Essential Visits And Latest Tourist Activities On Your Trip To Beijing

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Essential Visits And Latest Tourist Activities On Your Trip To Beijing

If you plan to make a trip to Beijing, when it comes to sightseeing, it is advisable to spend several days in the capital of China.

But you may have little time available because it is actually a work trip or you may go through the Chinese capital. In this case, it is convenient to know what the essential visits that you should do are in the Chinese capital.

In any case, and as you can guess, Beijing is a must on a tourist trip to China, as it brings together the greatest attractions in all orders. For its historical monuments; for the possibility of knowing the Chinese way of life, both past and present, with a rapid modernization process; for its shops; for their shows; and for its gastronomy.

But if your stay is going to be very short, you have no choice but to select.

What is essential to see in Beijing? Then I point to you, from my point of view and the experience, what are the essential visits in Beijing, in order of priority.

Tiananmen Square and Imperial Palace Forbidden City: In the center of Beijing city you will find the greatest exponents of the history of China. In Tiananmen Square, the largest in the world for its size, you can visit the Imperial Palace, better known as the Forbidden City.

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I anticipate that this visit can take you at least about three hours because in addition to touring the huge central square of the city, for the walk through the Imperial Palace you will need to spend time as there are many palaces and places to visit.

Great Wall of China: The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly one of the great monuments of Humanity. Near Beijing, there are several sectors that can be visited, which are in better or worse condition, and show different attractions. 

If you have time to visit the Great Wall of China, it is advisable that you go to the most touristic of the sectors, that of Badaling; which is 80 kilometers from the capital.

You will arrive by a highway, and it is the section of the famous wall that is in them, although it is also the most visited, so you will coincide with hundreds of tourists. Keep in mind that this excursion will take you one morning.

The Summer Palace: The Summer Palace is a large park located north of Beijing, whose central point is a large lake and a hill surrounded by lush forests.

Traditional Hutong Neighborhoods: Apart from knowing the great historical monuments and seeing the growing modern areas of large skyscrapers in Beijing, on a trip to the capital of China it is essential to visit the Hutong. These are the traditional neighborhoods that gradually disappear due to the progress of the great urban development of the city.

But during your visit to the Hutong, you will be able to know what the traditional lifestyle of the citizens of Beijing has been. It is advisable to visit the Hutong mounted on a traditional Chinese tricycle.

In order to plan your trip, keep in mind that visiting the Hutong will take a minimum of two hours.

Shopping in Beijing: Traveling to China is synonymous with shopping. In Beijing, you will find a wide variety of shops and markets for shopping. To which you will surely spend some time of your visit to the Chinese capital. Perhaps the most famous of these markets is the Xiushui Silk Market, which I tell you in advance that it is a great temple of imitations and bargaining.

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