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This Is The Visit Of The Jade Buddha Temple

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Aug 19 6 min read
This Is The Visit Of The Jade Buddha Temple

One of the must-sees on your China tourism is the Jade Buddha Temple. It is a relatively modern Buddhist temple, as it was built between 1911 and 1918, which remains the seat of a community formed by some 70 monks.

The Jade Buddha Temple does not expect to find it in a historic area of ​​the city. Instead, its location is in the west of the Shanghai, in the middle of a modern neighborhood and surrounded by large residential skyscrapers, specifically at 170 Anyuan Rd.

Its traditional Chinese architecture, with a profusion of the striking red color, and its ornate decoration, makes it a very attractive place to visit.

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What to see in Jade Buddha Temple? The origins of the Jade Buddha Temple date back to 1882, when from Myanmar, a country formerly known as Burma, two statues of jade-built Buddhas were brought to Shanghai by a Buddhist monk.

Seated Buddha:

The most prominent is a seated Buddha, figure almost two meters high, inlaid with agates and emeralds, and weighing more than a ton. This figure is located in a very isolated room, so the most spectacular of your visit to this Buddhist temple you will find in its large rooms.

The other figure is a jade Buddha lying a little less than a meter long. The seated Buddha you find on a second floor, in an interior room dedicated to it, inside a glass urn, being prohibited to take photographs. In the Jade Buddha Temple there is also another statue of a reclining Buddha of larger dimensions than the one mentioned above.

It is four meters long and was brought in 1989 from Singapore by an abbot of the temple.

But apart from these Jade figures, in the different halls of the temple you can see numerous other figures, such as those found in the Great Hall and in the Chamber of the Four Divine Kings.

Chamber of Divine Kings:

As you enter the enclosure, on the left and on the south side of it, in front of the temple itself, is the Chamber of the Divine Kings, where you will find four great Buddhist figures representing different favorable circumstances.

But it is in the building of the Jade Buddha Temple itself, in the Great Hall, where you will be impressed by the numerous and huge Buddhist figures and the grandeur of the decoration, always dominated by the characteristic red color.

Gold Buddhas:

The most spectacular are undoubtedly the three Golden Buddhas, which represent the Buddhas “Gautama ", “Amitabha” and “Bhaisajyaguru ".

Although the 18 gold “Arhats” located in two rows, and the set of the figures of “Guanyin” and “Shen Cai” and their 53 professors also call your attention.

In sum, a visit that is totally worthwhile and that allows you to verify the grandeur that Buddhist temples can have, but in a very different way from what you are used to with Christian churches and cathedrals.

Jade Buddha Temple Hours:

The visiting hours of the Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple are from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm, and the visit may take an hour.

The entrance fee is 20 Yuan, 2.4 Euros, although to access the room where the figure of the jade Buddha is sitting, an additional 10 Yuan, 1.20 Euros, must be paid.

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