Top 8 Things to Do in Guilin and The Finest Places to Visit

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Top 8 Things to Do in Guilin and The Finest Places to Visit

Guilin features some of the world's most spectacular karst landscapes. There are so many things to do and see in Yangshuo that cater to different travel styles, from enjoying a quiet cruise down the Li River to hiking or bicycling in the countryside. On your Guilin holiday, we've compiled a list of the top 8 things to do and see.

Guilin and the nearby cities of Yangshuo and Longsheng are known for their landscape and leisure activities, such as cruising the Li River, cycling through the countryside, and visiting minority settlements.

Cruise down the Li River

Relax aboard a cruise boat and take in the jade waters and bamboo-lined banks of the Li River, which meanders amidst towering karst peaks, to get a true flavor of old China.

Li River

It is indeed not a lie when it is said that this river is the stuff of dreams. The images you take as you sail down the river will be ones that people will want to see again and again. Although it may be the most expensive portion of your trip to Guilin, I believe it must be at the top of the list.

The Chinese travel from all across China to Guilin specifically to have their wedding photos taken in one of China's most picturesque locations. It's breathtaking how the hills dot the horizon and the engulfing natural greenery blends together.

Take some shots and make a memory that will last a lifetime. If you go with us, our guides will be pleased to take photos of you and your family.

The river is toured by cruise boats and motorized "bamboo" pipe rafts with seats and a canopy. The cruise lasts half a day, and the start time necessitates a one-night stay in Guilin. The raft rides on the most famous stretch of the Li River run approximately an hour, although the outboard motors are noisy.

Visit the Rice Terraces and the Villages of the Minorities.

Guilin's rice terraces, which wind around the hills in tiered bands, like huge chains or ribbons. Villages of ethnic minorities are also worth visiting.

rice terraces

There are two ways to acquire the best shots of the Longji rice terraces. You can visit in mid-May when the rice paddies are still wet and there is no fog, or in September/October when the rice paddies have turned a golden hue. The mountains are nice and clear at both of these times of year, so you won't have to worry about visibility. The greatest recommendation is to stay away from November to February because there is a chance of terrible weather!

We believe that an authentic travel experience entails connecting with the locals and learning about their cultures in addition to visiting the must-see sights. When visiting the rice terraces, we recommend stopping by a local ethnic family and listening to their stories while they prepare bamboo tube rice.

Near the tallest hill in South China, the Longji region is roughly 70 kilometers (40 miles) from Guilin. There are winding country roads as well as a freeway.

Discover And Explore The Reed Flute Cave

Yangshuo's scene is timeless, with grazing water buffalos, farmers working in their fields, and a couple of small towns with antique structures situated among green karst hills. Cycling through rice farms and peaceful villages is an option, as is rafting down the Yulong River in a bamboo raft.

The Reed Flute Cave

If you are seeking for more things to do in Guilin, this is a must-see. The Reed Flute cave region is a 15-minute cab ride away and offers amazing views and a wonderful day out.

This cave system is accessible all year and is weather-protected. The best months to visit are April through October, as these are the hottest months of the year. The rest of your visit will be optimized as a result.

Travelers who do not prefer cycling can still enjoy the countryside because we offer alternative modes of transportation.

Because cycling vacations are weather-dependent, our tour arrangements and guides are adaptable. We can work with you to adjust your route so that you may take advantage of wet days and enjoy cycling when the weather is nice.

Get a taste of Yangshuo's nightlife on West Street.

With hundreds of restaurants, souvenir stores, disco clubs, and nightclubs, West Area is a very popular retail street.

During the day, this street is peaceful, with clothes stores and restaurants available to the public. It's a whole different story at night. When the evening arrives, a slew of clubs with live music and karaoke open their doors.

It's a busy area with Chinese and foreign tourists, as well as loud music at night, but if you want this type of entertainment, it's still a terrific atmosphere.

The River Night Show is worth watching.

The Impression of Third Sister Liu (Impression Liu Sanjie) is a stunning nighttime spectacle on the Li River that features colorful lights, music, and folk melodies.

It's a pretty excellent spectacle with roughly 600 performers that is mostly done against a natural stunning setting. Zhang Yimou, who also organized the spectacle for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, directed it.

The river night performance in Guilin is one of the lesser-known attractions in the city. Every night, up to 600 performers perform on the banks of the Li river in a massive performance. It is based on a Chinese legendary love story between two amazing singers. The event is masterfully organized to take advantage of the Li River's natural splendor, and the tunes reverberate across the hills.

You'll notice a pattern here: the best time to visit is between March and October. This is to reduce the chance of rain or fog interfering with your experience. There's basically no reason to visit Guilin in the winter.

Do not schedule your trip around the months of January and February because the performance does not generally run during those months.

Guilin Rice Noodles are delicious.

Rice noodles are Guilin's most popular local snack, and residents eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rice noodles from Guilin are likely to be found within 100 meters of any town or city corner in this area.

With the help of your guide, you can also uncover the most genuine restaurants hidden in the backstreets.

Take a walk or a cruise among the city's lakes.

The water system of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes runs through the heart of Guilin, forming a continuous scenic river. The multicolored lighting makes the scene much more beautiful at night.

The two rivers and four lakes can be visited in two ways: one by walking around the lakes, and the other by taking a cruise boat.

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