Three Things You Should Take Notes Of- For Your Three Days Beijing Tour

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Three Things You Should Take Notes Of- For Your Three Days Beijing Tour

Well, three days could be very less to collect sheering memories and experience the best of Beijing, but to make our fellows’ Beijing tour perfectly blissful, here we are suggesting some tips to fit in your tour accurately with the pleasing tea sips and countless reminiscences, just get ready to take notes in sequence to have managed and planned tour, so you can sight every other charm of Beijing.

Once you enter the Beijing you will feel the rhythm tic breezes soothing with the extreme gentleness, the fresh crisp of air with no pollution will blow up your soul surprisingly.

The muted colors of the sky and the obscure shine of the sun make the attractions of Beijing more appealing. Touring in Beijing is a fortunate opportunity to sight the matchless acts of enduring human creativity and various hearts capturing a glimpse of nature, at a time.

Cultural Activities

There are few of the activities that are being performed in Beijing since ages and are specifically associated with the culture of China.

  • Tea ceremony

It is a famous saying in China “your Beijing tour is not completed if one has not tried the traditional cuppa”. Beijing has a flourishing market with a variety of tea where you can fill up on all the oolong you can hold. Just grab your seat and take heed of all tea mates, marking their evenings with gossips and laughter.

  • Acrobatics

Experience the talent to shimmy up a piece of bamboo may plan one for living as a scaffolder, sight the stunts of juggling huge flowerpots with feet! As well as you will also discover the unique and daring skills of small kids twisting themselves partially into a pipe, there are plenty of odd deeds of skill and equilibrium which one of Beijing's four theatres presents in every night acrobatic performances. Just gear up your thrilling strength and witness the best of all.

  • Kite flying

Beijing surely seems like an ideal place for oldies and youth, you will witness old folks taking pleasure in the environment of Beijing- playing mahjong at a table placed under a peaceful shade of nature, while some of them are enjoying their fullest in kite flying competition, particularly on blustery days the blue over the city is interspersed with colorful kites as people strike every fragment of open view and overpass top watching up to make the surrounding joyful.

Don’t miss out the traditional food

However, we all have tasted the Chinese food in some of the five-star restaurants or famous cuisines but trying the real taste at the country from where it is adapted is a totally different experience. The actual Chinese food is omnipresent right through the world. If truth to be said, the taste we tried in other countries is actually the customized taste, everyone has adapted according to their culture, if we talk in boundaries of trust, then I have all the audacity to say that the authentic Chinese food is something you would die for, it will never disappoint your taste buds.

Every meal is a rich selection presented with different scrumptious sauces and spices. Meals in Beijing are prepared with multiple yet tasteful combo of vegetables, You can always count on black Chinese mushrooms to bok-choy and Chinese broccoli in the specific traditional meals of Beijing. If you want to discover more unique taste then must go for the famous fried yam as well.

Another underlined specialty of Chinese food is, getting your hands on the dinner table of the famous Quanjade Roast Duck restaurant, where you will be served with fresh roast duck. Baked duck is a Chinese flimsiness that has traditionally been salted away for royal leaders, and at the present time, the restaurant is following the traditions and serving the roasted ducks, cooked with the traditional recipe.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Now, this is the most hidden and unknown thing for the travelers, meanwhile, in a Beijing tour, people usually miss out to give a try to the traditional Chinese medicine due to zero knowledge of it.

The highly interesting part of traveling to Beijing, China falls in learning about their traditional Chinese medicine. TCM has been practiced in China for since ages and still, it considers being a very general practice in many Chinese domestics.

While in your learning process you will discover that Tigers and bears are regarded as to have a compelling medicinal persona. If put together, animal treatments compose for 8% of Traditional Chinese Medicine ingredients, the rest 91% of ingredients are consumed from plants and less than 1% is utilized from minerals.

The treatments are also embraced with some of the special medicinal teas and medicine sacks that are supposed to avoid diverse diseases. There are some TCM soups or other edible items as well that are prepared from different herbs and can be found at local Chinese restaurants easily.  

The medicinal food items are not meant to only cure the wounds of diseases; these could be intake to maintain the health and to boost up the energy.

We just summarized all of the important things to make your short trip as pleasant as possible. All you need is to pin down the tips before heading for the Beijing tour.

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