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5 Beautiful Places In China To Visit This Year

Barsbold Baatarsuren
Barsbold Baatarsuren Apr 01 min read
5 Beautiful Places In China To Visit This Year

Picture yourself stepping in the oceans of clouds, greeted by cold and refreshing breezes, the warm welcome given by the chorus voices of birds, rhythm of water pulling you towards its invigoration, marvels of nature surrounding you in the most pleasing manner, and the awe-inspiring views of sunset and sunrise giving you the vibes of paradise. No, it’s not a fairy tale that is been narrated to you, it’s an experience that is been pen down. Needless to say, still words are not enough to justify when it comes to describing the endless beauty of China.  

Since lots of people still are not aware of the most beautiful Country in the world so here we are writing a partial piece of its soulful allure and heartwarming beauty.  

China, one of the colonized, moderated and the exquisite country is only famous for its one wonder Wall of China, although it’s full of wonders from which most of the people are unaware. There are bounties of places to visit in China that are holding the trophy of being rare, unique and exclusive since ages.

Just to give the little glance to our readers we are mentioning a little part regarding the beauty of China though it is still very challenging, to sum up, the magnificent marvels of China in a few words.


You know in China there is a fairyland too, that people are totally unaware of. Jiuzhaigou Valley has been portrayed as a fairyland of China because it’s a land of numerous waterfalls; mountains covered with the smoothness of ice, and its translucent lakes which reflect the tints of turquoise and green, the sheerness of lakes is so clear that one can easily sight the underwater scenario easily.

Besides those appealing lakes and mountains the land also has something very amazing the city is famous for its giant yet lovely hosts, that are huge pandas, according to visitors pandas are one of the most beautiful parts of Jiuzhaigou, they warmly welcome the visitors to the park and give cute friendly vibes to them.


What if I share the biggest secret with you all, what if I say it’s a city that poets love to visit and loves to write about. Yes, it true back in the 13th century the famous poet Marco Polo marked the Hangzhou's as one of the most beautiful yet splendor city of the world, so many other poets then visited the city and supported the Polo’s words of appreciation. People say that Hangzhou is one of the magnetic cities that never fail to attract visitors towards its charm and beauty.

The city has countless God gifted wonders to sight. Hangzhou’s most famous spot is West Lake, it is a hefty lake detached via land bridges and ruled with prehistoric edifices and gardens constructed to give soulful leisure and mysticism to visitors. Also, you will discover pagodas, shrines, walking alleyways and tea ranches by the side of its coasts.


It’s a city of palaces, attractiveness and enjoyable tourist spots. Lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in Tibet and one of the uppermost promoted in the world. It is said that Lhasa, despite its assimilation into better China, still has preserved a great deal of its culture and traditions. Lhasa addresses the Potala Palace, which is one of the most attractive yet eye-capturing signs of the city, the palace has two parts, the White and the Red both of the parts hold their own charm and historic identity.

Another palace that magnetizes most of the tourists is Lhasa is Norbulingka, people also call it a summer palace and is known for its outbound beauty and astonishing architecture. The city is famous for its unique architecture and antique treasures this is the reason locals of China call it a gemstone of tourist destinations.


Any guesses? What could be the most joyful thing to act in Yangshuo? Well, let us pin down some of the exciting yet adventurous experiences for you. Catch your postures with a small trek up to Moon Hill, and a seascape just at the external part of the town, just sit and unwind with a diminutive journey downhill the river. You can also capture a day tour to Guilin for a relaxing trip on the Li River. There is also a facility to rent bicycles for the trip back, as the path is comparatively smooth so most of the visitors choose to take a bicycle to fully take advantage of the tour and not to enjoy their journey fully.

It has been observed that most of the tourists spend at least 2 or 3 days discovering Yangshuo and the nearby tourist spots. It won’t be the fable to accept that Yanghsuo offers a range of exceptional adventurous spots and experiences that could not be spotted elsewhere in the world.


Another incredible city that is still a hidden beauty for visitors is Quanzhou. The city is very serene and has a Silk boulevard on the Sea; a marine Silk way is utterly diverse from those conventional Silk boulevards. The city light winds of the city have an immense impression and ambiance from its primordial tradition have a multiplicity of practices to offer the tourists. In Quanzhou you can visit the neighboring Buddhist temples to know about the religious tradition; also you can enjoy a long soothing walk on the seaside and can give yourself a new experience at fishing, and oh, those mouthwatering food streets which you can amazingly enjoy at affordable prices.

With the passage of time, China is becoming a major attraction for backpackers because of its beauty, picturesque wonders, unique tourist destinations, and exclusive culture. The time has not so far when people would be visiting China frequently, as its marvels are already pulling many tourists towards its allure, around the world. Make sure to mark yourself in those lucky charms too, missing a chance to visit China is like stealing your own delight of life obviously, you are going regret over it till your whole life.

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