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Shenzhen - Discover the Next Silicon Valley

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Shenzhen - Discover the Next Silicon Valley

It is no secret that China has lacked in innovation since a long time.

But have you seen Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is a modern metropolitan city by the border of Hong Kong. The city used to be a not-so-special town of around 30,000 before it became a special economic zone in 1979.


Now the city hosts over 10 million people and is also the most appealing city of Chinese people. 

Wanna see Shenzhen? 

But wait!

Why not make a checklist of the best of the city? Here we have listed the top features of the city so that you see the most in your next visit to Shenzhen. 


Is there a better way to start your day in a new city than having fresh thick-cut sandwiches?

The city boasts its own flavors but you should really test this western style bakery. The bakery offers more than just popular foods. The hand-shaken tea offered by the bakery puts in a personal touch in the food industry. This may be a brief stop in your Shenzhen exploration but it will surely start your day fresh and energetic for what follows. 

Sea World

Now don’t get confused with its name, it isn’t a pool or aquarium, it is a plaza. Well, a stunning plaza to be honest. The place hosts a number of Western style restaurants and bars that cater imported German and Irish beer. Remember your day starting with fresh bakery items? Well, this place offers a wild end for your night.

shenzhen sea world

Moreover, you can watch a ten minute fountain show at 7 and 8 pm. 

Meridian View Centre

Now that we have talked about foodies, let’s get to how Shenzhen boasts its design for. If you have a desire for looking at the stunning Shenzhen-Hong Kong border, the Meridian View Centre is the best choice for you. Located at the 69th floor of one of the largest buildings, Diwang Mansion, Meridian View Centre offers telescopes to avid travelers. From the height of 384 meters, you can take a long look at the entire city, its design, and breathtaking skyscrapers piercing the sky. What’s the point of visiting a modern metropolitan if you don’t get look at it from the sky, right?

Nanshan Mountains 

Now don’t think for a second that Shenzhen lacks in natural beauty. Just when you exit Meridian View Centre, just proceed inland and you will look at green hills leading towards the breathtaking Nanshan Mountains. Now if you are a fan of challenging yourself, walk up the 700 steps of the mountain which will challenge your body and freshen up your soul at the same time. The  best thing about this travel spot is that it is free of any charge. 6:00 AM-9:00 PM are the hours if you want to avail breathtaking views for free in Shenzhen. 

Shenzhen Museum

What good would this city be if it lost its roots? 

Since people are interested in knowing the history of this man made miracle, the Shenzhen museum offers a vast collection of the remains. If you are interested in knowing about how Shenzhen was made, this is the place to go.

Futian Central Business District

Are you fascinated by modern architecture? 

Futian CBD offers an ultra modern view aided by valued institutions such as new city government building, concert hall, library and more. Once you get there, you will be surrounded by amazing works of artichecture and especially the 115-storey, 599 m supertall skyscraper in Shenzhen, Guangdong. 

Shenzhen sunrise

This list contains the cream of what city offers. You can explore more on your own. And when you do, please share in the comments.

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