Top 10 Reasons to Visit China; What Makes China So Exceptional

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit China

China is mysterious, magical and wonderful altogether. Wondering if a trip to China should be next on your bucket list? Or maybe you might not be certain if China can fit the unique needs and requirements of your family, or the way of travel.

Travelling to China may seem daunting at first because of its vast, challenging territory. But it definitely is rewarding.

If you are in search for a destination that is glamorous, packed full of new and unique sights and experiences, inspiring, and different in all kinds of way, China is indeed best in the world.

Below we have narrowed down 10 reasons that make China so exceptional.

A Diverse Country

It can be truly challenging to know about one country when you haven’t travelled there. China is not just a country where you can just go to spend a vacation, it is a destination where you can wholly discover and explore a country that is vastly different.

China has so much to offer for everyone and provides a memorable experience because of its exclusivity.

Super Kid-Friendly Family Holiday

China's culture and architectural achievements are top reasons to visit this country. Even with family.

china family trip

Now we all know that traveling with children, particularly small children anywhere can be quite challenging. Sleep schedules are interrupted because of the time zone differences. Diapers are required. And the list goes on and on. Regardless of this, exploring the world right through your child's eyes is always cherished. And there are certain countries where traveling with children is more practicable and convenient as compared to others.

China is definitely a place where you can travel with family and you will find China one of the most kid-friendly places in the world. It most certainly ranks right up there with Italy and Greece. No one will even bat an eye when they make noise in the lobby of wherever you are staying or at fancy dinners.

Chinese people are very friendly and charming. Your kids will definitely have a wonderful time as long as you include places in your trip that your kids likw, for instance the Dinosaur trail, Disney land, Walt Disney parks. While there are a lot of places that your child may come across and enjoy.

The Food Is Incredible and You Can’t Say No To It

Chinese food is famous. That Chinese food that you are eating in your homelands is far different than it is here is China. China is literally huge and Chinese food is varied across province and landscape.

Every region has its own unique specialties, dishes and tastes. Shanghai cuisine is thought to be sweet and known for its sweetness, Sichuan is recognized for its spiciness. You'll be shocked at what you learn about Chinese food while you are here in China. The food is exclusively a whole other reason why you should travel to China.

5000 Years of Richest Culture in the World

China has one of the world’s richest breadth of culture and Chinese civilization dates back thousands of years. And while their tempestuous modern history colored and even tend to demolish some cultural perspectives, there is still much to discover and explore.

China's language succeeds others in originality, uniqueness and complexity. China has many ways in which you can discover about its unique traditions and cultures. China is a historical land and everything you do as soon as you set foot in this diverse land will be a cultural experience.

China Is Hone To Many Pandas and Tigers and Camels

The adorable Giant Pandas live nowhere else freely and without captivity but In China. If you want to visit these Pandas in their natural habitat then you can always go to Chengdu and pay a visit to these panda breeding base there and see them up close.

china panda

This country is also rich in Camels and you can even set a tour in the far west like Gansu Province on the mysterious Gobi Desert and ride on a camel. Obviously, Camels are not as cuddly as Pandas.

China is also home to Siberian Tigers. Even though you won’t be able to find them out in the wild but you can definitely visit them in animal parks like Harbin.

The Great Wall And Other Spectacular Natural Wonders

There are some legendary structures of the ancient world of China: the Great Pyramids, Macchu Picchu, and the Parthenon come to mind. The Great Wall is also a part of these and is something that even though you've seen in photos or studied about it, seeing it in person with your very own eyes, mounting on it, gazing over it, are the kind of experiences that are worth traveling thousands of miles for.

great wall china

And As far as natural beauty is concerned, China goes greater and more-varied and remarkable than any country in the world, if you take everything in consideration. For instance, the fabulous Yellow Mountains, with their seas of cloud and compelling rocks and pines, the mysterious rainbow lakes of Jiuzhaigou, Pandora's floating pinnacles in Zhangjiajie, Guilin's delightful karst, hikers most-treasured gorge — Tiger Leaping Gorge, and the world's highest peak and most grand plateau in Tibet. 

Fun and Successful Shopping

 ‘Made in China’ is something that we have seen almost at every package and at everything. China has one of the largest manufacturer and a popular location for shopping lovers. From curios to tea, scarves to personalized suits, features of real pearls to the most recent in fake handbags, the shopping here can be addictive as it is in its most affordable prices.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Massage

Massage here in China is not something that is a natural way of life for Chinese. There are many types of traditional massage therapies that are conducted in Chinese Medicine, but spas and massage parlors offer just about everything you can think of, for a very rational and affordable price.

You can easily go and get cleansed, soaked, massaged, manicured with all kinds of treatments and you have to spend literally nothing.

Inspiring Landscapes

China is a diverse land and has many different people following different cultures. China has a huge range of land, great and plain grassland in the north, The desert in the west, Splendid mountains in the south, ocean in east, plain in the middle of it all, which all concludes and makes great natural wonders.

China tourist attractions of natural wonders could easily be divided into numerous classes, abundant mountains, serene rivers, enormous deserts, euphoric prairie, mirror-like clean lakes and ocean. Those wonders will most certainly not fail exceed your expectations.

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