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A rich and varied history and a strategic location for exploring the Henan Province makes Xuchang a wonderful choice of cities for a long or short visit. It is one of the most important cities involved in the unification of China, and the heart of the region’s porcelain, tobacco and floriculture industries.

Tours and activities in Xuchang

Xuchang is not the easiest of cities to visit independently, with very little in the way of English signage or speakers available. This means you could waste a lot of time in the city simply trying to get by. Booking a flexible day tour or visit to these attractions can ensure you use your time in the city wisely and get the most from your trip.

As well as guiding you to and around the attraction, our local tour guides can help you book tickets for events, tables for dinner and onward transport too. Check out our range of readymade tours below, or get in touch to find out more about how we can help make your visit to Xuchang better.

Best time to visit

Xuchang has a definite four-season climate, with cold, frosty winters and hot, humid summers. For this reason, the shoulder seasons are the best time to visit, with most tourists preferring the spring (March-May) over the autumn as it tends to be drier. Having said that, the autumn brings with it the most glorious colors in the forests of the scenic areas, so is well worth considering too.

Top Attractions in Xuchang

Attractive tobacco gardens, temples, lake, mountains and bridges are the charms of the city. There are several other fantabulous destinations in Xuchang for tourists.

Baling Bridge
1. Baling Bridge
Landmarks and icons

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the city is the Baling Bridge. Around 4-Km from the center of Xuchang, this scenic spot boasts a gorgeous natural environment and a handful of historical attractions including the actual bridge and the Guan Temple.

Chunqiu Tower
2. Chunqiu Tower
Landmarks and icons

Also, a key site is the Chunqiu Tower, a relic from the Three Kingdom Period that is as awe-inspiring today as it was when it was built in 1271. Also called the Spring and Autumn Tower, this glorious wood pagoda is a symbol of the city, and a must see whenever you choose to visit.

Xuchang Museum
3. Xuchang Museum
Landmarks and icons

In the heart of the city, the Xuchang Museum is a great place to start to understand this ancient city and its people. Novel and elegant in construction, the museum is punctuated with the Wentong Tower in the middle and by towers connected by long corridors. Exhibitions are both inside and outside the building and include more than 12,000 relics of bronze, pottery, jade, calligraphy, and drawings, mostly from the Three Kingdoms Period.

Jun Kiln Site
4. Jun Kiln Site
Museums, galleries and exhibitions

Xuchang is considered by many to be the heart of the Jun porcelain industry. To the southwest of the city, the Jun Kiln Site is one of the five famous kilns of the Song Dynasty and is the place to learn all about this industry and its colorful history. Located outside of the city, it is most affordable and convenient to join an organised tour if you wish to visit this museum.

Purple Cloud Mountain
5. Purple Cloud Mountain
Nature, parks and outdoors

Aside of the beautiful Baling Bridge, hikers will enjoy a day spent exploring the wonderful Purple Cloud Mountain scenic area. This area is made up of nine mountains, five lakes and numerous historical sites. From caves to temples, birds to bamboo forests, nature lovers will find this wonderful area a literal breath of fresh air to enjoy on their trip.

Jun porcelain and other floriculture
6. Jun porcelain and other floriculture
Leisure and shopping

The city is also famous for floriculture, and many beautiful plants, flowers, and bonsai can be bought in the markets and shops around the center. Jun porcelain can also be found for sale, but expect to pay top dollar for high-quality pieces.

Getting here and getting around

The city of Xuchang is served by two main train stations. The older is the Xuchang Train Station which accommodates the traditional slow trains from all over China. The newer station is Xuchang East Railway Station which has been built to cater for the high-speed bullet trains arriving from Zhengzhou and other cities.

The nearest airport is at Zhengzhou, which is just a 20-minute ride away by high-speed train. Anyang is also conveniently close, taking just an hour and a half by fast train.

From the train station, buses run into the city center in around 50 minutes. Taxis are also plentiful but do agree on a price before boarding or ensure they have the meter running to avoid being ripped off.

Eating and drinking

Xuchang food is typical Henan fayre. Big flavors with not too much spice make the local cuisine easily accessible for even the tamest Western palate. Look out for mutton stewed noodles on Small North Street in the new town for a real local taste, or the delicious Xiao Long Bao (a juicy steamed bun) for a filling snack.

Another famous dish of the city is Wu Village Beef. This fragrant smelling dish contains dozens of ingredients, and the recipe is a closely guarded secret. So much so, it is said that chefs will buy the ingredients themselves (and may also buy ingredients not used in the stew, to throw speculators off the scent) and will cook up the dish at midnight! If you have an opportunity to sample this local delicacy, do not pass it up.

Getting a good night's sleep

There is a good selection of hotels to choose from, with prices and facilities to suit most needs and budgets. The Royal Palace Hotel is the city’s only five-star offering, featuring strong Wi-Fi, a gym and a well-received onsite restaurant. The Kaiyuan Zhongzhouu International Hotel consistently receives rave reviews, as does the boutique Rebecca Hotel in Weidu.

For cheaper accommodation in Xuchang, the Jinjiang Inn on Hubin Road offers comfort at a surprisingly low price, or for real shoestring options, consider the Peach Inn which offers private double rooms from as little as ¥85 per night.

Search for accommodation and more information on these hotels here.