Everything You Need To Know About Chinese New Year Festival

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As clear from the name of the festival it is the New Year Celebration as per the traditional Chinese calendar. The celebration is also for the spring season in China so in the mainland it is also referred to as the spring festival. In 2020 it will be celebrated on 25th January and will initiate the Year of Rat in China.

The holidays for Chinese New Year also include holidays for Lantern Festival which will be celebrated on 8th February in 2020.

 Here are a few things you should know about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Festival Is Not Only Celebrated In China

It is the longest holiday time in China. It is celebrated by all communities  including religious and non-religious groups in China. The neighboring cultures also fall under the influence of the Chinese New Year like The Korean Seol, Losar of Tibet and Tết of Vietnam have close ideologies.

It is also celebrated in countries that have the Chinese population. Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia and some parts of North America and Europe.  According to a rough calculation by Chinese Tourism Authorities, it is celebrated by more than 23% of the world.

There Is No Fixed Date For Chinese New Year

Unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas, there is no set date for the Chinese New Year. When we check the season charts of China the spring season arrives from 1st January till 15th January so the celebrations of Spring Festival according to Gregorian calendar fall somewhere between these dates.

new year in china

But in Chinese New Year dates are spread all over the Gregorian calendar. The dates keep on shifting in a regular interval every year.

Fireworks  To Scare Monsters

Around the world, most firecrackers are set off on the night of the Chinese New Year. It is because people strongly believe the myth about Nian which says firecrackers scare and take away bad luck and monsters. First firecrackers are set at midnight and then again in the morning to welcome good luck.

china firework

Longest Holidays and Biggest Sales

Almost 15 days off is granted by the government of China every year. This season is also popular for promotional deals and mega sales all over China. Every mall, every store and even local vendors launch bumper sales as a good gesture and to increase their business.

You can take advantage of promotions on all the items including air tickets, bus fares, electronic items, food and beverages, club entrance fees, clothes, and original gems and jewelry. This time of year is loved by shopaholics and fashionistas.

Singles hire fake boy/girlfriends

In Chinese culture having kids and passing down the family, legacies are considered as the major purpose of life. The nosy relatives keep on asking questions about getting marries, some keep emphasizing on marriage proposals. To avoid such awkward and annoying situations singles hire a fake boy or girlfriends and introduce them with the family.

Those who do not pay a visit to the family also hire a fake partner to enjoy the time by celebrating the Chinese New Year with them.

Unusual Prohibitions

According to Chinese philosophy, there is a day before the Spring Festival which is specifically dedicated to cleaning, sweeping and throwing off garbage. On this day people sweep off the bad luck from their living spaces and make plenty of room for good luck.

china new year

All saloons are closed because cutting off your hair or use of any sharp object like scissors, knife, the arrow on New Year is a taboo. You can cut hair before 2nd February not after that till new year day ends.

Arguing, swearing, calling names, saying unlucky words like death, sickness is strictly prohibited. Breaking and throwing things away even garbage is also not considered good.

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