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What Should You Buy When You Visit China?

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What Should You Buy When You Visit China?

Most tourists want to take home some bargains or mementos when they discover China and Chinese culture. With so many options available, shopping can be time-consuming, confusing, and exhausting in a country where you have no idea about the prices and shopping places.

Different Chinese cities have different local specialties, but all you need is a knowledgeable advice on where to go to get a fair price and decent selection. Gladly we are here to tell you where you’ll get what you need to but with reasonable prices when you visit China.


Beijing, there is a special glasses market near the Panjiayuan antique market. The biggest one in Shanghai is located near the railway station, hot spots to shop for glasses are Beijing and Shanghai. Into aviators? The classy cat eye? Reflectors? They've got them all. Tourism in China has a great opportunity to stock up their collection of glasses at very affordable prices. Glasses and contacts are much cheaper in China, so it can be worth stocking up while here, especially if you like to have a bunch of different stylish glasses designs.


Tourism in China has a great attraction to Chinese clothes. When you’ll discover China, you will find out that the clothes are very cheap in China, but make sure you know what you are getting yourself into buying. Street stalls throughout the country serve up a fantastic array of clothing that ranges from designer dud knockoffs to funny T-shirts. The most commonly used fabrics are silk, cotton, and linen. Whereas, hand-made clothing can be another bargain throughout China, as long as you are very specific about the material, size, and style you want.


China is the best place to buy this precious fabric. China has the best silk fabric in the world. Chinese silk is a comfortable material, however, the quality of silk may vary from shop to shop. Shanghai is the go-to stop for silk carpeting, while Hangzhou and Suzhou rank high for other silk items. Undoubtedly, the best place to buy silk is from the factories, and the closest one to Shanghai but if those who can’t make it there, there is a large store of Silk King chain where you will find every silk product imaginable.


China is the perfect place to pick up accessories and jewellery, and there is absolutely no shortage of places to do so also the accessories are cheap and lasting.  One of the best places to buy jewelry in Shanghai is Hongqiao International Pearl City. Prices vary consistently, depending on the quality, color, size and, of course, type of jewel. A typical set of necklace and earrings can go for anything between Y70 and Y200. Jewellery inspired by Chinese culture and traditions can be purchased from either near temples or ethnic markets.

Leather Goods:

You can find real leather for a killer deal if you know what to look for. Many of the markets sell leather bags and belts at prices much cheaper than back home. Of course, the cheaper the good, the cheaper the quality, so shop around at different vendors to see all of your options.  


These are the trinkets that will remind you of your china trip forever. China abounds in original souvenirs closely linked to its ancient civilization and traditions; Shanghai alone offers a wide choice, including handmade chopsticks, fans, paintings, key chains with the red Chinese knot, calligraphy sets, umbrellas, panda paraphernalia, masks, and paper lanterns are sold all over the place.

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