The Top 7 Attractions in Shanghai for The Best Autumn Outings

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The Top 7 Attractions in Shanghai for The Best Autumn Outings

Shanghai was one of the earliest Chinese ports to open to foreign trade, and it controlled the country's trade for a long time. However, since the communist victory in 1949, it has grown into an industrial behemoth, supplying China's expanding domestic need. With the development of industrial suburbs and housing complexes, improvements to public works, and the addition of parks and other recreational amenities, the city has undergone significant physical changes. To support its key role in China's modernization, Shanghai has endeavored to remove the economic and psychological remnants of its exploited past through physical and social renovation.

Here are seven wonderful attractions for fall tours of Shanghai that are sure to please, whether you choose to be active or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings on a lovely October day.

Fuzhou Road — Culture Street

Fuzhou Road, a nationally known culture street, is parallel to East Nanjing Road and runs east-west. It is one of the Shanghai concessions' oldest highways. Because there have been many booksellers, publishing houses, newspaper publishers, and stationery businesses along Fuzhou Road for more than 100 years, it has earned the title of "the top culture street in the Far East."

Fuzhou Road, Huangpu district, across from People's Square

Sunqiao Happy Harvest Festival

Every year on September 21st, the Sunqiao Happy Harvest Festival takes place in Shanghai's Pudong district's Sunqiao Modern Agricultural Development Zone. The festival, which has the theme "Low-Carbon Interaction of Urban and Country Living," draws white-collar employees from adjacent cities who want to enjoy the lovely and soothing aspect of rural life.

It is also an excellent option for parents who want to spend a family vacation with their children. The Sunqiao Agricultural Development Zone is China's first integrated modern agricultural development zone, and it offers a variety of unique tourism attractions.

Sunqiao, Pudong district, No. 185 Mianbei Road, located at the southeast corner of the Outer Ring Road.

The zone is 12 kilometers from Pudong International Airport. It may be reached from other sections of the city via Shenjiang Road (), Mianbei Road (), South Jinke Road (), and Huaxia Road (), as well as the expressways Huangnan No. 1 and Huangdong No. 2.

The Hall of 3D Magic Art Exhibition

All of the 3D visual art works in the 3D Art Exhibition Hall were conceived and produced by Korean artists, who used advanced lifelike painting techniques to create vivid, visual magic effects for tourists, a new global entertainment trend. The 3D Magic Art Exhibition Venue, located near the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, is China's first such art exhibition hall. The exhibition hall is definitely worth a look. 3D Magic Effects, Ocean Adventure, Great Fortune, Exaggeration, and Humor are only some of the themes depicted in the 3D paintings. Tourists are also drawn to other magical settings such as a magical cabin, magical furnishings, and glass mazes!

Jinshanzui Fishing Village 

Jinshanzui Fishing Village is a lovely seaside “wonderland” with views of the sea that will refresh and soothe you. Jinshanzui was already a major coastal fisheries production area and a major distribution center for fishery products during the Ming and Qing dynasties, resulting in hundreds of thousands of businesspeople and merchants converging on this small town and ushering in lucrative times for the fishing trade. The government of Jinshanzui district is now working to repair historical roadways in the village in order to fully utilize the benefits of the coastline area.

The government is proposing to rebuild the entire little fishing hamlet, including such elements as the roofs, walls, doors and windows of the residents' dwellings, store signs, and the pavement, in addition to unifying the layout of infrastructure such as water and power supply.

Location: Jinshan district, Huhang Highway, No. 6394

Subway line 1 to Jinjiang Amusement Park, then Shimeixian Bus () to Shihus Bus Station, then change to Shanyang No. 2 or Xiweixian or Fengweixian. 

The Sailing Carnival

The Shanghai Boat & Yacht Club (SBYC) hosts the Sailing Carnival, which has the theme "sailing culture from the water" and is supported by the Shanghai International Conference Management Organization (SICMO). The sailing competitions will take place on October 2nd and 3rd, 2012, and will span three days. The sailing teams are expected to enter the game on behalf of their individual businesses, and only six to twelve teams will be allowed to compete in the end. The Sailing Carnival is a part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival, and it encourages both locals and tourists to attend and enjoy the sports, with the goal of promoting enterprise cohesion and team spirit.

Location: Huqingping, Qingpu district, on the west coast of Dianshan Lake, near Grand View Garden, No. 6888 Highway

Take the Hushangxian Bus, which departs from the intersection of Danshui Road () and Changle Road and goes down Yanan Road.

Cultural Celebrities Street on Duolun Road

Duolun Road is located in Hongkou's Hongkou district, near North Sichuan Road.

To get there, take Bus Nos. 18, 52, 70, 97, or 939 to the last stop.

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