Six Most Beautiful Lakes of China That Draw Worldwide Attention

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Six Most Beautiful Lakes of China That Draw Worldwide Attention

China is abundant and rich in mesmerizing places, rivers, lakes, forests, grasslands, caves, deserts, and foothills along with the Great Wall of China. China is covered with a large number of blue waters, oceans, and lakes that are considered to be magnificent and the best decoration on the planet.

There is a saying that goes that water lakes are the magnificent and vital eyes of this planet when looked down from high grounds. Indeed, beautified by those beautiful green or blue lakes, locals and foreigners benefit from more amazing and aesthetic sceneries appeared from the pearls-like lakes.

Another factor that owes to this beauty is the magic production from natural powers first, and the surprising harmony, tone, and reflection with eye-catching sightseeing around. Moreover, a slight reflection of ancient history and some of the local customs adds extra glorious ambiance and flavor to the calm and serene lakes. The following overview of the top 6 most beautiful lakes of China that captured worldwide attention areas under:

The West Lake of Hangzhou:

The West Lake of Hangzhou is renowned for its scenic beauty and calming presence that mixed well with the local and ancient culture. It was a man-made lake and created as a water-based landscaping land for recreational activities, and therefore, has a good oriental and mesmerizing beauty that few other lakes have.

The West Lake of Hangzhou

The lake itself is vast and attractive, dotted with beautiful islands, fringed by tree-lined walkways and covered by rough terrain surface on three sides. Every inch of the surroundings is beautified by the rich accumulation of ancient culture, seen in the pagodas, pavilions, local arched bridges, and causeways. Furthermore, willow trees, peach blossoms, lotus flowers, and plum blossoms add colors to the West Lake at a different time of the year.

Qinghai Lake:

Also means indigo lake in Tibetan Language, Lake Kokonor in Mongolian, Qinghai Lake ranks top amazing lake with the title of the largest inland saltwater in China. The most amazing thing about Qinghai Lake is the excellent serene scene of a blue lake, golden blossom, and small hills and mountains at a distance from July to August.

Qinghai Lake

Used to be the important pass of Ancient Silk Road and Tang-Tibet Ancient Road, Qinghai Lake has two national highways 109 and 315 running currently.

Kanas Lake in Xinjiang:

Kanas Lake refers to as the beautiful and mysterious lake in China. Situated in the northernmost part of Xinjiang, Kanas Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in China, which enjoys honors of National and InternationalScenic Spot, National Geopark, National Forest Park, and National Cultural Heritage. The beautiful Kanas Lake colored pure snowy foothills and mountains with a variety of vast green forests is hailed as the Fairyland.

Kanas Lake in Xinjiang

The depth of the lake is over 190m under the water which makes it the deepest moraine-dammed lake originating from glacier melt-water and rainfalls.

Tianchi Lake:

Naturally formed by the erupting volcano a long time ago, Tianchi Lake on Changbai Mountain or Changbai Mountain Pool in the Sky is the largest and highest volcanic lake in China and the world’s deepest highland lake.

Tianchi Lake

The oval Tianchi Lake seems picturesque studded in the grand heights in Changbai Mountain. It is still the natural lake border between China and North Korea, where one can watch the other side peak in the neighbor.

Lugu Lake (Yunnan):

This lake is considered to be the highest lake in Yunnan Province and the third deepest freshwater lake in China. In this lake, there mainly lives Mosuo and Yi nationality. Lugu Lake is originally named as the lake of the valley, for in Mosuo langue of Naxi nationality, Lu means valley, Gu refers to inside.

Lugu Lake

Located in southwest Sichuan and southeast Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the mesmerizing Lugu Lake is the best hub for the Shangrila travel circuit, consists of five islands in the lake, 4 by-land, and 1 long island on a lakeshore, all in different shapes.

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