great wall

Badaling is one of the most preserved sections of the wall. It takes $6 only to enter. There are 4 kilometers of the wall to explore for the tourists

By Bus: You can enjoy the public bus route only in $2 and takes less than 2 hours From the Jishuitan subway station.

A tip for you is, always go early in the morning and remember the last bus which leaves around 12:30 p.m. from Beijing to Badaling. And from Badaling to Beijing the last bus leaves around 04:30 p.m. 

By Train: It is relatively a convenient option to take 1 5 hours a train from Beijing Huangtudian station with an easy time schedule. It starts at 06:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. 

2) Juyongguan:

It is approximately 60 kilometers away from Beijing and about 1.5 hours’ drive. Juyongguan is much least rush place as compare to Badaling, this is usually chosen by those who love hiking. Their rugged mountains are very impressive and appeal to hikers.

Juyongguan great wall

From Badaling it is accessible and just 15 kilometers distant. You can easily take the public bus or even a taxi in less than $10. 

3) Mutianyu:

It is approximately 95 kilometers from Beijing and about 2 hours drive. 

It is the second most popular place when visiting the great wall. Compare to Badaling, which is slightly better preserved and much easier to access whereas Mutiyanu is a little trickier to get to, that is the reason why fewer people choose this place of the great wall. 

But it is well equipped with tourist restaurants and cable cars. 

Mutianyu great wall

By Bus: It inky takes 1 hour from Dongzhimen Bus Station. From Mutiyanu roundabout you have to walk around 459 meters to the ticket office of the scenic area.

4) Jinshanling:

It is approximately 149 kilometers from Beijing and about 2.5 hours’ drive. This place is more rugged and steeper and it is less developed as well. 

To reach there you may take subway lines to Wangjing West Station. Then take the tourist bus, directly to your destination. The bus schedule is 08:00 a.m. departure and arrival are 04 00 p.m.

Jinshanling great wall

It is very important to note that for renovating purpose, Junshanling is closed for the tourists since June 2017. So tourist prefers to choose another section as an alternate. 

Some tips:

  • Avoid visiting Beijing great wall during the Chinese holidays. Your dream of visiting a great wall will turn into a nightmare. 

  • The crowd loves to visit during weekends. Their high season is May to August. 

Beijing’s great wall is the must place to visit. I hope our travel guide will help you with your traveling. So when will you plan your visit to Beijing great wall?

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