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Shenzhen Best Place to Stay in 2020

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Shenzhen Best Place to Stay in 2020

Shenzhen, one of the famous manufacturing industrial city of Southern China, keep so much attraction inside for and visitors. Its development makes Shenzhen the best place to stay and enjoy your vacation not only for tourists but for business purposes. Initially, Shenzhen was an undeveloped small fishing village and was called by the name of Bao'an country. 

Later, when a special economic was built, the city was named Shenzhen over 40 years ago in 1979. They divided Shenzhen city into six zones, and four of them fall under the exclusive economic zone. 

shenzhen beauty

This beautiful and developed city owns some most prominent skyscrapers, shopping malls and the newly constructed subway of China. The majority of consumer appliances assembles in Shenzhen as sold worldwide. 

Selection of a place to stay in Shenzhen, it depends upon your purpose of coming.

Shenzhen consists of 10 districts, but among them Luohu district, Futian District, Nanshan district, and Bao'an district are the best places to visit in Shenzhen this year and are being advised for the visitors because most of the hotels are in these areas. 

So let's start the first place where you can stay in Shenzhen.

Dongmen Old Street is Considered One of the lucrative places to Stay in Shenzhen:

There is a saying which is famous for this place that is if you have not come to Dongmen old street, you haven't even been to Shenzhen. This place falls under the district of Luohu. 

It is one of the famous and traditional commercial places in Shenzhen. A city offers exciting food and shopping malls to make your day marvelous.

shenzhen nature

Even at midnight, you can find a good restaurant and shopping mall to overcome your hunger for food and shopping. There Metro services can easily take you from Dongmen to any other place of Shenzhen. 

Visitors love to stay in their hotels as they have a few good choices for visiting purpose:

Recommended Hotels To Stay in Shenzhen:

  • Relax Season Hotel Dongmen (4 Star)
  • Hyatt Place Shenzhen Dongmen (4 Star).

Luohu Port: One of the Ideal Place to Stay in Shenzhen:

Luohu Port comes under one of the districts of Luohu. It is the main entry and exit port for visitors who want to travel between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

Luohu Port is the active port of china and we can witness Shenzhen railway station is also very near to this port. Luohu Port is located in the commercial area where we can easily find metro stations that can take us to Dongmen or any other shopping mall and restaurant. 

Recommended Hotels In Shenzhen:

  • CAA Holy Sun Hotel (4 Star)
  • Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen (5 Star)
  • Best Western Felicity Hotel (5 Star)

Shenzhen Best Place To Stay- Over Seas Chinese Town:

This overseas china town cones under the district of Nanshan. Most of the famous attraction is located in this place such window of the world, Minsk world, beautiful China and cultural folk villages; overseas Chinese town Best Shenzhen themed Park and Dafen oil painting village. 

This place is the best tourist holiday resort for food, shopping, and amusement. Here you can also find many hotels to stay according to your choice and budget. From your hotel window sightseeing is very convenient. But their hotels are comparatively, not cheap, because they are mostly high-end tourist or business hotels. 

Recommended Hotels:

  • Shenzhen U Hotel (4 Star)
  • The Venice Ray tour Hotel Shenzhen (5 Star)
  • The OCT Harbour, Shenzhen (5 Star)

Another Beautiful Place You Can Consider To Stay in Shenzhen is Huaqiangbei: 

Huaqiangbei comes under the district of Futian District. Futian district falls in between of Luohu district and the Nanshan district. Huaqiangbei is the business center in Shenzhen. 

You can found skyscrapers all over the place. This place is famous for selling and gathering electronic products and clothing. Other than electronic products and cloth g you can also find good restaurants, shopping malls, and an amusement center. 

Hiaqingbei is the commercial area of Shenzhen and we found some high-class hotels there, which are usually recommended to those travelers who come for the business work purpose. 

Recommended Hotels:

  • Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen (5 Star)
  • a Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen (5 Star)
  • Marco Polo Shenzhen (5 Star)

So, these are the Shenzhen's best places to stay either to travel or business work. You will never regret to visit this fabulous miracle place, which transformed into a well-developed place in a short time. 

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