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Explore The Adventure Of Spring In China

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Explore The Adventure Of Spring In China

Spring this the season of joy, the season of new life. It is the time when we see new leaves, the bud of the flower set the new begging of their life. This is the reason why spring is considered the season of colors, love, and happiness. 

It is among the favorite seasons which neither too cold nor too hot, moderate weather when people love to enjoy the beauty of nature and different festivals held in this season, with family.

Similarly, Spring in China is the best time to explore the country where the weather does not remain moderate in other seasons like in winter and summer. 

spring in china

The spring season starts from the March and lasts till May, during traveling in China in Spring, you will enjoy the rain shower and full of lush, colorful blossoms, and fresh green shades that will add the elegance in your photography.

In this article, we will let you explore the top places of China which bloom in spring, festivals you can enjoy as well as charms of the spring season.

Spring Time In North And South China:

Due to the huge difference in latitude, the spring season comes early in South and little later in the North of China. On the other hand, the average season of China is from mid-March to Mid May.

spring time in north and south china

Spring In Central And South China: 

The springtime is March and April in this part of China where we can see warmer temperature but with the heavier rain showers which cool down the temperature from time to time.

You should keep an umbrella or raincoat to avoid any inconvenience during your tour in China for witnessing the beauty of spring. 

Spring In North China:

The time of spring in this part of China in April and May. During March temperature of day time begin to get warmer and evening time bring a child that drops below freezing. 

So travelers are recommended to keep warmer clothes. Here monsoon is hardly noticed in this dry north of China.

Places Of China Which Bloom In Spring:

There are places in China that add more colors and beauty in nature in the season of spring.

1) Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province:

Huangshan is famous as the yellow mountain is located in Anhui Province which is about 650 kilometers apart from Shanghai. Huangshan connects Shanghai by bullet train or flight.

It is a beautiful mountain in China and known for its four wonders. This place is worth visiting for its spectacular rock peaks, the sea of clouds, hot springs, sunrise, and sunset sight. Because of its beauty, Huangshan is the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Huangshan Mountain

So it will be a wise choice to visit this place during spring in China and let the beauty mesmerize your eyes.

2. Lantau Island, Hong Kong:

Lantau Island is the largest island of Hong Kong located at the Pearl River. The water surrounding to Lantau Island is the home to the white dolphins. It is really fun to watch this friendly and attractive creature.

Whereas Lantau Island is the place where the surrounding is made up of lush greenery that is the fascination for the tourist and trekkers who want to explore Lantau island and peaks. Spring is the best time to enjoy nature.

lantau island

3. Guilin, Guangxi Province:

Guilin is located in south-central China, Guangxi Province. It is a famous scenic city of China for its unrivaled karst Landscape, mesmerizing mountains, stunning rivers, wired caves. This city is one of the favorite destinations for the tourist.

Guilin is surrounded by the west bank of the Li River and borders Hunan to the north. It is also known as the forest of the sweet cruise because of owing a large number of fragrant trees are in the region.

You can enjoy the cruise ride on the scenic Li River to Yangshuo another sightseeing area. You can go for 4 to 5 hours hiking along the Li River. 

Guilin Guangxi

You can enjoy your spring with Yinxiang liusanjie night show which is performed completely on the water by using Guilin’s iconic mountain as a backdrop and creating some amazing visuals.

4. Huaqing Hot Springs Pool, Xian:

Huaqing palace is a well-known bathing pool. It is the National Cultural Relic and one of China's hundredth famous gardens.

This is one of the favorite tourist destinations. The springs are also rumored to have health advantages, including improvements to the digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

Huaqing Hot Springs Pool

5. Kunming, Yunan Province:

Kunming is located in western China and is famous as a Spring city, because of its moderate and smooth spring-like weather and the colors and flowers of the city that looks bloom always. 

Festivals Of Spring In China:

As spring is regarded as the season of prosperity so, in China, there are several festivals held in the spring season which are celebrated with family.

1. Sisters's Meal Festival:

Sisters Meal Festival is a valuable and historical festival of the minority of Miao of China. This festival is taken place for the celebration of the love of spring in central China. 

This festival begins from April which is the 15th day of the third month in the lunar calendar Its celebration usually lasts for 3 days.

sisters meal festival

At this festival, you can enjoy eating colorful rice, see the beautiful ethnic costume and enjoy singing and dancing. 

2. Water Splashing Festival:

The water slashing festival is the Dai ethnic minority festival which is held every year during the time of spring. It is the most significant and religious festival last for three days.

In this festival, everyone gets to be sprayed with water or splashed. The religious significance of this festival, it is regarded as purification. And it is an expression of the desire for good luck and prosperity.

Water Splashing Festival

3. Weifang International Kite Festival:

The international kite festival is held from April 29 to 25 in Weifang, China. Weifang is considered as the birthplace of kite and capital of kites well.

Every year in spring people in the city fly kites as an outdoor activity. And each kite has a symbolic meaning in China. 

Weifang International Kite Festival

Charms Of Spring in China:

There are some charms of spring that fascinate people such as flowers, vibrant colors and blissful nature.

1. See the Beautiful Rape Flower:

In eastern central China, Wuyuan is well known to have the most beautiful countryside in China. The natural beauty of the city touches the peak in the spring season when the rape flowers cover the land from its stunning colors.

Luoping in Yunnan Province and areas around Qinghai Lake in Qinghai Province are another place where you can witness the beauty of rape flowers. 

Rape Flower china

2. Enjoy The Beauty Of Lilac and Crabapple Blossom:

In the spring season between Kate March till mid of May Beijing blooms with the Charm of Lilac ant Crabapple Blossom. 

If you want to witness the spectacular view of spring flowers that the emperor enjoyed then you must follow the timings of the spring. 

Lilac and Crabapple Blossom

Beijing is the most fascinating place to spend your holidays in spring when flowers ate in full bloom and nature is more enchanting to reveal its beauty.

3. Get Attracted By The Beautiful Peach Blossoms

Gongcheng is the best place to see the beautiful peach blossoms. A place is close to Guilin where there are flowering peach trees in Guilin park as well 

Every year Gongcheng Peach Blossom Festival is held to coincide with the peach blossoming peak around early March.

4. Mesmerize With The Beauty of Plum Blossoms

There are more than 30,000 plum trees of over 350 species on Plum Blossom Hill in Nanjing. 

Every year Nanjing Plum Blossom Festival Is taken place from February 25th till March 10th on the Plum Blossom Hill.

5. Enjoy the Beauty of Azaleas In Spring:

Over the 50 Square kilometers, a natural Azalea forest is spread near northern Guizhou., where you can found more than 70 verities of the Azaleas in the area. 

Guizhou Azaleas Festival is held every year from April 8th till 25th.

7. View The Beautiful Peonies in spring:

Over 400 varieties of peonies are found in Luoyang National Peony Garden. The garden covers the area of square kilometers. 

From April till mid-May, the peonies are in full bloom and reach their Peak from April 15th till 25th. 

Luoyang Peony Festival held every year from April 1st till May 7th. 

Here is our complete guide about the spring in China, we hope it will help you to plan you your accordingly.

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