5 Popular Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

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Chinese New Year Gift

A gift is a gesture of respect, admiration, love, friendship, or hospitality in Chinese culture. Gift-giving and receiving is an important component of Chinese culture, and it is mostly used to strengthen interpersonal ties.

You should think about a few things before buying a gift for a Chinese individual. Is your pal a traditionalist? How close are you? What type of relationship do you have? Is it formal or casual? As a careful gift giver, keep in mind that more traditional Chinese respect traditional gifts, whereas more contemporary Chinese will not be insulted if you offer them something less formal.

Giving gifts during the Spring Festival is a Chinese tradition that expresses love for family, care for friends, and respect and gratitude for leadership. Gifts are merely a conduit for these emotions. The present may be insignificant, but the emotions is powerful, and love is priceless, as the adage goes.

These Chinese New Year gift ideas may provide some inspiration for selecting the perfect present. Following the list are some fundamental gift-giving suggestions that may help you avoid frequent taboos and have a better understanding of China's gifting culture.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Friends

You might bring some fruits or flowers to a buddy when you pay them a visit. If your buddy enjoys tea or drinks, you can indulge him or her by selecting a tin of fine tea or an amazing tea set. If your friend has children, remember to offer them gifts that are appropriate for their age group, such as toys, school materials, and candy. To show your affection, you should create a red envelope for each child. If you're visiting a buddy who lives far away, bring some local delicacies for them to enjoy! There is no need to be lavish when giving gifts to friends, but remember to be attentive.

Choosing baby products as gifts for a friend who has a baby during the Spring Festival, for example, is a nice idea. If your friends have recently moved into a new home, you can offer them electrical equipment or lovely house décor.

Chinese New Year is based on zodiacs and it is a zodiac year. So it is also better to gift him something according to his zodiac sign and what is said to bring him good luck.

Popular Gift Ideas for Friends

Gifting a friend and what to gift him depends on how close you are with that particular friend.


If your Chinese hosts consume alcohol, preparing a lovely bottle of wine may be a good idea.


Find out what your male Chinese host prefers to smoke if he does. He'll be grateful for a nice carton of whichever brand it is.


The majority of Chinese people enjoy drinking tea. Whether your hosts are Chinese or not, offering tea is usually a kind gesture. Giving a tastefully wrapped box of tea as a present is far superior to giving bagged tea.


Fruit baskets are a traditional and appropriate present for your Chinese hosts, and they are available in many large stores. Giving a box of oranges or apples is also a good idea, because apples and oranges represent safety and wealth, respectively.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Relatives

You can get some exceptional Spring Festival purchases for your relatives, such as candies, fruits, roast chicken, and duck. Tobacco, wine, and tea are good choices for relatives who like to drink and smoke, and a present box of nuts is a nice touch. Because most elderly people are malnourished, you may want to consider milk drinks, calcium and zinc supplements, or health-care goods.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Your Partner

Clothing, shoes, makeup, and jewelry are fantastic choices for your wife or girlfriend because every woman wishes to look attractive. If you want to make your wife more cultured, you can give her one of her favorite books, which would be quite unique.

Chinese New Year Gifts for Parents or the Elderly

Thermal underwear, a down jacket, a scarf, and gloves are the greatest choices for gifts for parents. Your parents will be pretty toasty in the garments you send them throughout the cold winter. You may purchase a new phone or tablet to add to your parents' spiritual environment. Perhaps your greatest concern is your parents' health, and you hope they will be well in the coming year. As a result, health supplements or gadgets such as an electronic manometer, masseur, or electronic foot bath are helpful. Apart from that, household appliances are also fantastic options.

Popular Gift Ideas for parents

Hats, gloves, scarves, and clothing

If you know your hosts' family, you can bring a cap, a pair of gloves, a scarf, or some clothes as a gift for the elderly members of their family.

Foot Bath Massager or Comb

Massage is a gentle and effective approach to restore one's body according to traditional Chinese medicine. A high-quality comb can be used to massage the head, and a foot bath massager can promote blood circulation in the feet, providing warmth to the elderly during the chilly winter months.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas for Kids

Every child anticipates receiving gifts from their parents in the Chinese New Year. You can select a gift that your child has wished for and prepare a red envelope for each child. You may bring toys, study materials, clothing, candy, or milk drinks for your friend's children when you pay a visit to them. You might also send a gift basket of nuts or pastries to express your gratitude.

Popular Gift Ideas for Kids


Bring some sweets with you during Chinese New Year so you can provide some joy to the children you meet.

Red Envelopes (Hongbao)

Children all around China wait anxiously for the Chinese New Year because of the red envelopes full of money they will receive from all the relatives or guests that come to visit. If your Chinese hosts have youngsters, bring some red envelopes with you (hangbao) and fill it with lucky numbers.

Supplies for the Classroom

Bringing some school materials, such as a writing pen, a school notebook, or a good package of painting brushes (if the kids are interested in painting), to your Chinese hosts will be a wonderful surprise for them.

 Literature Books

Enlightening reading materials or one of the world's great masterpieces, chosen preferably according to the child's interests, are also highly recommended and will signify your best wishes for their future.


Kids love toys and gifting children with good quality toy is a wonderful option to make them happy. If it’s a girl then gifting her a Barbie doll is a good option and if a boy then a remote control car is also a very good option. A chess set or other type of any indoor game is an excellent gift option for a child in their teenage.


Gifting clothes is a very practical choice to gift someone with. But it depends on the level of intimacy that you have with your relatives in this matter. You can buy their children with a set of clothes and they will be more than happy by this gesture.

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