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A Backpacker's Guide To China

admin Travel tips Sep 26 5 min read
A Backpacker's Guide To China

Backpacking in China is only for the true adventurer, although the cities aren’t a problem because of the modernization that has taken place over the last few decades. The farther away you get from the cities, the less access you will have to the convenient things we are accustomed to in urban life.

As you go deeper into the countryside, you will see more of traditional China and more of the raw essence of the country’s beautiful culture.

First Impressions

You are sure to find that the Chinese people are all very hospitable, as they are understanding to those of us who don’t speak the language. The Chinese people are in essence great to be around.  


One of the first things you will probably want to know is how much things are going to cost you once you are there. In general terms, you will be spending about $ 75 for two people per day when backpacking through China. It, of course, can vary depending on whether you are trying to save, or if you allow yourself certain luxuries.

We’ll have to account for a few basic things when trying to determine the costs involved in the day to day expenses. These will be the basics; food, shelter, transport and entrance fees to tourist sites.

1. Food

The food as you have heard is fantastic and quite varied. You can eat on a budget in China; there is delicious street food such as dumplings and fried pork in sweet potato batter, but eating in restaurants is not at all expensive. A meal may cost you about $3 or $4. There is a lot to choose from and too much to try in one sitting. Going with friends is a must so you can share and try all the good stuff.

2. Hotels

You will be happy to know that there are many hotels at reasonable prices in China, some of them have English-speaking staff who are more than glad to help you with direction and general tourist advice. Staying at a hotel will cost anywhere from $10 - $25.  

3. Transport

It is recommended to buy a pass for the train when visiting China, as these cost a minimum amount of money. You can recharge the pass according to what you will use. Buses in China are a convenient way to get around, but you should know exactly where to get off before getting on because there is a slim chance that anyone will be able to understand or help you once you are en route.

4. Entrance Fees

When backpacking through China, you will have to account for entrance fee expenses. These are usually between $10 and $20. Below are some recent fees to the more popular sites.

The Forbidden City - $ 13.50

Terracotta Warriors - $ 25

Great Wall Of China - $ 7.50


Some final thoughts to spare you the stress, make sure to plan your days in China, you will want to have an itinerary. At the very least, roughly outline the places you will visit when there. Next is make sure you have a water bottle, collapsible Tupperware in case you want to buy snacks for the road. Having something to read is excellent for the long bus rides, and it goes without saying, that you will want to take an umbrella and rain poncho for the random bouts of rain that are common in China. If you are ready to visit China, click here, to check out destinations. Safe travels!

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