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China Most Popular Hiking Routes You Should Pick In 2020

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China Most Popular Hiking Routes You Should Pick In 2020

You will witness scenes that are magnificent in China, but the walks tend to be fairly easy. No matter how easy some hikes are, there are more than enough challenging routes for the experienced out there.

General, the greatest destinations require more steps to explore. So don't hesitate to travel to China for an adventure that engages the muscles as well as the mind. Now we have the best hiking destinations in China; you bring your legs and a sense of adventure.

The Great Wall, Jainkou, Beijing

This Great Wall Hiking will show you the authentic Great Wall with its mighty peaks and valley, and its beautiful and mysterious ruins. Unrestored, crumbling, and impossibly steep in parts, this section of the Great Wall twists across a steep ridgeline, making it both magnificent and terrifying. The itinerary you will have enough time to hike and explore more sections of the Great Wall, which are less-known to foreign visitors, such as Huangyaguan Great Wall in Tianjin and Jinshanling Great Wall. Jiankou is a great hiking option because it’s only 45 miles north of Beijing. It’s also easier to find hiking information. Hiking the whole section, from the Nine Eye Tower to the Ox Horn Edge Wall, takes about two days.

Yading Nature Reserve, Sichuan

Yading is located in Yading Country, Shangri-La Town, Daocheng County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, mainly consisting of three holy sown mountains (Xiannairi, Yangmaiyong, and Xianuoduoji), streams, alpine lakes (Pearl Lake, Milk Lake, and Five-Color Lake) and meadows. It is also a paradise for photographers, hikers, and trekkers. The site of numerous pilgrimages, sacred mountains define this reserve and form integral parts of this challenging hike sand trek. Walk in the footsteps of pilgrims, as hikers will struggle to keep their eyes from the mountain’s majestic slopes on this multi-day voyage.

Ganden and Samye Monastery, Tibet

Ganden Monastery is enormous and sprawled out over the hill nearby to Lhasa. With its deeply spiritual, and intensely alluring culture; this is Tibet at its most authentic. Hiking between these two monasteries is one of Tibet’s most significant passages, a journey that has been performed for centuries. The desolate high passes, lakes, and even desert dunes, this hike offers genuine adventure and rich diversity among the unbound wilds of Tibet. This is one of the most challenging hikes in China, thanks to a heady combination of altitude and distance. Climbing to over 5,000m, the route’s oxygen is scarce, and mountain sickness is a real danger, with the added disadvantage of limited to no medical help available in the high passes. Prepare to connect deeply with Tibet and its history as you follow in the footsteps of countless Tibetan pilgrims and explorers before you.​

Siguniang Mountain, Sichuan Province

This mountain is also known as ‘The four sisters mountain.’

Siguniang Mountain Scenic Area consists of Siguniang Mountain, Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley, and Haizi Valley. Siguniang Mountain is in the central area, Haizi Valley. The mountains here are covered by snow and ice all year round and are known as the Alps of the East. Every year, Siguniang Mountain attracts travelers coming from all over the world to hike and have an adventure trip. From the beginning of your hike, you can see the four sisters mountain snow tops. Along the road, Chinese women and men picking herbs and mushrooms. It is a big tradition there, and so the locals could stay in the mountains for weeks to pick herbs and mushrooms.

Hua Shan, Shaanxi Province

Mount Hua is 'the most dangerous hike in the world,’ The mountain is considered to be one of China's five sacred mountains and is one of the most popular tourist attractions and pilgrimage sites for Chinese people. The mountain is regarded as one of China’s great holy peaks, earning it a sprinkling of beautiful temples and picture-perfect sites to practice kung fu. Mount Hua is known as ‘the number one step mountain under heaven,’ and for a good reason, as it regularly tops online rankings of the world’s most dangerous hikes. Located about an hour from Xi'an, one of China's most popular cities for tourists, Mount Hua or Huashan (shan means mountain in Mandarin) is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous places to hike.

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