The great wall of china is the unified name of the sequel of the fortification structure which is constructed across the historical northern border of China. This Ancient and largest wall is established to protect the north of the empire of China from the attack of the enemy. 

China Great wall is made up of cement, bricks, rocks and powdered dust and this is the longest man-made construction ever done in history. 

So here are some incredible facts of the great wall of China that you do not want to skip. That will earn your curiosity to visit this great wall of China and be part of those millions of lucky visitors who have witnessed its charisma.

Many of the soldiers and convicts who participated in the construction of the Great Wall of China died while working. It is said that almost 400,000 people died and many of them were buried within the wall itself. However, no bones or fossils are found yet.

It is not the only long wall in the world, there is a wall in Pakistan which is as long or almost the length of the Great Wall of China but it is not much popular. It is said that Aryans constructed the wall in Pakistan. Similar kinds of walls are also found in other countries but they are not that much longer.

There are almost 7,000 lookout towers constructed in the Great Wall of China.

Almost 1/3rd area of the wall has vanished due to weather or human-made destructions.

The construction of the wall is quickly eroding and historians are trying to protect its popular sections.

It is the longest man-made structure of the world that`s why it is included in seven wonders of the world.

Many of the Chinese natives have never visited any section of the wall.

The natives have also demolished some sections of the world for modern construction.

Some natives use to carry the bricks of the wall to construct their homes until China government passes a bill to save the Great Wall of China.

Wide ditches were also dug outside the wall sections in flat areas to make enemies approach more difficult.

Smoke signals were used at that time to indicate an attack. The more enemies attacking, the more smoke signals they would make to alert the army.

The wheelbarrow was invented by Chinese and undoubtedly it was a great help in the construction of much of the wall.

The wall is extending through all sorts of terrain. Even into the mountains and one end connects the sea

Its highest point is 5,000+ feet above the sea level.

Many unhappy love stories are also connected to the Great Wall of China. The female partners cried and waited their whole life for their male partners who went to participate in the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Many poets and storytellers have constructed sadly storied linked with soldiers who died during the construction of the great wall. Some of the popular stories are played in theater performances in China.

The Great Wall of China was constructed mainly to stop Mongol invasions. During the Genghis Khan period, the same wall was used to protect the Mongols Dynasty by Genghis Khan.

Almost 3000+ world popular celebrities have visited the Great Wall of China. Barrack Obama and his wife and John F. Kennedy are also among them.

Marco Polo must have crossed the Great Wall of China several times on his journeys from Beijing to Kublai Khan’s palace in Xanadu (Shangdu) but he didn’t notice it as anything so big or important.

Mongols also ignored the wall in the 13th century during their ruling period in China and gave no extra consideration to it. They didn’t even mention it during the war or peace period.