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The Top 10 Most Popular Ski Resorts near Beijing

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The Top 10 Most Popular Ski Resorts near Beijing

The capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, is commonly famous for its world-class historical sites. There are countless world-famous heritage sites.

However, since the 21st century, it has been famous for skiing lovers and enthusiasts, due to the high number of skiing points and resorts in the neighborhood.

Near the Beijing region and outside the city locality, one can easily get acquainted with the best snow quality, first-class facilities, and some regular snow fun. One can easily enjoy time with family and friends, taking part in activities such as snowball fights, snow sculpturing.

Furthermore, one can also enjoy beautiful and aesthetic nature which can provide a unique and fabulous experience within only a short trip from Beijing.

The main reason for visiting these resorts near China capital is that this city experiences a long winter season, almost around 5 months. This makes it a populous city in winter. This also makes Beijing one of the best skiing spots in the world.


For a small family trip, calming scenery and light-entertainment would be your first priority for consideration. For these types of trips, choose a resort with a comfortable hotel, kids’ food.


The best-recommended spots for these types of skiing and picnic are “Fulong Snow Park”, “Nanshan Ski Resort” and “Thaiwoo Ski Resort”.


You may want to go to a more challenging place to develop your skiing skills if you are a beginner-level skier. The top ski resorts near Beijing are all suitable for you with a wide range of choices of beginner trails. You could just pick the one you like the most, or you may choose according to your budget, snow-quality, and crowded area. The famous spots are “Jundushan Ski Resort” and “Hauibei Ski Resort”.


If you are an advanced skier, then there are places that excel the most. These include “Genting Resort Secret Garden”, “Wanlong Ski Resort”, and “Vankeshijinglong Ski Resort”. In these places, the snow quality factor is great as well as the snow falling capacity, average temperature, altitude, and wind speed.


1.   Nanshan Ski Village:

Nanshan Ski Village

Nanshan Ski Resort is the largest Ski resort in Northern China and going to sking this place is kind of a trip. Sightseeing of various parts of city neighborhood and Great Wall of China is mesmerizing to the visitors. The resort is mainly the center of attention for younger skiers and families.

2. Huaibei International Ski Resort:

Huaibei International Ski Resort

Referred to as the most beautiful and eye-catching for the visitors, Huaibei International Ski Resort is famous among families and beginner-level skiers as well as professionals. The most important and best factor about this resort is that it is surrounded by the Great Wall of China from three sides. This place also allows snowboarding and snow-skating. It is located in the Huaraiou district.

3. Shijinglong Ski Resort:

Shijinglong Ski Resort

This resort is referred to as the first resort built near Beijing city. This place is full of enthusiastic skiers of every age. The place is very much known to old-school folks and people living around this region. It is located around 80 km north of the Beijing city downtown. The place is considered to be the best for ice and snow sculpturing. The resort has also a training center for handicapped skiers.

4. Wanlongbayi Ski Resort:

Wanlongbayi Ski Resort

Among all ski resorts, this one is the closest resort to the main city. This is the best place for those who want to stay a short stay in Beijing. There is also a center for training and learning skiing skills.

5. Yunju Ski Resort:

Yunju Ski Resort

This place is considered to be the ideal place for beginners and intermediate skiers. It is closer to south-west Beijing and is considered to be a good place for family trips. The cost of equipment rental and skiing charges are comparatively cheap.

6. Thaiwoo Ski Resort:

Thaiwoo Ski Resort

Thaiwoo is a modern and wider place and one of the venues of Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. The place offers training and activities, spa, shopping, and dining.

7. Genting Resort Secret Garden:

Genting Resort Secret Garden

Genting resort is a beautiful park with a calm and aesthetic scenery resort for skiers, located outside Beijing. It is a 3-hour drive from the main city downtown. The place is good for advance and intermediate skiers. Genting Resort also offers training for beginner skiers.

8. Fulong Snow Park:

Fulong Snow Park

Fulong Snow Park is the only resort that offers night skiing and fun activities outside the city. This place is comparatively warm and sheltered from strong winds, which implies that this place is typically made for families. The place also facilitates with 6 chair lifts.

9. Jundushan Ski Resort:

Jundushan Ski Resort

Located on the south slopes and Ming Tomb, Jundunshan is a warm and excellent resort for advance and intermediate skiers. The beginner trail is 380 m long, while the advanced trail is 1200 m long.

10. Qiaobo Ice & Snow World:

Qiaobo Ice & Snow World

The first and only indoor resort in Beijing is Qiaobo Ice. This ski place is regarded as the best place for beginners and intermediate skiers. The place is also good for family trips.

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