The 8 Most Breathtaking Fall Colour Viewing Spots in Beijing

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The 8 Most Breathtaking Fall Colour Viewing Spots in Beijing

The foilage season in Beijing runs from mid-October to early November. In the autumn, the mountains and hills in Beijing's suburbs are truly breathtaking. The best places to see fall foliage near Beijing are mentioned below. Visit these locations to catch a glimpse of vibrant hues.

Fragrant Hills

The best time to go is from the middle of October to the beginning of November.

Features: Beijing's most famous autumn leaf viewing location.

Fragrant Hills

Fragrant Hill is the first location to visit in Beijing if you want to see the red fall leaves. Fragrant Hill is located northwest of Beijing on the east side of the West Mountain. The hill is 20 kilometres from the city, covered in smoke trees that turn dark red purple after a frost, and sits 577 meters above sea level with layers upon layers of peaks and knolls.

The tens of thousands of fields around Fragrant Hill turn a fiery scarlet when the frost falls. The red could be mistaken for flower petals if viewed from afar.

Only when one is close to the peak can one discern that the leaves are oval.

The greatest time to see the crimson autumn leaves is from mid-October to early-November, and the viewing period lasts about a month. The Fragrant Hill Red Autumnal Leaves Festival takes place every year in mid-October and lasts roughly 20 days. Climbing the mountain, seeing the crimson foliage, and taking part in a cultural exhibition are all options. Glasses Lake, the Jianxin Building, Zhao Temple, Banshan Pavilion, Fragrant Hill Temple, Hongguang Temple, and Senyu Tablet are just a few of the magnificent spots on Fragrant Hill.

Transportation Lines:

Tourists can ride the following buses: 318 (Laogucheng – Fragrant Hill), 331 (Xinjiekou Huokou – Fragrant Hill), 360 (Beijing Zoo – Fragrant Hill), 634 (Xi Zhimen- Fragrant Hill east gate), 714 (Fuchengmen – Fragrant Hill), 696 (Shangxinpu – Fragrant Hill), 698 (ChengnanJiayuan)

Badaling Forest Park

The best time to visit is from late September to late October, when Beijing Badaling National Forest Park, which spans 56 hectares and is home to over 50,000 maple trees, is open to the public. The park is next to the Badaling Great Wall, which is located on the south hill beside the first Chinese railway and a bronze statue of Zhan Tianyou. The site is ablaze with crimson color and visitors every autumn. The greatest time to see the crimson leaves at Badaling Great Wall is in the autumn, and the viewing period is half a month earlier than in the cities.

Badaling Forest Park

Badaling Forest Park has a natural, brilliant beauty from late September until late October. The park's yellow maples make it a hidden gem.

As time passes, the park's golden maples become red, turning it into a sea of red.

Great Wall of Mutianyu

The best time to go is from mid-October until late-November.

The Mutianyu Great Wall is a popular tourist attraction in Beijing, located about 20 kilometers from Huairong District. More than 280,000 colorful trees can be found here, with October and November being the finest months to see the crimson leaves. The area transforms into a storybook wonderland of red, golden, and green leaves at this season.

Great Wall of Mutianyu

Tourists can take bus lines 916 or 936 from Dongzhimen to Mutianyu, then transfer and get off at Mutianyu station.

Mountain Baiwang

The best time to watch is from mid-October until mid-November.

Features: The closest site in Beijing to witness crimson leaves.

Mountain Baiwang

The Summer Palace is three kilometers from Baiwang Mountain Forest Park. There are many different types of red leaves planted there, including red maple from the United States and Dutch red leaves, which can be enjoyed three times a year. The entire mountain is covered in the red color of these leaves after the first frost, producing a stunning spectacle.

There are two great spots to see the red foliage. Friendship Pavilion is the first, and it has a level surface. While going down the trail, tourists are surrounded by red foliage.

The other location is the Lanfeng Pavilion, which is located at the summit of Baiwang Mountain. You can get a sense of the splendor of crimson leaves by looking at this image.

Take a stroll up Baiwang Mountain's stone trail. A fairy statue made of white marble stone rises on a tiny hill to the west of Baiwang Mountain. A different perspective of red leaves can be seen here.

Taking in the grandeur of the red leaves at Baiwang Mountain is a quieter and more relaxing experience than attending the crowded Fragrant Hill Red Leaf Festival. You do not need to apply for a gate pass if you are a tourist driving. Furthermore, driving west from Qinghe Xiaoyinghuandao or Shangdihuandao takes only a few minutes.

Tourists can also drive to the summer palace from the Anhe Bridge.

Tourists can take line 330, special 4, special 5, special 6, 933, and 697 to Baiwang Mountain and get out at the station.

Beigong Forest Park

The best time to go is from early October through the middle of November.

Beigong Forest Park

Beigong Forest Park is located in Fengtai District's Changxindian town. It is another another location where locals may enjoy the red foliage and natural splendor. Beigong Forest Park's 1,800 hectares are blanketed in brilliant colors every autumn. The colorful leaves and Hulu Lake in the center form a natural watercolor painting. Beigong Forest Park offers diverse vistas depending on the season and is a popular destination for foreign visitors.

Tourists can also enjoy the park's water park, which has a distinct south Chinese flavor, and pick fruits. It's a nice area to go for a walk, pick some fruit, and spend your holiday.

Gate of Labagou

The Labagou Gate Summer Recreational Palace is located in the heart of the Manzu village of Labagou Gate in Huairou District's virgin forest.

The original oak forest gradually becomes red due to the high elevation and short duration of the frost. From afar, the woodland appears to be a sea of red. The image of the maple and white birch forest is natural and attractive. A storybook setting is created by the red maple, yellow foliage, and white trunk.

Tourists can get to the park by taking a long-distance bus or the 936 bus from Dongzhi Gate.

Hongluo Temple 

Hongluo Mountain is home to Hongluo Temple, which is located in the heart of the mountain. It's the finest spot to see the crimson leaves up close. The vibrant leaves cover an area of 4,000 mu, with the majority of them planted on mountains between 300 and 400 meters in height. Tourists can take the special red leaf line to get to the ideal spot. Tourists can enjoy the deep crimson leaves as well as the sensation of being under that brilliant foliage.

Hongluo Temple

Tourists can also take the cable car to Guanyin Temple and walk about 300 meters to the greatest spot for viewing the crimson foliage. Tourists may take in landscapes that can only be found in a fairytale world.

Mountain Miaofeng

The best time to see it is between early October and early November.

Mountain Miaofeng

Ancient temples, unusual pines, beautiful rocks, and roses abound on Miaofeng Mountain. It is the highest peak on Beijing's western outskirts. More than 90% of the area is covered with vegetation. Tourists can marvel at the breathtaking mountains, deep valleys, and vibrant foliage. Tourists can enjoy the splendor of scarlet foliage and green trees while wandering along stone roads. Miaofeng Mountain is famous for its scarlet leaves, which have been enjoyed since the Yuan Dynasty.

Tourists can use the tourist line at the Pingguoyuan metro station to get about.

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