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There are three pearls in the Yangtze River Delta and that are the beautiful Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou and as these cities are situated very close to each other it is best to travel here by train.

People may be aware of about Shanghai because of the reason of the modern and contemporary skyscrapers and old cultural buildings but many do not know and are not aware of the mesmerizing beauty about Hangzhou and Suzhou two beautiful cities that are not very far from Shanghai.

With the rapid and speedy growth and development of high-speed railway, people and more travelers can now easily reach Hangzhou and Suzhou from Shanghai within an hour’s time and it is probable to visit the three cities within a limited amount of time allocated.


Located hallway along the eastern coastline of China and delta river of Yangtze on the eastern tip. Due to the geographical location of China, on north, it borders Yangtze River, on west it border the Zhejiang and Jiangsu. On South it borders the bay of Hangzhou. It is a Successful port city based off its geographical location.

Shanghai is a city that combines modernity with cultural tradition, and it is also known as the transportation hub of the three cities. The best thing to do here is to visit and explore the Bund and you will feel like as if you are walking along the streets of Shanghai dated back in the 1920s. You can appreciate a bird’s-eye view of the city from the Shanghai Tower, or you can also spend some relaxing time roaming around in a traditional garden there enjoying the mesmerizing scenic beauty.

Landscape Advantage of Shanghai

Another great landscape advantage of Shanghai are the mountains, in the southwest there are famous mountains and hills, especially in the districts of Songjiang and Qingpu in the southest. Which includes the mountains of Fenghuang, Tianma, Xiaokunshan and Hengshan.

shanghai landscape

Shanghai geography is also blessed with many offshore islands, like the Xiaojinshan island, Fushan island and the Dajinshan island. On the north of the mainland of shnghai there Yangtze River estuary there Changxing alluvial island, Chongming alluvial island and the Hengsha alluvial island. Under the district of Baoshan jurisdiction, Hengsha and Changxing are smaller islands. Chongming is the 3rd largest island in China.

Well Developed Water Tanker

Shanghai also having a very well-developed water network which is very dense. The irrigation and transportation is facilitated by enough water provided by a lakes and rivers, in the city. The main river of shanghai is the Yangtze River. The yangstze river, which is also known as the mother river, is the Yangtze River tributary, and the only main one. In Jiangsu Province, which originates from the lake of Taihu, runs in the city. Its deep, it never freezes and is also wide. Is the main city transportation. Wusojg river is the one of the tributaries of Huangpu River. Along the bank of the Wusong river there are many historical buildings and monuments. In the west of the district to Qingpu, the largest offering fresh water is the lake of Dianshan. Many aquatic products are produced in in the district to fthe Qingpu.

Natural Resources

Natural resources are never abundant in the region. In the mountain of Sheshan and the island of Dajinshan natural vegetation is seen. The animals in the region are domestic. Natural gases and crude oil only are found in terms of natural resources, in the yellow seas, south and the China Sea, east.


Suzhou is the city in the west of shanghai, it is located in the tai pan lake on the south of the river of the Yangtze, very famous of r tis classical gardens, bridges and canals. It is famous especially of the gardens, which are over 60, the city is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Also leaving its mark as the city with most number of UNESCO recognized gardens in the world.

Suzhou landscape

Out of the four most famous classical garden sin china are the Lion Grove Garden, lingering garden, Canglang Pavilion, and the humble administrator’s garden. They also represent the gardening style so the dynasties of the Qing, Song, Yuan, and Ming. Retreat and Reflection Garden., Couple's Retreat Garden and the Garden of Cultivation, are also inscribed in the list of the world heritage.

Many historic temples are also located in the Suzhou, like the Xuanmiao Temple, Hanshan Temple, Chongyuan Temple, Lingyanshan Temple, Xiyuan Temple, Xuanmiao Templeand Chongyuan Temple.

Suzhou is renowned for its traditional scenic and beautiful gardens and mesmerizing water towns, which have a picturesque atmosphere and gorgeous Chinese architecture. You can easily take a rickshaw ride alongside the prehistoric and ancient canal to appreciate the ancient buildings and streets that are located there.

Historic districts and canals.

The Grand canal includes historic areas, twenty stone traditional designed bridges and ten city gates.

Pingjiang Road is added to china’s historic sites list as well.


Hangzhou is the capital of the Zhejiang province of China, on the south of water way of the Grand Canal. Since the 9th century poets and artist are celebrated on the west lake. There are islands to visit, pavilions gardens, arched bridges, and Temples. 

The west lake is surrounded by the cloud-capped hills. The tang dynasty writers are celebrated. The city is improved by the adding pagodas, ornamental trees, temples, pavilions, and gardens.

Hangzhou landscape

West lake is a having the perfect combination of man and nature, completely following the cultural aesthetics of china. Depicting and inhabiting the song and tand dynasties.

Hangzhou is a delightful and a captivating city with well-maintained and conserved natural and cultural landscape. The most prominent appeal in Hangzhou is West Lake. Relishing a boat ride on the lake is very comforting, soothing, and scenic experience. Also, you may visit Lingyin Temple to make a wish for the wellbeing of your family.

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