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Best Three Most Haunted Places in China

Bushra Jawaid
Bushra Jawaid Nov 19 min read
Best Three Most Haunted Places in China

Whether you are an atheist or a believer of God, once in your life you must have experienced some odd feeling or some kind of scary feeling when you visit certain places. Many tourists who visit China have experienced such types of feelings especially around Forbidden City and at the Great Wall of China.

Though still many tourists comfortably visit these spots but spending the night at these places won`t be a good idea. But some of the daring tourists are in search of haunted places, as they love to explore and spend time with paranormal beings.

Here is a small list of some haunted places in China.

GONGWANGFU (Prince Gong’s Mansion)

Gongwangfu mansion located at Liuyin Street of Xicheng district was under the ownership of the Qing Dynasty. He Shen used to live here with his 80 concubines and his wife Feng Shi. He was notoriously corrupt and his lustful activities were popular around in his dynasty but still, he was known to be devoted towards his wife.

His youngest son died in a battle against rebel and his wife felt sick with the news of death. He Shen hired monks to pray for the health and wellness of his wife but she died. Rumors are popular that the sound of a woman cries and ghosts of escorts of He Shen can be seen late at night. Even the security guards claim that they have seen female spirits wandering in the garden area or at the windows of the mansion.


Tuen Mun Road is a major highway between two villages in Hong Kong and is popular around the world for the highest number of road accidents. After the accident, the survivors especially the drivers claim that accident triggered because they were trying to avoid hitting the paranormal body they saw over the road. Even the villagers believe these stories and think that the number of ghosts keeps on increasing every year as the accident victims remain on the expressway to scare people coming here.


This mansion was constructed by two Qiu brothers who were migrant workers in Shanghai. They used to sell paint and build two identical mansions. The architecture and ornamentation of the mansion were magnificent and popular in town. The two brothers were wildlife enthusiast and collected fierce species like Burmese tiger and crocodiles in their artificial lake.

One day the Qui brothers disappeared mysteriously and the neighbors started taking care of animals. They later ate some of those animals and left the garden unattended. Soon it turned into a tangle of barren branches.

It is reported that the voices of fierce animals and shadows of weird species can be seen in the mansion. Some people believe that the Qui brothers loved the animals so much and when neighbors mistreated them their spirits started to haunt people. There is a hotel with the name Four Season Hotel near to Qui Mansion, the duty guards of hotels have reported frequent mysterious activities. Moreover, a number of guards were admitted to the hospital for treatment of animal bites which are mysterious in appearance and none of the guards knows how these injuries occurred.

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