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How To Visit China's Replica Cities

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How To Visit China's Replica Cities

For those of us on a budget, it will be a relief to know that you don’t need to break your piggy bank to enjoy some of the world’s top destinations; or at least something very close to it. China offers a marvelous variety of European city replicas that have been designed to resemble the original iconic destinations closely.  

1. A Little Taste of France, Tianducheng

The city of lights as we like to call it is not out of reach if you are visiting China. While here, you can see symbolic structures such as Le Torre Eiffel, L'Arc de Triomphe, and other French landmarks in remarkable replicas that pay tribute to the legendary city of Paris. Here you will also find a version of Paris' Pont Alexandre III bridge, a beautiful place to take pictures and make special memories.

2. Experience Italy Near Wuqing District, Tianjin

Located just outside of Shanghai, you will find towns modeled after Italy’s lush streets. You can experience Venice’s famous canals and admire the stunning bridges designed in the architectural style of the Renaissance. Florentia Village is China’s Italian town complete with cafes in quaint streets that offer delicious treats al fresco.

3. Travel to Thames Town

Thames Town Chinas’ inspiration is the warm, homey garden feel of typical UK towns. One adaptation to the original you may notice is Tower Bridge. Shanghai’s suburb version shows four towers instead of the original two. You won’t miss out on the red telephone booths or guards with funny hats either. Great care has been taken not to spare any detailing to ensure the experience is as authentic as possible.

4. Discover the Windsor Castle and Many Others

Huashengyuan Golden Cake Dream Kingdom is the name of one tourist spot where you can see what it is like to live in fairytale land. Windsor Castle is one of a few beautiful European style castles which you can visit while in China. There are others inspired by Disney films. You may even find yourself recognizing the skyline from the famous Aladdin movies you watched during your childhood.

5. Visit Hallstatt, Austrian Alpine Village in Guangdong  

A small fortune was spent creating a very similar version of the historic Austrian village. Beautiful homes are the backdrop of many selfies and tourist photographs, all trying to capture the magic of what it is like in a distant country. Small gardens, plant life, and ponds all help to create the atmosphere of this version of the original salt-mine village.


Although you will not nearly find as many tourists as in the European destinations, the cities are receiving more attention and interest is growing from people that are traveling to China who wish to have more than the standard experience. If you are thinking of going to China, you won't want to miss these exciting destinations. Visit Discover China, to book a tour and browse travel packages.

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