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How to Reach Guilin from Shanghai? (Travel Guide)

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Jan 09 5 min read
How to Reach Guilin from Shanghai? (Travel Guide)

Shanghai and Guilin are two of the most beautiful cities in China. One of both cities is famous for its well developed and well-maintained visiting spots and other city is famous for incredible natural beauty and they both are the attraction for the tourist. They are 1,277 kilometres distant from each other. But both of the cities are culturally and historically enriched. 

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Shanghai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities of China with a population of over 25 million people. Shanghai is a city of business, glamour, and prosperity. 

This is not all, this fast track city does not only have a charm of business and career but Shanghai also has the depth of culture and tradition which can easily be found in its architect, food, and art. 

Famous Places Of Shanghai:

Several places in Shanghai are must go. So let us help you to uncover tourist most appealing sightseeing destinations. 

The Bund:

The Bund is famous among the tourist. The place preserved the European style and structure in the architecture of buildings that are now serving as restaurants, stores, boutiques, and offices.

the bund shanghai

Its colonial architecture appeals to all kinds of visitors who come to Shanghai. 

Yu Garden:

The splendid Yu Garden is situated in the north of the old town in 1559, also known as the garden of happiness, it is the considerable architecture covers the area of 20,000 square meters. 

Its enormous historical significance is the synthetic rocks in some portion of the garden, the only work of the master garden designer Zhang Nanyang that has been maintained. 

Yu Garden

The Shanghai Museum:

Shanghai Museum is one of the attraction which present classical Chinese art. the museum's four floors include outstanding presentations of bronzes and ceramics from prehistoric cultures to the 19th century, ink drawings, calligraphy, and seals, as well as huge varieties of art from ethnic minorities. It's also home to vast assortments of jade, coins, furnishings from the Ming and Qing periods from 1368 to 1912, and a well-preserved souvenir shop. 

shanghai museum

The Oriental Pearl Tower:

A must-visit place while you are staying in Shanghai. This Pearl tower is the 468-meter-tall Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower in Pudong-Park on the east bank of the Huangpu River. It is a wonderful sight over the busy river and the new city. Other brings out to contain a shopping mall, the Space Hotel offering rooms with stunning views, and a fun virtual reality rollercoaster ride. Even if you can't make it up the tower, you will admire viewing it at night when the whole area is light up as part of an impressive light show.

the oriental pearl tower

Shanghai Disney Resort:

Shanghai Disney resort is the second endeavours of China after Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. It started in 2016 for the massive crowd and since then it becomes a great attraction for the tourists. You can speculate the popularity of the resort by knowing over 10 million visitors visit the resort every year. You will be amazed to see it and never get bored.

If you want to view some natural beauty like rivers, lakes and some water villages, then Guilin will be one of the best choices for you from Shanghai. Guilin is only 1,277 kilometres away from Shanghai but for your convenience, there are many options you can choose to reach Guilin from Shanghai. 

shanghai disney resort

Routes From Shanghai To Guilin:

There are several alternatives available from Shanghai to Guilin. You can choose according to your convenience and budget.

From Shanghai To Guilin By Car: According to the distance from Shanghai to Guilin, it is not feasible especially for foreigners to travel by private or rental car. It will take over 20 hours of driving time from Shanghai to Guilin. If you have limited time for the Guilin trip then by car, it is not the right choice in this way as well. It will not only take your time, but road travelling will also drain your energy as well. 

From Shanghai To Guilin By plane: From Shanghai to Guilin by plane is the quickest and easiest way to travel. There are at least seven flights available from Shanghai airport (PVG) to Guilin airport (KWL). The flight will take leads the 3 hours to make you reach on your destined city Guilin. However, keep in mind that uncertainties and general airport disturbance are very familiar with Chinese domestic flights-especially a route as famous as this one. And if you have a limited budget for travelling, then it will be a little expensive for you.

From Shanghai To Guilin By Train: There is one high-speed train each day from Shanghai to Guilin available, departing in the morning and arriving at Guilin in the early evening. It will take 9 to 10 hours to take you to Guilin. This leaves from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and reaches into the centrally-located Guilin Railway Station. But make sure to book your tickets well in advance, remember that you will need to buy tickets in person at a train station and allow plenty of time to clear security and passport checks at Shanghai Hongqiao station.

Otherwise regular and standard train service is also accessible but it will take a little bit more time.

After reaching Guilin, you do not need to worry about your sightseeing destinations. We are here to guide you for Guilin as well.


Guilin city discovered in the northeastern part of Guangxi, Guilin has long been adored as the most spectacular place in China and one of the must-see city for most western tourists. 

Guilin is a fascinating place for exploring at any time of the year with its enjoyable subtropical climate. The city is covered with green trees grows everywhere in and outside the city.

The name of Guilin exactly means "forest of sweet osmanthus".

Famous Places Of Guilin:

There are several tourist attractions in Guilin.

Lengthening- Traditional Water Village:

Lengshuitang is the farming china village and possesses a cold water pond. It is the real and authentic village stayed unchanged for thousands of years, The local farmers here make good use of the fresh spring water that streams down from Yao mountain, they channelized natural waterways, plant and prepare the soil by hand or by ox-pulled hand plough. This is the live view of farmers working in the beautiful field western tourist will find attractive in this.

Hua Jiang- Flower River:

Heeding to the valley road through the mountain pass Yao Mountain, Lengshuitang, and you will reach a bridge and the most charming place for a riverside picnic and barbecue. There are many spots to enjoy, eat, rest and celebrate in the natural beauty.

Hua Jiang River

Guilin Spice Market:

Guilin Spice Market is an equally fascinating and diverse market street where all kinds of spices, weird and beautiful artifacts can be found. You can witness Herbs and traditional medicines, nuts and everything from a preserved goat's head to healing mushrooms and locally grown tobacco is all there.

Live Music In Guilin:

You can find friendly music bars, where some very high-quality performers can be found playing a wide selection of Chinese popular songs, folk songs, and Western pop songs quite regularly. 

Ding Shang Bar can be found just along the river from Liberation Bridge as well as Luan Le Cafe Bar is another lovely music venue, just around the corner from the Sheraton Hotel on the riverside.

From Shanghai to Guilin, the journey is delightful and worth travelling. Both cities have their individuality and beauty in their ways. 

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