Best Winter Travel Destinations in China That Are a Must Visit

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Best Winter Travel Destinations in China

Winter is a good time to visit China because it is less expensive and less crowded. China offers a variety of winter activities.

It has some fun and well-equipped ski resorts, beautiful wintry scenic areas, and places in south China where the weather is mild all year.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival and the Spring Festival are two special winter festivals that add flavour to the cold winter (Chinese New Year).

Top Winter Vacation Spots in China

From the snow-covered landscapes of North China to the warm and fascinating subtropical South China, here is a list of China's top winter destinations.

International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

The Ice and Snow Festival, which runs from January 5th to the end of February, is arguably Harbin's most well-known attraction. Harbin is transformed into an ice sculpture environment during the festival.

International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin

In the Ice-Snow World and Zhaolin Park, fanciful and intricate ice sculptures in the forms of animals, plants, houses, or motifs from legends sparkle in the frigid air.

Sun Island is home to a Snow Sculpture Exhibition and the world's first indoor ice and snow art museum.

Winter Scenery and the Spring Festival in Beijing

A lot of the time, lakes, canals, and fountains are frozen dry. The lakes in Beijing's parks are very famous for ice skating. There are also bicycles made specifically for riding on ice.

Winter Scenery and the Spring Festival in Beijing

During the winter, tourists can visit nearby parts of the Great Wall. Climbing the Great Wall and seeing the winter scenery without the crowds is a common pastime for tourists.

During the Chinese New Year holiday, which lasts from late January to early February, a variety of cultural events are held in Beijing's temples and parks. This is the best time of year to visit China and learn about its history.

Changbai Mountain is a Unique Winter Resort.

Changbai Mountain's most beautiful season is winter. Changbai Mountain's forest sea is white with snow and rime. White waves of steam from a hot spring rise and fall in the wind, crystallising on the leaves.

Changbai Mountain is a Unique Winter Resort.

The azure sky compares with the white crater and dark crags when Heavenly Lake, China's highest volcanic lake, is frozen and coated in snow. A stunning ice waterfall cascades down a thousand-meter-high mountain. Relax in a wonderful hot spring resort on Mt. Changbai.

Enjoy the highest peak in Northeast China as well as a plethora of snow sports such as skiing, sledding, winter rafting, and snowmobiling.

Boundless Snowscapes in Northern Xinjiang

Winter in northern Xinjiang is described by glistening rime hanging from birch tree groves, snow-covered glacial lakes, endless snowy vistas, and cabins deep in the snowy forests.

Boundless Snowscapes in Northern Xinjiang

  • Visit Kanas to see a world of pure white. The morning mist rises from the streams, and villages are scattered around the endless snowscapes.
  • In Hemu Village, you'll find yourself in a fairytale setting, with grey birch forests set against silvery snow-capped mountains and cabins scattered around sparkling with a warm orange light.
  • Baihaba Village, on China's Kazakhstan frontier, is home to primal natural ecology and ancient traditional culture. Snow adds to the enigma of the location.

Yunnan has a mild/warm winter climate.

Yunnan is, without a doubt, one of China's most enticing travel destinations. Even the most discerning travellers are enticed by its diverse landscapes, which range from tropical rainforest to snow-capped peaks. Yunnan is popular among winter travellers due to its mild climate.

Yunnan climate

Dali, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, and Tengchong are all popular winter destinations in Yunnan.

Sanya — for Relaxed Tropical Vacations

Sanya is a great place to visit in China's winter if you want to get away from the cold. In the winter, it is the warmest location in China.


  • In the sea and on the beaches, you will have a good time.
  • Banana boating, water scootering, surfing, and sailing are only a few of the thrilling watersports available.
  • Discover a tropical forest as you zipline around it.
  • Duty-free goods are available for purchase.

Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia, known for its endless ice and snow scenery and primitive nomadic culture, has become another prominent winter destination as transportation has improved.

Inner Mongolia

In a snowy paradise, drive/walk through vast snowscapes, go traditional skiing, and try ice fishing.

Visit China's last reindeer herder tribe and get up close and personal with reindeer that look just like Santa's.

Visit the remaining six families in China's coldest village to feel their zeal for their harsh lives and learn how they cope with the bitter cold.

To get a true sense of Mongolian life, sleep in a typical heated brick bed and work with locals.

Experience horseback riding on a snowfield, camel riding, Mongolian wrestling, archery, and more at a winter Naadam (Ice and Snow Naadam). From December 23rd to December 26th, 2020, Hulunbuir will host the Ice and Snow Naadam.

You will fly to Hulunbuir Dongshan International Airport in Hulunbuir (HLD). You can transit in Hohhot from Shanghai. There are direct flights from Beijing that take about 2.5 hours.

China's Best Winter Activities

In the winter, China offers a variety of fascinating and unique events, ranging from natural sightseeing to romantic or ethical festivals. You can also select winter destinations based on your favourite activities.

Winter Scenery Appreciation

China's breathtaking snow scenery would be particularly worth seeing if you come from an area where it rarely snows. If you want to see some typical Chinese mountain scenery in the snow, we suggest visiting one of the following safer, more established locations:

  • Changbai Mountain is a mountain in China.
  • Mount Emei in the Yellow Mountains


China's ski resorts are becoming more popular as an alternate diversion for winter visitors to China. Northeast China ski resorts and the ski resorts around Beijing (which are being significantly upgraded in preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics) are the most popular with winter visitors. The following ski resorts are recommended:

  • Yabuli Ski Resort is China's best ski resort.
  • Nanshan Ski Resort is Beijing's largest ski resort.
  • Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Resort is slated to host the 2020 Winter Olympics.
  • The most beautiful ski resort near Chengdu is Bipenggou.

Winter Food

In the winter, Chinese people enjoy eating hotpot because it warms the body and improves circulation. Eating hotpot is also a perfect way to meet new people. People congregate around the pot, laughing, eating, drinking, and generally having a good time.

Hotpot meals are particularly popular in the winter, when outdoor activities such as leisurely walks and sitting in parks are not as enjoyable due to the cold. Chengdu is the best city to visit if you want to eat a hot pot.

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