5 Most Stimulating Places in China That Are a Rock Climber's Paradise

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China is well known for its tourism, but despite being an underrated destination for rock climbers, China comprise of great crags, in great quantity, where rock climbers can suit their desire for climbing while also being surrounded by marvelous scenic beauty. You will definitely be astonished by the adventure, breadth of experience, and cultural immersion that you will experience here in China.

Climbers can easily enjoy the beautiful scenic landscapes while also challenging themselves

Here we would like to mention around five most suitable destinations for rock climbing in China.

In the Beijing Suburbs, the white river.

This place is developed by rock climbing fans for the rock climbing fans, for more than a period of 8 years. China’s Rock climbing birthplace as considered by many, has good friction, very few loose rocks and over a hundred lines to offer, and is ideal for a rock climbing destination.

white river

The lines are mainly multi pitched, traditional and professional (sport climbing, of 5.7 yards to 5.13 yards). From Beijing, the white river climbing area is located at a hundred and tem kilometres (which is sixty five miles) of a distance. This very well developed rock climbing area is very well developed and on weekends especially has many fans of rock climbing.

Desired location: White River Valley, Shicheng District, Miyun County, Beijing

Most feasible way of transportation: You will need to take bus 980 from Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station to Miyun County, and then rent vehicles there which will cost you 100 yuan for a particular vehicle.

Rock climbing in the south of Guilin, Yangshuo

Yangshuo is known for good availability of public transport and especially its landforms which are karst, offer stunning rock climbing area, it is famous for worldwide. The first line was created in the year 1990, by an American tod, and now there are over two hundred lines to choose from.

Rock climbing in the south of Guilin

Irrespective of the rock climbing knowledge, skills or experience, a rock climbing trip can be arranged by the local guide to this area. This place have various difficulty levels, variations in quality, and definitely have a lot of quantity. Any rock climber of any experience level will be delighted.


There are continuous non stop coaches to Yangshuo which arrives incessantly at an interval of every 15 minutes from 7am-7pm at Guilin Coach Station. The fare is also affordable and is 22 yuan for a single and it takes about 90 minutes to reach to its destination. You will need to buy a ticket before you take a bus.

Guilin Railway Station also comprises of buses to Yangshuo at 20 yuan, and it also takes 90 minutes, but you have to buy your ticket when you are on the bus.


Lhasa, being three thousand and seven hundred meters above the sea level, is the capital of Tibetan region. Climbing a mountain in this region will give the climber a visual delight, as the view opens up to Potala palace. You almost feel like an eagle in the air. Viewing from the eyes of the bird.

Lhasa mountain china

The site was developed since the year two thousand, by the Tibet mountaineering students and the coaches of (FFME) federation. Now having more than thirty lines, the site location is in the Lhasa north, in rural district of Duodi.

Lhasa also provides with some clubs which are rocking climbing themed, with availability of rock climbing equipment’s on rental and a local guide.

The fumin county in Kunming

Located five kilometres away from the town fumin county, in a valley with hundred meter sides. The fumins climbing is a great spot for rock climbing providing with magnificent view as well. With over a hundred lines to choose from, any level rock climber from beginner to professional can have the most it for at least two months. The development of a hundred rock climbing lines are a result of seven years of local climber’s efforts.

The fumin county in Kunming

With a very less expense, and absolutely not being crowded, the spot is solely for rock climbers with no need of waiting. The environment is very rock climbing friendly and comfortable, the climate is dry and warm.

Rock climbing in Sidu

With calm and resting Juma River, there is Sidu climbing area which is very scenic and attracting mostly amateur rock climbers. Developed recently, this climbing location offers gigantic rocks, grasslands which are smooth and wide. There is variety of climbing lines (sport climbing) over thirty of various levels and styles. Which can be challenging even for the climbers which are skilled as well.

Rock climbing in Sidu

Located in Sidu Picturesque Area, there is a new climbing location, which is established well in the upcoming years. There are impressive, majestic and amazing rocks, wide and smooth grasslands, and the clear and silent Juma River. For an outdoor out-of-climbing place, Sidu draws a large number of amateur and beginner level climbers.

There are nearly 30 sport climbing lines of various different styles and levels that needs to be accomplished. Babyface with 5.12c, 18 meters high is a challenge in itself for expert climbers. There are some 5.10 lines also that are allocated for beginners.

The Bottom Line:

China doesn’t seem and is not more likely to rank high on the list for top climbing destinations in the world. Yet with everything and the beauty that it possesses from Mt. Everest to seaside stonework boulders, karst sport climbing to sandstone trad, it holds some of the best climbs and stimulating places, some serious potential to grow and to rank on top all around the world. Since the turn of the century, China has sustained an upward trend in various different sports for instance like in rock climbing development by locals and foreigners alike.

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