Cruise Through The Beautiful Scenery Of The Li River In Guilin

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Cruise Through The Beautiful Scenery Of The Li River In Guilin

Traveling to the Chinese city of Guilin, in the province of Guangxi, is synonymous with making a cruise on the Li River. For those who have visited Guilin, this has undoubtedly been the best way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Karst Mountains, spectacular rocky headlands with vegetation that extend along the river.

If you do not visit Guilin on a trip organized by a tourist agency, which will already include the cruise, in Guilin itself you can hire this excursion. They will pick you up at the hotel to transfer you to the jetty, from where the cruise leaves to the small town of Yangzhou, which is located at a distance of 80 kilometers from Guilin.

Depending on the excursion you hire, the cruise will last between five and seven hours. For this, on shorter excursions, tourists are transferred by bus several kilometers outside Guilin to start the cruise and closer to Yangzhou.

During the time that the cruise lasts, you can enjoy the atmosphere that is lived around the Li River, especially with the small fishing boats, as well as its beautiful corners.

The first prominent corner that you are going to find, almost in Guilin itself, is the Elephant Trunk Hill. Later you will see a Ming period pagoda on a small hill and the small town of Daxu, from the same period, which maintains the medieval atmosphere, and which extends for two kilometers along the river.

Then the cruise goes into the area known as Gargante Del Buey until you reach a very tourist point, the Cave of the Crown (Guinean).

These are some caverns that open on a hill, which are up to twelve kilometers long. Open to visitors not too long ago, there are now even organized excursions of tourists that approach you to the caves from Guilin by bus.

Finally, in the area of ​​the river that runs between Yangdi and Xingping is where you can enjoy the most attractive landscapes.

In that section is the Mural Hill, a 100-meter high cliff, and you can also see the buffalo bathing in the river, or the fishermen using birds to collect the fishing.

The small fishing village of Xingping will be the last spot highlighted during the cruise on the Li River, before arriving in Yangzhou.

Guilin - Essential visits and tourist activities on your trip

One of the most recommended visits you can do on your tourist trip to China is, without a doubt, Guilin. In fact, this destination in southeast China becomes one of the most demanded by those who travel to that country, after the most prominent in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Below are the details about what are the 2 essential visits and tourist activities on your trip to Guilin.

Cruise on the Li River:

It is the main axis that justifies the trip to the city of Guilin because during the cruise on the Li River it is how you will be able to enjoy the spectacular landscapes that favor the Karst Mountains that stretch through the region, which you will see on your tour by a river. This cruise can become one of the most outstanding visits of your trip to China.

Visit of Yangzhou:

80 kilometers south of Guilin is the small town of Yangzhou, which in recent times has become a place of great attraction for Western tourists.

In Yangzhou, you arrive precisely doing the cruise on the Li river, and there you find not only a city of great atmosphere, in which you will have to pass through the known as the street of foreigners, but you will find a wide range of tourist activities and adventure to perform in the area.

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